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Euro Bride Tryouts - www.EuroBrideTryouts.comAt Euro Bride Tryouts, these guys lure European babes by promising them that they'll marry them. They place a classified ad looking for girls who want the good life in America. Once they respond, they tell them, "If you want the rock, you gotta take the cock!" Of course they have no intentions of marrying them, they just want the pussy. And they always get what they want. Let's check out the site.

The great thing about Euro Bride Tryouts is their abundance of updates. There are nearly 60 archived updates at the time of this review, which means 50+ hours of video for you to enjoy, and countless photos for you to flip through. The girls are always wearing a wedding veil, which keeps the theme going and provides for that nice contrast between naughty and nice. Maybe nasty and nice would be more accurate for this site... these girls like to take it deep and really show off their fucking skills. Each update comes with a thumbnail and description, and that links to the photos and videos for each set. Let's take a closer look at the photos and videos.

The videos are available in a huge array of sizes and resolutions. For 56k users, you can get small and large 1 minute clips for 3MB and 7MB respectively. You can also get 10MB clips of 10 minutes each. Broadband users can grab 10 minute clips of 20MB each. It would be nice if they offered full downloads, but the 20MB clips make for easy downloading and I didn't really have a problem with it. The 20MB clips are near DVD quality. I wouldn't touch the 3MB clips for dialup though-they're so blurry you won't even know what's going on. Why they even make those available is a mystery to me.

The photos are sized at 800 x 530 pixels, which is pretty decent. I don't really like them any bigger than that, but I know some of you are super sized high quality photo addicts. Those of you who think bigger is better may be a bit disappointed in this aspect of it, but those who are on 800 x 600 resolution monitors or even 1024 x 768 resolutions (that includes most of us) will be just fine.

Take a look at this boat load of bonus sites: Right off the Boat, Limo Patrol, Latina Caliente, Slut Seeker, Teen Hitchhikers, Big Tit Bangers, Milf Cruiser, Big Sausage Pizza, Hardcore Partying, 2 Chicks 1 Dick, Cheerleader Auditions, Girls Hunting Girls, Nude Beach House, and Euro Bride Tryouts. I've personally checked out nearly all of them, and they are some of the best reality sites on the net. You're getting total access for your money, which is like joining a huge porno club and getting 14 sites for the price of one. That's a lot of value for your hard earned cash.

Another serious bonus is the layout itself. It's easy to navigate, and there are zero ads. I don't count the bonus sites as ads, because those links are functional for you-you get 100% access just by clicking on the links once you have logged in, and you don't even need to log in to each site separately. Just once. Talk about a pleasure. There is also a small box at the top of the main page that shows all of the latest updates on the entire network. This too is functional-it's for your own enjoyment, and it's all free at that point. Nobody's trying to sell you anything, you've already paid for your membership. My advice? Sit back and enjoy all the goodness. You really do get a lot for your money here.

I'd give Euro Bride Tryouts an 86/100. Everything is good quality, the women are hot, the sex is naughty. You know that the girls are getting scammed, and that's part of the turn on. Watching these blushing brides get slammed... It just doesn't get any better than that. And to top it all off, you'll even find a little bit of MMF threesomes sprinkled here and there. If you want some great porn for a great price, join Euro Bride Tryouts and enjoy the whole damn network for the price of one. $38.80 for one month, $58.80 for three months, or $95.76 for a whole year. No matter how you slice it, it's one hell of a great deal.

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Euro Bride Tryouts Videos

Euro Bride Tryouts Video
Euro Bride Tryouts Video

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Euro Bride Tryouts Picture
Euro Bride Tryouts Picture

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  • Euro Bride Tryouts by 8/9/2010 6:16:34 AM (72/100):
    Beyond the former iron curtain are countries filled with chicks who will do anything to get a free ride to America and getting married is their surefire ticket West. However, the guys on this site know their tricks and have something else in mind. The site is no longer updating, but there are 52 stellar-quality videos and 52 sets of good-looking pictures left for members to enjoy. Members also get access to 34 bonus sites.

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