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Cost: $4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year Rating: 80

Brit Bangers - www.BritBangers.comBrit Bangers is the world famous website where two hot, horny blonde Brit twins go out in the world and see what kind of crazy, kinky action they can get themselves into for the camera! On this site, you'll see as these hot twins travel around the world, finding hot babes and horny dudes to have their way with! These Brit Bangers are the kind of bad girls your mother warned you about.

On Brit Bangers, every single scene is full of hot, kinky, wild action featuring two hot twin sisters, and whoever else they can manage to get on camera! These girls aren't shy, and every single scene has plenty of cock sucking, pussy licking, and fucking, along with plenty of orgies, lesbian lick fests, and way more! Brit Bangers brings you your wildest fantasies right on film.

Upon logging in to Brit Bangers, I first noticed that it was kind of hard for me to get to the actual content for this site! The member's only area has a whole bunch of content and links (which is a good thing, don't get me wrong!), but it's more to do with the network content than this specific website. Once I found the 'featured series' link, I was able to bypass that as it directed me to a splash page that JUST has content for THIS website. Thus far, the site has uploaded 26 different episodes. Just about enough if you ask me--I generall like to see 30 updates for 30 days. Now, unfortunately, I don't think this website updates any longer. The last update to the website was in 2006, so I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that there won't be any more content uploaded any time soon. To access the content, just click on any of the title links, and you'll be taken to a page with all the video and photo content for that episode.

If it's still photography that you want, just click on the 'view gallery' tab at the top of the screen. Every gallery for every episode on this site seems to have around 150 or so photographs, though some certainly have a few more and some have a few less. The photos themselves are of decent quality, they aren't the greatest but they really aren't bad, especially for being just screen captures lifted from the video. The photos are normally around 700 x 450, and they do a pretty good job of making sure that they don't miss any of the hot European fuck action that goes on in all the scenes.

For videos content, you have a variety of different viewing options to choose from. If you've got a fast internet connection (I'd say a quick DSL or higher), you can always stream the video direct from the website and bypass any downloading hassle. If you've got a slower connection, I'd definitely recommend downloading. There are three download options: Divx, WMV, and mp4. The Divx files are the highest quality, and normally come in at around 300MB or so a piece. The WMV files are medium range quality, normally at around 150MB or so. The mp4 files are made to be compatible with your iPod, and these are the smallest ones, only coming in at around 90MB or so a piece, so you can pack a lot of them onto your portable devices. All of the videos look to be of pretty good quality, though obviously the Divx videos are going to be the highest quality out of all the options. The video seems to be around 720 x 480, though they aren't all exactly the same size. The picture is relatively clear, and the sound works perfect on all of the videos. My only complaint is that some of the videos can be a little dark.

A membership to this site gets you free access to every single site in the All Adult Pass network, include XXX At Work, Escort Trick, and Smut Bus! There are tons of sites that will totally drive you wild, and the only drawback is that many of them are no longer updated--but they are indeed packed with content.

A membership to Brit Bangers will cost you $24.95 if you want a monthly membership, or $89.99 if you want to go for the year long deal. Considering the content and lack of update schedule, I'm gonna have to rate this one 80/100. I definitely recommend Brit Bangers even though there are only 26 updates and no new ones coming, because you can always flip over to those bonus sites to get you through. Consider it a full network membership and you're good to go. The only way I'd say no is if you're the type that really has to have fresh content served up every week.

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Brit Bangers Picture
Brit Bangers Picture

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  • Brit Bangers by 8/9/2010 6:15:59 AM (64/100):
    Britain may have given the world many things over the years, such as "Pop Idol" and fish and chips, but now they're giving us porn. Plus this is good, honest, hardcore porn. British Bangers is a site for all you who like variety to spice up your sex. There are 30 stellar-quality videos for you to enjoy at present and it looks like new ones are being added to the total every two months or so. Bonus sites and other extras are included in the cost of a membership.

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