Sleeping Tushy

Sleeping Tushy - www.SleepingTushy.comWelcome to We are the #1 sleeping ass love website you'll find anywhere on the net! We've got some of the most beautiful women in the world who just somehow manage to be found in the most precarious of situations when their defenses are down – they fall asleep on the massage table, passed out in bed not home alone, or are a bit drunk – and whoever stumbles upon them just can't help wanting a piece of their glorious asses. Sleeping Tushy brings you tons of sleeping sex violations, with heaps of passionate ass licking in every scene.

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Sleeping Tushy Pictures

Sleeping Tushy Picture
Sleeping Tushy Picture

Other Reviews of Sleeping Tushy

  • Sleeping Tushy by 7/22/2010 5:01:16 AM (79/100):
    You have to know that there is a whole lot more to the story of Sleeping Beauty than that simple kiss! Sleeping Tushy focuses on gorgeous women who are fast asleep and the babes who take the opportunity to see how far they can go before waking them up. While these babes slumber, their panties are removed and their pussies are fingered and licked while guys and bi-curious babes quench their carnal curiosity for slumbering ass.
  • Sleeping Tushy review by 8/28/2007 (7.5/10):
    Sleeping Tushy is focused on role-playing, where a sleeping girl gets her butthole licked and tickled by one or more persons. The content is specifically made to this fetish alone, but is good quality. Pictures are a bit small though.

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