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Anal in the Amazon is a website that is all about finding gorgeous Brazilian babes, shooting them on location in some of the most exotic and luscious locals in Brazil, and giving them the hardest ass fucking in their life! There's nothing like it! If you are into hot Brazilian babes getting pounded in the ass, then you might want to check out Anal in the Amazon.

Anal in the Amazon isn't like a lot of other websites. The girls you see on this website you aren't going to see on every other website out there on the net. All of these videos are shot on location in the most beautiful areas of Brazil, and all of the girls are blisteringly hot! Gorgeous Latina babes with perfect bodies, firm round asses, nice perky tits, smoldering eyes, cock sucking lips, and tight asses begging to be fucked! Every single scene in Anal in the Amazon in jam packed with cock sucking, ass reaming, pussy fucking action!

When I logged in to the member's only area of the website, I got really swamped by all of the data I found. There are tons of links, categories, subsections, and updates, but I found that a good majority of those had little to do with this actual website, because all of that stuff isn't just exclusive to this site, but includes the entire network! To bypass all of that chaos, just click on the 'featured series' link, and it'll direct you to a page that gives you nothing but content that is specific to this website. So far, this website has uploaded 43 different episodes, and when you get to that page it will start you off with the most recently uploaded set first. Now, the bad news — this website is, definitely, no longer updating. The last update that was uploaded to the site was in May of 2002, so I think it's safe to say that there won't be any fresh content uploaded any time soon.

If you want video content, you'll find it right when you click on one of the links. You can watch any of the videos in full length streaming directly from the website, though if you're going to do that, you'll need a pretty good internet connection. For those of you with slower speed connections, or if you're the kind of person who would rather have the video on your hard drive to watch at your convenience, there are multiple download options. You can download the movies in a high definition Divx format (which comes in at somewhere around 250MB or so per video), a small portable iPod friendly version (which is normally around 80MB or so a pop), or a WMV file format (clocking in at around 130MB or so a piece). The videos themselves look to be around 700 x 500 or so, and they are of pretty good quality, but I wouldn't say that they are the best quality videos out there. You can also click on the view DVD tab, which gives you even MORE content, though all of these are streaming WMV clips, you can't download any of this content.

For photography, just click on the view gallery tab at the top of the page, don't even bother with any of the other photo links, they are a bit misleading and will just direct you to the same page. The photographs taken for these sets are actually screen captures that have been lifted directly from the video. Each of these screen captures are around 700 x 500 a piece (just like the video), and there seems to be around 125-150 of these photographs in every gallery, some a bit more, some a bit less. The photographs are of good quality, especially for screen caps — very few of the pictures are blurry, and all of them are well lit, and none of them are grainy. They do a really good job of making sure not to miss any of the action going on in these scenes!

A membership to this site grants you no holds barred access to every site in the All Adult Pass network, including Ass Army, Double Bubble Butts, Her First Anal XXX, and way more!

A membership to Anal in the Amazon will cost you $24.95 for a month of access, or $89.99 for a year of access. I'm really surprised by the quality of the content on this site considering that it's all from 2002. There's a great amount of stuff here, great quality, really no complaints at all! Unless you're the type who has to have fresh content every week, I would definitely recommend this site along with all of its bonus content. Anal in the Amazon earns a nice 83/100. Good stuff.

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  • Anal In The Amazon by 8/9/2010 6:15:58 AM (64/100):
    They aren't fucking in the rain forests, but at Anal In The Amazon, they are banging hot Brazilian babes deep in their tight assholes. The site offers 42 stellar-quality videos and sets of crappy-looking vid caps. Nothing on the website is exclusive and it isn't updating at all these days, so it's great that you get access to a ton of extras as a member. There are additional vids and pics, full-length DVDs and, best of all, a whole lot of diverse bonus sites.

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