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Cost: $4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year

Freaks Of Porn - www.FreaksOfPorn.comSemi-regular updates, 30 days for $24.95, 1500 pictures, 70 scenes, 10 full videos.

When you think of freaks of porn, you think of freakishly huge penises or tits the size water towers, ones that say City of Denver on them. When I think of freaks of porn, I think about having sex with costumes and weird situations. That's what Freaks of Porn leads me to believe. It's like your kinky Halloween styled orgy. Or a drunken stupor hook-up with a chick at a costume party. How in the hell can Woodsy Owl and the Scream villain go wrong? Don't ask me, but they do on Freaks of Porn, over and over with women who must have tripped over themselves like in the movies. But instead of getting killed, they get nailed, hard core and in different positions. It's awesome. Freaks of Porn offers a good amount of content and what they do have, it's great quality. Especially for the price, you can't go wrong. If you're a fan of B-horror movies and porn, Freaks of Porn is for you. The only thing I wished Freaks of Porn would have was movie-like situations starring Freddy Krueger and Jason having a butt ram instead of fighting. That would make my day. Then the site would REALLY be a freak of porn. Or maybe I'd just be freaky. Whatever the case, Freaks of Porn rocks.

Content Quality: 8
Content Exclusivity: 3
Star Quality: 5
Network of Sites: 10
Picture Quality: 10
Video Quality: 15
Price Value: 9
Quality of Updates: 9
Site Design: 9
Site Originality: 4
Site Navigation: 9
Total Score: 91

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  • Freaks Of Porn by 8/9/2010 6:15:59 AM (64/100):
    Freaks Of Porn features hot chicks getting fucked by what the site terms freaks. Sometimes it's guys in monster makeup and masks or for the unpolitically correct world of porn "midgets" qualify as such too. There are 29 videos that are of stellar quality and you can download or stream them. You can also download 16 photo sets in Zip files. The website isn't updating at the moment, so you'll be relying on the diverse extras to keep you entertained after about a month or so.

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