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Cost: $24.95 Monthly, $55.95 for 3 Months, $99.95 for 6 Months Rating: 91

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Euro Foxes is pretty straightforward. This site is full of babes from Europe, all kinds of hot sexy women with their continental charms just waiting to get themselves in front of a camera and show off! Euro Foxes is all about importing high quality women from all over the European continent to show us a good time.

Euro Foxes has over 1000 bangin' continental babes to show for itself. And man, do these girls really come from everywhere! There are chicks from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Russia, the Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Germany, the United Kingdom, and tons more countries! There are all different types of girls, from tanned blond babes to pale redheads and fiery brunettes. It does seem that the majority of these girls come from the Czech Republic, and have a very Central European look to them, but really, these girls are from all over the European continent (as well as the outlying islands). And the action definitely varies on here. The majority of the stuff seems to be solo girl and girl-on-girl stuff, but there's enough hardcore action on here to keep it interesting. Let's take a deeper look inside Euro Foxes.

When you log into the page, the first thing you'll see are links and thumbnails to the most recent updates, and some of the sites top rated updates. You can poke around the site that way if you want, but it's easier to use the toolbars on the top of the screen and on the right hand side. At the top of the screen, you can get yourself around by Models, Photos, or Videos. From the left, you can peak at the top ten models, photo sets, and exclusive videos. As far as I can tell, this site seems to update every day, sometimes more! Dayum.

There are 920 different full video sets on this site. If you click on the videos link at the top of the page, you'll be directed to an area that will pull up the top 250 rated video sets on the site. From there, you can click on any of the sets and be directed to that set's content. The videos are around 720 x 404, and they can be streamed or downloaded to your computer. To stream a video, you just click on a video and it'll open up on your screen. For downloading, there are full length and clipped options, and for each of those options you can download either WMV format or MOV format. A full-length video in WMV typically runs around 600MB, while a full length video in MOV format tends to run at about 640MB or so. The average WMV clipped segment clocks in at about 55MB or so, while the average MOV segment is closer to about 61MB. All of the formats are of high quality, without any pixelation or jitters.

For photographs, it seems the average shot on here is around 854px × 1280px or 1280px × 854px, depending on the photo. The size of the photos goes back and forth, even in each individual set. They are of good quality, crystal clear and really take you through all of the action, while not just being pulled from the video itself – they are pin-up quality, certainly. There seems to be an average of around maybe 150 of these photographs per set, but the sets vary rather widely. Some sets might have 70 photographs, others closer to 300 or more.

Membership to this site grants you membership to all the sites in the network. That means, with a membership, you get 100% access to Naughty Staff, Blue Fantasies, Twistys, Anette Dawn, and Busty Ones, at no additional cost to you. I'm a fan of ‘em all. Taken as a whole it's a ton of content.

Membership to Euro Foxes runs $24.95 for a month of recurring access. You can also get three months of access for $59.95, also recurring. Non-recurring access plans are the three-month for $75.00 plan, or the six-month for $99.00 plan. All plans can be bought with credit card and with personal check. Considering the amount of content this site has, along with a ton of bonus material, I'll rate this one 91/100. Recommended? You fucking bet it is. Check out Euro Foxes tonight, it's worth it.

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Bonus Websites

When you join Euro Foxes, you also get access to the following websites: Anette Dawn, Blue Fantasies, Busty Ones, Naughty Staff, Nicole Graves, Twistys, and When Girls Play.

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Euro Foxes Video

Euro Foxes Video
Euro Foxes Video

Euro Foxes Pictures

Euro Foxes Picture
Euro Foxes Picture

Other Reviews of Euro Foxes

  • Euro Foxes by 8/9/2010 6:16:11 AM (77/100):
    Euro Foxes brings you a ton of content featuring the hottest women that Europe has to offer. There are currently 206 videos and 6,305 sets of pictures. Video updates are very scarce, but new galleries are still coming in every day. The vids vary in quality, but the newer ones are high-def. A few bonus sites are included with a membership and there are lots of extra movies, so you're getting a lot for a pretty decent price. Most of the content is network-shared, though.

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