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Pain Freaks (PainFreaks.com)

Welcome To PainFreaks.com! If you get off on watching glam pain sluts who can't get enough abuse, then you've come to the right place, Mitch. We feature a ton of new girls-freshly plucked in exquisite bondage! Bound, gagged and beautiful! These girls like tit torture, spankings, leather play, and being dominated. Watch our episodes such as "For the Master's Taking", "Bondage Desire", and "Circus of Fear". Join Pain Freaks for just $1, and get access to the entire Fetish Network of sites. That's over 20 sites in all. So bring the pain to our sluts!

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Pain Freaks (www.PainFreaks.com)

Rick Savage (RickSavage.com)

There is one name I think about when I musing about tit torture - Rick Savage, and the master himself has his own slice of heaven on the Fetish Network - RickSavage.com. If you are fan of Rick's, or don't know him yet and want to be, then this is the site for you to check out. Not only can you find some of Rick's better work - extreme tit torture, pussy torture, submission, and more - but also the work of some of Rick's "friends" such as Mistress Lola. Join the site for just a buck, and get access to the entire Fetish Network - a collection of over 20 sites.

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Rick Savage (www.RickSavage.com)

Midget Cum (MidgetCum.com)

Big things come in small packages. This old saying is also applicable to the midgets from Midget Cum website. The midget ladies here may be small, but they can take even the longest and hardest cocks. Watch them as they get their pussies pounded. As for the male midgets, their cocks are just as satisfying that ladies are more than willing to get themselves fucked by a midget. Though small, you can never say that their libido is small too.

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Midget Cum (www.MidgetCum.com)

Pure Smoking (PureSmoking.com)

Got a smoking fetish? So do the girls on Pure Smoking. These babes love to light up a cigarette and give a smoking blowjob, or play solo while they smoke that cig, or even indulge in some hot lesbian action and share that smoke fetish with their favorite girlfriend. These are real life smokers so they look totally natural when they're lighting up and sucking down that smoke. Who's ready for a smoky hummer? Check out all the hot rare action on PureSmoking.com!

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Pure Smoking (www.PureSmoking.com)

Panty Pops (PantyPops.com)

These ladies just won't take off their panties. Don't be down though, 'cause they'll still play with their pussies even though they are still wearing panties. Sometimes they have get together with their other girlfriends from Panty Pops and they play with each others pussies the whole night. If you're afraid that there won't be any cock action, then worry not because these ladies occasionally suck cocks too.

$2.95 Trial, $29.95/month, $95.40/year
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Panty Pops (www.PantyPops.com)

Whore Lore (WhoreLore.com)

Whore Lore was created for lovers of fantasy--if you're into Lord of the Rings type stuff, the swords, sorcery, and sex on Whore Lore will really get your rocks off. You'll see episodes like Pirate's Booty where our elven babe sucks down hard cock, scenes like The Awakening where elven priestess Tiana and her half sister Remus go on a quest to awaken a demon of the night. Of course hardcore fucking is always the main event! You can also find plenty of sizzling lesbian content, like in our movie Man Hunt where Titus indulges in both girl-girl action and sucks down a huge cock too. We've got so much more fantasy than you can handle, here at WhoreLore.com!

$1 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days
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Whore Lore (www.WhoreLore.com)

Max Fisting (MaxFisting.com)

MaxFisting.com is another fisting site where you hot babes getting fisted to say the least. These babes take bigger size penetrations from whole hands to oversized toys. No regular cock is going to suit these babes, if you're not packing one as big as a hog leg, your cock won't due. It's entertaining to watch as these women take one in both holes but I don't know if you would want to fuck them. These are not your average freaks getting fucked by big cocks, these ladies are taking big objects in both wholes. If you want to see ladies getting fisted and fucked with oversize toys, MaxFisting.com is where you need to go.

2 Day Trial-$4.99, 1 Month-$24.95, 1 Year-$89.99
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Max Fisting (www.MaxFisting.com)

Ms Inhale (MsInhale.com)

Ms Inhale combines three sizzling niches into one amazing site: Smoking, teens, and solo girls! Chloe is the hot young star of this site, a naughty black haired raven who loves to give smoking blow jobs, smoke cigarettes and cigars with her sexy girlfriends, and serve up plenty of hot nude smoking content just for you. Weekly updates make it even better, and this babe smokes a pack a day so she's always keeping it hot! Just sit back and inhale all the smoky sexiness right now at MsInhale.com!

$34.99 Monthly, $59.99 for 2 Months
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Ms Inhale (www.MsInhale.com)

Pure Spanking (PureSpanking.com)

Welcome to Pure Spanking. We have the world's largest collection of the highest-quality spanking videos on the Internet! Our site is packed with thousands of the hottest 100% exclusive spanking movies and picutres. PureSpanking.com is updated every week with exclusive full spanking photo sets. We have multiple types of spanking and ass punishment videos, plus a huge archive of past updates. Pure Spanking offers authenthic bare bottom spanking and caning photo sets, plus our new amateur spanking section and Euro bottoms!

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Pure Spanking (www.PureSpanking.com)

The Amputee (TheAmputee.com)

The Amputee is a website that's built on the sex life of Pedro, the world's first one legged pornstar. Well, some of the ladies would argue that he's still got two legs, since his cock is an impressive nine inches! These sluts can't say no once they see what he's got for them. Pedro's got mad sexual skills with these ladies too, using his amputated leg in ways that you'd never imagine. (Or maybe you would!) The babes here are mostly sexy ebony black girls and caliente Latinas. Watch this horny guy prove that disabilities can be sexual super-abilities at TheAmputee.com!

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The Amputee (www.TheAmputee.com)

Tushy Lickers (TushyLickers.com)

Welcome to TushyLickers.com, and we are the internet's BEST website for totally hardcore ass licking. Tushy Lickers strives to bring you only the most beautiful vixens in the world, who love nothing more than getting a mouth full of ass, or having their tight little assholes tongued by a hot, wet mouth. We've got it all, from girl-on girl to lesbian orgies, hetero ass licking to threesomes and more! And our content is totally exclusive to us, so you won't see it anywhere else. Enjoy!

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Tushy Lickers (www.TushyLickers.com)

Bad Tushy (BadTushy.com)

Welcome to BadTushy.com, the website for spanking aficionados worldwide! Here on Bad Tushy, we bring you truly unique spanking action! From the classic over the knee spankfests to paddles, belts, and medical fetishes, we've got it all! Check out our totally exclusive school discipline action, watch catfights, see domestic punishment (including wife spanking, daughter spanking, and even husband spanking!), school girls, judges, and way more! If it involves an ass being slapped, we'll deliver it!

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Bad Tushy (www.BadTushy.com)

Gothic Sluts (GothicSluts.com)

Bela Lugosi's Dead? Well, maybe, but the dark content goes on right here on GothicSluts.com. We are the most notorious high-quality goth girl website you'll find anywhere. Presented by the infamous Blue Blood, we deliver only the most stunning dark princesses in the world. If you like your girls wicked, if you are into gothic erotica and fetish, then stick around, because in our realm, you'll find only the best. Punk rock babes to Victorian dominatrixes, they're all here on Gothic Sluts.

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Gothic Sluts (www.GothicSluts.com)

Speculum Plays (SpeculumPlays.com)

This is SpeculumPlays.com, the website where hungry teen babes reveal their most hidden parts, their cunts! If you love seeing wide-open pussies, then you've reached your spot. Watch as the hottest teen amateur babes spread their legs open and prepare to have their cunts cranked open by giant speculums! See parts of them that no one else has, all the way up to their swollen pink cervixes! Watch the girls on Speculum Plays get off with cold metal speculums spreading their cunts wide open!

$0.95 Trial, $29.95 a Month, $119.95 / Year
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Speculum Plays (www.SpeculumPlays.com)

Barely Evil (BarelyEvil.com)

Do you find devilish girls hot? You came to the right place. Barely Evil is the home of girls who have the nastiest deeds and the most evil personalities. They literally worship Satan, and a lot of men find this hot. You don't have to worry anymore 'cause these ladies are the types of women who would do anything that you tell them to do. Imagine how our guys love that.

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Barely Evil (www.BarelyEvil.com)

Pierced Fetish (PiercedFetish.com)

Women who love to get body piercings are showcased on Pierced Fetish! They get down and dirty in both sizzling lesbian sex and hardcore fucking scenes with horny guys. Babes that are willing to submit to such pain for body adornment are clearly in touch with their bodies, and love to show them off in new and exciting ways. Pierced babes are always on display at PiercedFetish.com.

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Pierced Fetish (www.PiercedFetish.com)

Fist Freaks (FistFreaks.com)

"Shove it in... shove it harder... I love your fist!" The words are like music to many people's ears, and you can hear them said time and time again at FistFreaks.com. Our girls love to get hot fists shoved up their twats. They don't care if it's a man, woman, or a couple who do the shoving, these Fist Freaks only care about the feeling of a hand fist-deep in their pussies. Join the site for just $1, and get access to the whole Fetish Network of sites.

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Fist Freaks (www.FistFreaks.com)

Fetish Hell (FetishHell.com)

Fetish Hell pulls in all the best fetishes and puts them in one place for your easy access. Your membership to this site will give you unprecedented access to the hottest fetish content on the web, including unrelenting spankings, naughty leather and sexy latex, dirty BDSM, sinful bondage, and so much more. Sluts indulge in the dirtiest fetishes on the net at FetishHell.com!

$4.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 Month
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Fetish Hell (www.FetishHell.com)

Outdoor Piss (OutdoorPiss.com)

Have you seen girls as nasty as ours? Probably not. Ladies from Outdoor Piss just love making out outside. And what else do they do there? Well, drink and bathe in a rain of piss. Their nasty deeds actually just makes them hotter. The guys who fuck them takes advantage and do whatever they want to these willing ladies.

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Outdoor Piss (www.OutdoorPiss.com)

Punished Angels (PunishedAngels.com)

Punished Angels is a site where bad girls go to be punished. Most of these shy little girls have never seen the back of a hand, never mind having a hair brush or ruler spanking against their ass. However, you have to truly punish these sluts, so when they are bad, even angels have to be show a little tough love. Watch the spanking videos as these girls get their little bottoms turned red. Sometimes they bruise, sometimes they welt up, and sometimes they cry - but they always learn their lesson on PunishedAngels.com.

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Punished Angels (www.PunishedAngels.com)

Fucking Robots (FuckingRobots.com)

I thought when I saw a woman riding a gear shift lever, that it was freaky but these hot chicks at FuckingRobots.com proved me wrong. These hot horny babes take a good fucking from machines that were built for fucking. Watch as these bad ass take on some rods and I'm not talking about hard cocks, I'm talking about real metal. See them get fucked in every hole by machines built just for that.

2 Day Trial-$4.99, 1 Month-$24.95, 1 Year-$89.99
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Fucking Robots (www.FuckingRobots.com)

Bubble Gum Freaks (BubbleGumFreaks.com)

Bubble Gum Freaks has naughty horny teens who love to chew their favorite pink bubble gum and blow bubbles. They love chewing gum almost as much as they love sucking cock, but tonight they'll go it alone with just their fingers and their bubble gum! They play with their gum, rubbing it on their tits and clits, and then they stick that bubble gum right back in their mouths to enjoy the taste of their wet teen pussies. Pop those bubbles at BubbleGumFreaks.com!

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Bubble Gum Freaks (www.BubbleGumFreaks.com)

Freaky Midgets (FreakyMidgets.com)

Small doesn't necessarily mean terrible already. For people who have fetish for midgets, here is the website for you. Midgets - both men and women, give you the best sex show on the internet. See midgets getting the fuck of their lives with oh-so-yummy porn stars.

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Freaky Midgets (www.FreakyMidgets.com)

Amateur Smothering (AmateurSmothering.com)

Welcome To AmateurSmothering.com! We have 100% original Amateur Smothering videos inside!!! We feature smothering videos and downloads, face sitting, ass worship, sexy asses, breath play, and more. Watch as horny wives and perverted girlfriends take turns sitting on the faces of their mates, smothering them until they almost can't hold on. Check out the site for just $1, and get access to the entire Fetish Network of over 20 sites. It's worth you checking it out now!

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Amateur Smothering (www.AmateurSmothering.com)

Freak Spankings (FreakSpankings.com)

Who wouldn't love to see women get spanked? Believe it or not, most women love spanking too. Freak Spankings has an array of high-definition videos of women having their butts spanked. As they say, you wouldn't find any other website that has the reddest butt cheeks than on Freak Spankings. Sadistic it may seem for some, but spanking does increase the satisfaction and intensity of sexual intercourse.

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Freak Spankings (www.FreakSpankings.com)

Obscene Machines (ObsceneMachines.com)

Obscene Machines is all about those hardcore robotic fucking machines that the girls can't get enough of! Who needs a dick when you can get that rhythmic robo fucking action just by plugging in a machine and riding that mechanical dildo? See these babes experiment with different kinds of sex machines, always getting their pussies drilled to the maximum at ObsceneMachines.com!

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Obscene Machines (www.ObsceneMachines.com)

Red Ass Models (RedAssModels.com)

Red Ass Models just love to get spanked and slapped until their asses are red as a beet! They deserve the rough punishment for being such bad girls, and when they get the truly rough treatment here, they may rethink that love of spanking! You will see the reddest asses you've ever seen right here. Take a look at Jennifer's update! Damn. These bitches can take it. Watch them try at RedAssModels.com.

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Red Ass Models (www.RedAssModels.com)

Hard Fisting (HardFisting.com)

I don't know about you but I think that when you could put your whole fist in a woman's pussy and ass, your cock alone is not going to get them off. HardFisting.com shows some of the hottest babes getting their snatches stretched out farther than any monster cock could. These hot babes are taking one or more whole hands in their pussies and asses. Their pussies are wide and taking the biggest penetration they could get. The only way that you could get these babes to gush is if you have a big enough hand because your cock isn't going to be enough.

2 Day Trial-$4.99, 1 Month-$24.95, 1 Year-$89.99
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Hard Fisting (www.HardFisting.com)

Szandora (Szandora.com)

Szandora is one Gothic girl that you want to meet. She's wild, she's gorgeous, and she's not afraid to commit sins. Szandora is a kinky lady who likes to be tied down and fucked relentlessly. What she loves the most is dressing up in tight clothes to show off her sexy young body. She says she doesn't have to be too revealing with her clothes. Tight clothes are already enough for her, since it accentuates her nice, attractive curves.

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Szandora (www.Szandora.com)

Liliput Sex.cc (LiliputSex.cc)

Welcome to LiliputSex.cc, and we are THE place on the internet for wild and crazy dwarf sex! Here on our site, you can see hardcore kinky sex featuring the hottest, raunchiest dwarfs out there! Check out these little people making up for their lack in stature with their overabundance of libido! See small babes who go absolutely crazy over a hard cock! Check out tiny men with thick dicks who pound the hell out of these tiny babes, right here on Liliput Sex.cc!

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Liliput Sex.cc (www.LiliputSex.cc)

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