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Cost: $1 for 1 Day Trial, $24.94 a Month, $59.37 for 3 Months RexMag.com Rating: 80

Pimp Parade - www.PimpParade.comHeads up: If you want to see hot ebony ladies getting the shit fucked out of them, then you might want to take a look at Pimp Parade. This site is all about fine ass hoes ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get a man to bust a nut. And you don't just get one hot lady, you get multiple bitches per scene! Let's get ourselves a look at this site, and see if Pimp Parade can really live up to it's promises.

Pimp Parade certainly does have lots of different kinds of fine women, all of them eager to please. Who wouldn't want a group of dime hotties to basically fall all over themselves to make sure you're happy? And there are all kinds of different babes on here, big and busty, curvy, stacked, small and petite—there are even some mixed chicks on here, and a couple of big booty white girls. And these girls are all about getting raunchy! There are girls who work in the strip clubs, girls who walk the streets, high-dollar call girls, and all other kinds of fine honeys. And the action is ALWAYS hardcore. Lots of cock sucking, pussy fucking, and girl-on-girl action! With tons of chicks all for one guy, Pimp Parade really knows how to offer up a good time.

When you first log into the web page, you aren't actually taken direct to the page for Pimp Parade. Instead, you're directed to the home area for the entirety of the Porn Pros Network. This may be different for you when you actually join. All of those thumbnails are arranged newest update first, and they span all the different web pages throughout the network. To access this site's particular content, just go to the 'Sites' button, which is located in the tool bar. A page will open with thumbnails, each of them a link to that particular site – just click on the right one, and bam! You're there. Once you get there, you'll see more thumbnails, which are all of the updates to this website. Click on one to open up the content for that set. There are currently twenty-one sets on this site, and they seem to update every Wednesday. Lookin' good.

If it's videos that you want, you can watch all of the videos streaming to the computer (well, all of them but the full length). There's even an option where you can choose between dial-up and broadband. If you'd rather, you can download the files to your computer to be viewed at your convenience. The videos all come in at 500 x 300. Full-length WMV files are about 620MB, while full length MPEGs clock in at 630MB or so. Clips are around 80MB for MPEG, and 75MB for WMV. The shorter, 1-minute clips come in at roughly 15MB a pop, but they only can be downloaded in WMV formats. The videos are of pretty good quality, not grainy or gritty in any way.

If it's photographs you want, you can choose between high-resolution shots or screen captures. There are typically around 40 screen captures taken from each set, and they tend to be about 500 x 300 as well. The high-resolution photos clock in at 3197px × 2132px (they scale them down to 901px × 601px at first, but if you want to view them full size, just click on the photo), and there are roughly 450 of those per set. The high-resolution photographs are of incredibly high quality, while the screen caps are of decent quality. All of the shots really follow all of the action of the scenes step by step, never missing any of the raunchy sucking and fucking.

A membership to this site also gets you a membership to the entire Porn Pros Network. Just some of the sites include Asian Fuckies, Euro Humpers, MexiCunts, and Clusterfuck Whores. Not necessarily much more ebony content to enjoy unfortunately, but if you like a nice varied menu of babes from all over the world, you will definitely get a ton of that. Good stuff.

Membership to Pimp Parade will cost you $24.94 if you want a one-month membership, or you can get the three-month membership for $59.97. Considering the content already on the site, and the weekly updates, plus everything else, I'll rate this one 80/100. I'm overall very pleased with what I've seen here, and if they continue to update as consistently as they have, Pimp Parade will be the destination of choice for guys like us. This is some good shit. Go get it!

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Pimp Parade Video

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