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Wild Fuck Toys Angela Stone
Angela never was able to squirt vaginally so she tapped us to get her flowing! With a dildo to test her plumbing we brought out the heavy guns to pump er' like like an oil well in Texas! Get the scuba gear ready for this pussy flood!!

Wild Fuck Toys Veronica
Sex addict Veronica couldn't pull off a multiple orgasm on her own so she came to us for help. She warmed up with the normal sex toys, but after she got some high octane lovin from the Power Pulse she was squirting like a machine gun in heat!

Wild Fuck Toys Sierra Sinn
Cute Sierra's greatest wish was to squirt hard like she's seen on porn videos! We paired her up with some heavy metal monsters to pound that pussy open and make her flow! Watch the Wild Fuck Toys make Sierra shoot like old faithfull on steroids! ...anybody got a mop?

Wild Fuck Toys Sinnamon
Nubian hottie Sinnamon couldn't get the sexual chocolate flowing, so I introduced her to the Power Pulse to juice that sexy ebony pussy dry! Watch Sinnamon wriggle and writhe against our Wild Fuck Toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Kelly
Kelly was a bit confused about vibrators but I introduced her to the Power Pulse and it was a match made in fuck toy heaven! As it pounded that tight wet hole, she writhed and squirmed! Watch Kelly make a liquid explosion on our new toy!

Wild Fuck Toys Lain Oi
Lain was a bit nervous because she was afraid her orgasms have lost their lustre and I was more than ready to make that pussy explode like a juice filled bottle rocket! Watch this little blonde slut shake like a crack baby while she gets juiced by the Power Pulse!

Wild Fuck Toys Courtney Simpson
Courtney's been around the block before but couldn't get off with a good deep dicking. So we gave her a ride on the rude mechanical bull (a.k.a. the Power Pulse)that plowed that sweet punani and made her spooge in no time flat!

Wild Fuck Toys Amber Peach
In search of the big O, Amber came to me hoping I could pair her up with some heavy machinery that could make her cum. Cum see the Power Pulse part her pink sea and make this honey squirt like Moby Dick!!!

Wild Fuck Toys Dillan Lauren
Sexy Dillan couldn't climax in front of an audience...a disorder we were eager to fix! She went to work right away when she saw her "audience" of throbbing heavy metal! Watch Dillan go from zero to sex-hibitionist in the time it takes to flip on these Wild Fuck Toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Kaiya Lynn
Hottie Kaiya couldn't get off unless she went down on a guy...so she need our help. We paired her up with some heavy metal monsters to pound that pussy into submission! Watch the Wild Fuck Toys make Kaiya spurt goo and flow like the mississippi river!

Wild Fuck Toys Brooke Haven
Brooke needed a little excitement in her love life, so she enlisted the help of the good doc! He introduced her to some heavy metal that set her into sexual orbit!

Wild Fuck Toys Missy Monroe
Missy had a dream! A dream of kinky boots, horses, and getting plowed by a cock bigger than a Louisville Slugger! Playing wish fairy, I introduced her to a clockwork cock the size of Seabiscut to rock that pussy hard! Will she finally get off? Tune in and find out

Wild Fuck Toys India Summer 2
What's a girl to do when her husband can't give her what she wants? Make a doctor's appointment of course. India is looking to get fucked hard and the doc has the toys to make her open wide and say "harder". Watch these wild machines make India realize her husband is a complete tool.

Wild Fuck Toys Trina Michaels
Trina had tits and sex appeal for days, but was weak as water when it came to orgasms. With a little coaxing I strapped her onto the Power Pulse and watched her go wild! Watch this honey get pounded hard by our Wild Fuck Toy!

Wild Fuck Toys Lacie
Pretty Lacie was a toy newbie and hasn't climaxed since y2k. Seeking to change that horrible travesty, we had her meet a few of our plugin lovers and worked her moist and sexy beaver into a frenzy! Another patient cured by the Wild Fuck Toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Sahara
Many people suffer from stress but pretty Sahara couldn't orgasm because of hers! We rushed her to our emergency toy room to see if we could coax a little cream out of that tight little twat! Watch these wild fuck toys send Sahara's stress packin' and make her pussy quiver!

Wild Fuck Toys Isis
Isis was indifferent to all things mechanical until Lexi crammed the anal probe in her tight little hole! With a little help from the Stimulator and the Sybian pounding her pussy raw, Isis became very fond of heavy metal!

Wild Fuck Toys Brooke
Pornstars need love too, and Brooke is hurtin' for some good "o"! This sexy slut tapped the doc to pair her up with some John Holmes type sex machines and pound that pretty pussy good! Watch this sexy slut let these Wild Fuck Toys go where most men have gone before!

Wild Fuck Toys Saana
Sexy finnish honey Saana couldn't get "relaxed" because of her asshole boyfriend, and came to us for help! Saana learned quick that our machines never complain and can work a pussy like no man could! Watch this euro honey get the orgasm she never thought she could get with Wild Fuck Toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Nadia Hilton
Sexy Nadia couldn't orgasm on her own, but did the right thing by coming to us for a little machine oriented action! We strapped this honey in and flipped the switch! Watch the Power Pulse rock her sweet gash in this hot machine lovin episode!

Wild Fuck Toys Jaime
Twas the holiday season, and these machines gave a reason.. for making hot Jaime squeal with delight! With pistons a' pumping, and voltage a' jumping...I knew these toys had done right! For my machines were wet, as the sun had set...this pretty girl had came! Hooray!

Wild Fuck Toys Desire Moore
Our researcher was looking for someone freaky for love of the battery driven variety! But, Desiree got much more than that when we introduced her to the thrillhammer! Watch this slut get some DC action!

Wild Fuck Toys Lexxi Rippa
Alexa liked using dildos, but was suprised to find that we had much bigger toys for her to play with! We had sexy Lexi help get Alexa acquainted with the alien probe then they moved to the bedroom to give the toolbox a try! Check out this high voltage machine fuckfest!

Wild Fuck Toys Morgan
Morgan was a cute little slut who dug a little battery operated fun! But, when we jackhammered that sweet pussy with our fuck wand and other assorted high powered toys she lost all control and came like old faithful!

Wild Fuck Toys Rene
Rene was all about cock until she found our machines! Buzzing and throbbing her way into ecstacy this hot slut became a high voltage convert! Watch her cum all over our wild fuck toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Roxxxy Rush
Pretty Roxy was obsessed with doctors (lucky me!) and needed help toward a screaming orgasm. We started small to get those pretty whiskers twitching then rolled out the new machines to make her pretty pussy quiver and quake! Watch Roxy give up the MD for a little DC lovin!

Wild Fuck Toys Sindy Lange
Super Sindy was having trouble cumming and was worried, so when she went to visit the doctor, he advised her of several new methods using new tools to help her achieve her desires. Sindy used every device possible and reached her orgasmic goals!

Wild Fuck Toys Roxy
Prim and proper Roxy couldn't "enjoy" sex without wearing sunglasses! Strange as this disorder was, we paired her up with some hardware that made her ditch the sunblockers and squirt like never before! Viva technology!

Wild Fuck Toys Staci Thorn
Sexy swinger Stacy gets plenty of dick but nothing she's ever tried got her off until now! Watch blonde cutie Stacy get some extreme pussy attention from our plugin lovers as they pound her punani and make her squirt like a fire hydrant in July!!

Wild Fuck Toys Tawny
Tawny was up for a little adventure and we were up for seeing what wild fuck toy was gonna make her squirt like old faithful! She warmed up with the Stimulator but when she got to the Intruder she shot out a geyser that'd make Ol' Jeb proud!

Wild Fuck Toys Mikayla
Cutie Mikayla couldn't get off with a good deep dicking so we gave her a heaping helping of machine action! With a flick of the switch she became a high voltage convert and let the "o" flow! Watch us cure Mikayla and make her cum all over our wild fuck toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Lexi
This sweet blonde was no stranger to a fat dildo but she was in for a big surprise when she met it's big and high powered brothers! Watch her take on high voltage fuck toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Joey Valentine
Religious hottie Joey needed help getting the immaculate orgasm and only a sacred curio would be her savior! And 'lo we delivered unto her "the Jackhammer Jesus!" As it parted her pink sea the blessed waters flowed! Come and witness the miracle of these divine Wild Fuck Toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Shannon 2
Sexaholic Shannon couldn't squirt after she got her tubes tied, but technology has a cure! Tool after tool made this sexy harlot coo and squirm until we brought out the heavy guns to rocket her sweet clam into orbit! Watch pretty Shannon get her rocks off with our wild fuck toys!!

Wild Fuck Toys Jeanie Marie Sullivan
Greetings true believers! In this chapter of Wild Fuck Toys we find superhero Jeanie Marie! In her battle to fight crime she's lost her vaginal powers and came to the good doctor for help! Will the doctor's danger room help our heroine? Tune in and find out!

Wild Fuck Toys Jassie
She may only get off the lesbo way but it's machines gone wild as pretty Jassie does battle with our cheetah clad monster "the Orgasmarator"! Watch as she wriggles and moans while being fucked over and over by this beast and gives in to high voltage fucking!

Wild Fuck Toys Haley Paige
The cute and orgasmless...always sad. Haley needed the big O and we had a few toys that would more than do the job! Watch the Power Pulse jackhammer Haley's cute pussy and give her a liquid explosion to remember!!

Wild Fuck Toys Pantera
Pantera didn't know it but she was about to recieve some heavy metal! She got a little hot with her dildo but had a meltdown with our Alien Probe! Watch her get a little industrial strength lovin!

Wild Fuck Toys Felix
Pretty kitty Felix was a nasty little honey who loved toys but never had the opportunity to try the some of the big bad metal machines! Watch this puss n' boots nympho bump and grind all over our very willing wild fuck toys!

Wild Fuck Toys Aaliyah Jolie
Aaliya Jolie was at home feeling a little horny, but she just couldn't get herself off? Poor Aaliya, she needed a little help from the wild fuck toys! Watch as they jackhammer her pussy!

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