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Hell Fire Sex - www.HellFireSex.comHell Fire Sex focuses on gagging, screaming, using different tools for pleasure and pain... You'll see a lot of leather here, whips, chains, etc. Ball gags seem to be the object of choice. It's all dished out by beautiful babe Melissa Lauren, which adds to the consistency and branded theme. Overall it's a pretty great site, but let's dig into all the sections and see what it's all about, shall we?

There are 48 updates on the site at this time, and it looks like it's regularly updated every couple of weeks. The layout is nice—it's all orange and white, and for some inexplicable reason that really goes with the theme. It just fits. You've got your three most recent updates smack dab on top with three thumbnails each, plus descriptions and links to all the content you're dying to see. Beside that are the top three rated updates, and below that are all the archives. Each archive has a thumbnail, and they also list the date, the girl's names, and of course the links to all three types of corresponding content—hi-res photos, screencaps, and videos.

The movies are good quality no matter what choices you make as far as downloads go. You can choose low or high quality, and you also can take your pick from WMV files (Windows Media format) and MPEG files (Quicktime format). I had no problems with downloads, no slow pages—it was all perfect. No complaints in this department at all. Ah no, wait, there is just one. There aren't full downloads. You have to download the segments individually and either watch them one after another, or join them with your own software if you have it. It's a hassle.

The screencaps are excellent even if you're not the type who usually looks at screencaps. They're 720 x 480 pixels, very large, clear, and sharp looking. The hi-res photos are 600 x 900 pixels—a little larger than they are on most other Meat Members sites, and they also seem to be clearer and sharper as well. Definitely worth checking out!

On nice feature on this site is that they offer trailers of the movies. Typically I only see these on preview pages, but instead they offer these to the members as a quick way to entice you into downloading the whole thing (well, the whole segmented thing anyway). It's a quick way to download a short clip and see what the whole movie is about—and if you don't want to do that you can always check out the screencaps.

Something I forgot to mention is that both the photos and screencaps offer zip sets! This is one of my favorite features on any site, and I'm always happy to note when they do offer it. For those who have no experience with zip sets, basically you can download a zip file containing the entire set of photos or screencaps. Instead of flipping through page after page, you can actually save them directly to your hard drive and look through them there. It's especially great when you find a photo set that you just know you have to have. Usually there are about 400 screencaps for each set—saving them individually would be a colossal pain in the ass. Enjoy the zip sets, they are an awesome feature that I think is totally essential.

Overall I think this is an excellent site. I'd happily give it a 90/100—it's got all the excitement you could possibly want, all the hot babes, all the gagging and whipping and punishment that you crave... Hell Fire Sex is highly recommended!

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Hell Fire Sex Picture

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  • Hell Fire Sex by RabbitsReviews.com 8/7/2009 (73/100):
    Hell Fire Sex delivers hardcore with a BDSM edge. There are 78 scenes available, each one has one or two chicks being put through the nasty sexual ringer, so to speak. All available holes are used for the pleasure of some man's rigid pole. The vids are good in quality across the board. Six of them only have vid caps, but the rest have accompanying medium-res photo galleries. There have been no updates in ages, but you get 53 bonus sites.

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