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Pimp Parade Aryana Starr
Black sluts fuck their big dick pimp for the camera

Pimp Parade Luscious Louis
Its crazy out there on the streets with hoes and business running wild. When the economy is down bitches of all kinds find a way to make that money! After shooting a few of these documentaries I come to realize these pimps know what it takes to run smooth operations and kepp these hoes not only in line but keep that green ...

Pimp Parade Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray is a dirty Puerto Rican whore who loves taking the cock and fucking a man's money. But with this bitch there is a guarantee you know your shit is gonna get pampered and properly popped! The way Taylor screams out some crazy spanish shit, it's crazy how fast a dick will explode all over that horny Latina slut!

Pimp Parade Vanilla Red
The pimp game got hit hard with rough times and money gettin' thin around here. Doesn't seem to phase Lee Bang's girls cause we all know he has a lock down on the premium shit pussy! His kinky bitches have what it takes to keep the money rollin' in . After all, these delicious ebony whores have some of the hottest bodies ...

Pimp Parade Angel Cummings
The pimpin' game is tough these days with broke ass suckas trying to get pussy for free. When I headed over to my homies house he showed me the few and rare honeys that still make bank with their big tits and delicious chocolate asses. This bottom bitch Angel Cummings will swallow a huge load like sweet candy.

Pimp Parade Brown Suga
Man, I aint gotta stress ya'll how dis pimpin' documentray shit been changin' ma life! Im rollin last night with ma homie picking up his hoes and takin' em back ta da crib, ya know how we do, n get da partay started rite son! Da secon' I walk in da house it was popin'!! I tell ya boi dis bitches rite here are da bomb!

Pimp Parade Sasha
Ooooo shit kidd! Sasha is one dem hoes dat keep a nigga on da come bak! No matta how far dis nigga go he always be thinkin of dat hoe!! I gotta give a shout out ta my boy fo hookin us up with dis video fo sho'! We straight up lined up hid bitchs n wrangled em up in da motel room and straight out fucked da shit outta dis ...

Pimp Parade Kali Dreams
Waz up playas!? Documentin' my homies pimpin skills is a trip son! His bitches are off da fuckin hook raunchy!! These are some mother fuckin freaky hoe bitches and are down fo some nasty shit! Anal, ass da mouf' whatever yo in da mood fo son, this shit is jus' wild! He brought out his A n B list and some of these bitches ...

Pimp Parade Sun Shyne
Come ova and play wit dees hoes at my honies crib! My boi is pimpin out dis gurl Sun Shyne, once you see da hoe ya'll know why dey call dat! I'll tell ya what tho, that ass is shinin' bright and dat juicy pussy is just ripe son! Shit gets freaky when she starts suckin everbodies black dick in da house! You gotta see her ...

Pimp Parade Joei Deluxxx
Dis ain't no Oprah special son! Dis is da real hardcore shit right here bitches! Hoes are walkin da hoods every night lookin to make some extra chedda' just tryin to make ends meat ya know. And sometimes shit goes off da tracks and things get heavy! Pimps are there to take care of situations like dat, ready to beat some ...

Pimp Parade Tony Sweets
Yo my homie Nate has a studio upstairs in his crib right. This dude got some off da chain bitches always over at his pad just hoe'n shit up. Shit, studio gear aint cheap, Nate puts these bitches ta work, knaw mean!? Some of the juicest asses I seen here in da hood are up in Nate's studio just blowin' and fuckin' brothas.

Pimp Parade Mia Peach
I got the tape rollin' in my homies house. Some of da shit that goes on there is off the fuckin' chain! So I roll up n' see my boys hoes all ready half naked with their big ebony asses just walkin round da crib, lined up n' ready to have some fun n' get freaky!

Pimp Parade Baby Cakes
Nothin' betta then startin' the New Years off right poppin' sum Champagne and some BIG booty BITCHES. Cuz when yous a PIMP daddy like me I got dem FINE ASS GHETTO hoes. My hoe Baby Cakes got dem big ass fucking SWEATER PUPPETS. All dem HOES get hungry after workin' I tell dem bitches to work for a HAPPY FUCKIN cum snack!

Pimp Parade Alana James
Click Here to See All My Porn Pros ScenesTis the season for some serious pimpin' n slangin'. Santa brought some hoes over to get the party started off right! Alana James was the head reindeer leading 5 more of the luscious round ass booty hood rats straight to my fuckin' candy cane!!

Pimp Parade Rayne Falls
When you apimp like me you got shit togetha son. Aint nothin in this world that you cant have. I got bitches suckin on my cock all day every fuckin day! Let me introduce you to some classy bitches here. Rayne Falls is one sweet piece of ghetto booty ass! Ain't no bitch out there got their shit as tight this big booty sista ...

Pimp Parade Mahlia Milan
Some of these bitches don't listen and thats alright with this pimp right here, 'cause I don't get mad, I get pussy, ya heard? These 4 hoes right here are wild in nature, ya know? It's in there booty and their booty is in my face! All 4 of these fine bitches come from strip clubs so they know what goes down in the champagne ...

Pimp Parade Chocolate Young
Click Here to See All My Porn Pros ScenesThese beautiful hoes is off the mutha fuckin hook! No doubt 'bout this shit here bein' TIGHT! We rustled over 4 ghetto bitches with some big ass titties and some delicious black ass for us to suck on. Im telling ya, these 4 fine ass gurls were down to suck on this cock. When we ...

Pimp Parade Sandra London
This weeks pimp parade is comin' real strong, like we always do. These 6 gurls got the moves no otha hoe has out there... so no playa hatin'. When yo dick got the itch fo' that juicy black pussy you'll know where to roll to, right here! Ya heard? These bitches ain't fucking around.

Pimp Parade Amile Waters
Oh shit! This is some crazy fuckin' shit right here!!! You gotta see these big ass titty hoes bouncin' what their mommas gave 'em, FO' REAL!! No doubt these bitches love the black cock and when they have it, they beg for more! And when they get it, they REALLY fuckin' get it!!

Pimp Parade Justice
Ain't nuthin' like fuckin' some big ol' luscious titties! Out of all these crazy little black bitches cummin' into the office to strut their shit, Justice just stood out like crazy with some big ass titties and a round delicious ass! I'm telling ya this pimp REALLY came through this time!

Pimp Parade Rane Revere
We got pretty lucky this time around because we had these 3 fine ass black hoes coming into the office looking for a good man in their life because their last pimp vanished on them. I don't know if he went to jail or left town on them. So I went ahead and put them under PIMP ARREST.

Pimp Parade Erika Vution
This is what pimp dreams are made out of! We've got 4 of the baddest bitches you ever seen at one time. All shapes and all sizes of beautiful black woman in one room. Each one of these hoes willing to do whatever it takes to get a young player to cum. See that's the beautiful thing about pimpin, these hoes want to please ...

Pimp Parade Jayla Starr
Nothin says lovin' like eating black pussy. These 3 black lesbians live together and apparently play together. They came to our office looking for some dick, but it ended up being a black pussy eating orgy. The chubby girl's name is Injoi is obviously the one that likes to corrupt the other hoes.

Pimp Parade Melody Jackson
I dont know what it is but when u get these black hoes together in one room, they all want to touch each other and lick pussy. One of our pimps, nathan threat brought a stack of girls who are looking to work. one girl tho i was particularly interested in was Melody. She's got a girl next door kind of a look and I like that.

Pimp Parade Kapri Styles
This is a classic situation where our female pimp, Kapri was just way hotter than the hoes she brought in. She wanted to show us the strength of her stable of whores but after alot of fun, strippin, and ass shaking, we knew that Kapri was too hot to pass up. She is a fucking amazon, standing at like 5'10, skinny but god ...

Pimp Parade Candice Nicole
Our pimpin partner Lee Bang brought in a variety of hoes this time. Couple of chocolate hoes and a couple of snowflakes. The white girls were acting shy and weren't serious about they hoeing. These hoes both work at your typical white strip club.

Pimp Parade Ms. Platinum
Some people don't believe that a white boy can fuck with this pimpin. I was undecided until the day this white boy right here brought in 3 of the baddest hoes I've seen in a minute. These hoes are for real man, his bottom bitch Miss Platinum loves to suck on balls and get fucked BALLS DEEP.

Pimp Parade Lickable
Thanks to a pimp named Heavyweight we got a brand new hoe to show y'all. Now you might be wondering why we call him Heavyweight, it's because this mothafucka is 6'5 and weighs more than your refrigerator. But I guess when you are heavyweight in the pimp game you are able to bring in a solid thick throughbred hoe like he ...

Pimp Parade Destiny
I know a true hoe when I see one, and Destiny is a TRUE HOE. Hoe's start off doing hoeish activities then once they reach a certain age they decide I've been letting men bust nuts on my face for free, it's time to get paid. Destiny spent her first semester at college bending her big ass over and letting the basketball ...

Pimp Parade Samone Taylor
Bitches n' hoes rain like 40's on a curb over here and we got way too much black ass to throw around! I don't mind slanging some black pussy over to a homie whenever he needs a bone, shit, bros before hoes ya know? Samone is a prize so we know there won't be any complaints about this teenage hood rat!!

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