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Cost: $29.90 a Month, $89.90 for Six Months, $149.90 a Year Rating: 94

Euro Babes Fever - www.EuroBabesFever.comIf you're tired of the same old porno sites that churn out tons of not-so-great videos, maybe you should try something premium, like Euro Babes Fever. They shoot all of their photos and videos themselves, so they're completely exclusive, the highest quality, and produced by famous photographers and professional cinematographers. Not to mention the most beautiful girls… So let's get into Euro Babes Fever, shall we?

Well, the layout inside the site is very barebones compared to the tour pages. It's still got the slick black layout, but it's basically just one thumbnail per update, links to content, and no top banner or other extras. If it's unnecessary, you won't find it here. They like to keep it simple, and I think you'll like it that way.

Everything is clearly labeled, whether it's backstage, solo/toys, lesbian, or hardcore. The updates are all right there on the main page too, so you don't have to go far to find what you are looking for. There are 94 updates on the site right now—that's a great amount of content! They're not dated, so I can't actually tell if the site is currently updated—but with that huge amount of updates, you really won't need to worry about that for a good while.

Many of the updates on the site are just professional photos with a “soon” note next to the spot where the movies would be downloaded. I wouldn't rely on these movies ever coming up, but you never know. The photos are some of the highest quality I have ever seen on any site. They are sized 1350 x 2067 pixels, and you can see every little detail from the dimples when she smiles to the perky breasts and tight sexy asses. I was beyond impressed with these photos, and I am completely positive that you will be too.

The movies that are available are in clips only, and each clip is about 40MB to 50MB in size. You can't really preview the clips with thumbnails—they are just text links, but it's actually pretty convenient because you still don't have to leave that main page. They're fantastic quality! They're very large, nearly full screen on my typical sized monitor, and they are as sharp as a tack. You will love these, no doubt about it. The women are amazing to say the least.

There is also a link to extra videos at the top of the page, and while that's the only extra I could find, it's a pretty good one! It's basically six extra hardcore bonus videos, downloadable in clips just like the other ones, but quite a bit larger in size (about 95MB per clip with six clips per movie). These are great, and well worth checking out!

There are a few different payment options available if you choose to pay for Euro Babes Fever with your credit card: $29.90 for 30 days recurring, $69.96 for 90 days recurring, $89.90 for 180 days nonrecurring, or $149.90 for 365 days (that's a full year!) nonrecurring. This site is beyond fantastic, and it earns a rating of 94/100—so clearly any one of those options will be great for you! Don't waste another minute on those other typical porno sites—join Euro Babes Fever and get a little more ass with a lot more class!

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