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Cost: $29.95 Monthly, $79.95 for 3 Months, $99.95 for 6 Months RexMag.com Rating: 80

Ebony Next Door - www.EbonyNextDoor.comEbony Next Door is a website for all of you out there who like yours girls dark. The girls on this site are all hotties who are just dying to get their hands, mouths, and cunts on some cock. And they certainly do! These girls are freaks, and they know exactly how they want it, and will stop at nothing to get it. If you're into seeing sexy black babes get it on, you should check out Ebony Next Door.

The girls on Ebony Next Door are certainly sexy. You've got all kinds of girls, from tiny petite girls to girls who are so stacked it's crazy! There are big bouncing natural tits and fine round asses with a dime-face to boot. And these girls are all about getting fucked. All kinds of hardcore action goes on in these sets, plenty of cock sucking, fucking, DP, gangbangs, facials, anal, pussy licking, and even some girl-on-girl action. And there's even some interracial scenes on here! Ebony Next Door really has all kinds of content, enough to suit just about anyone.

So far, there are around 27 different sets on this website. The updating schedule is entirely unclear at this point—looks like they put most of them up on the same day, then one more, and hopefully from here they'll just keep on going. No guarantees though—I only know what I see. At least I can tell you with certainty that there are almost 30 updates on the site—just about one for every day of a one month membership. That's my criteria, so they are in good standing with me!

The photographs on this website clock in at around 640 x 480. Most sets have between 50-60 of them, while some have more and some have less. The photographs themselves really aren't of the best quality, and that's because they are screen caps taken from the video set. They really aren't all that bad, but some of them are kind of blurry, especially in the spot where someone was moving, just because they are screen caps and by virtue of the medium it's hard to get a clear shot from something like that.

The videos, however, are of far superior quality to the photo sets. The video sets, unlike the photo sets, are varied. Some of them are in WMV format, and some of them are in MPEG format. All of the sets have the same screen resolution, around 640 x 480. Both the WMV sets and the MPEG sets come in both full length and clipped segment formats. The WMV full length sets are normally somewhere around 250MB a piece, with the clips each coming in at around 45MB or so a pop. The MPEG full-length format videos are more like 110MB a piece, with the clips coming in at around 10MB a piece. Both the MPEG and the WMV format videos have around the same quality. They are clear, without any graininess, and the sound and filming are all right. They aren't the best videos I've ever seen in terms of video quality, but they certainly aren't the worst, either. Also, you can stream both the full length and the clipped videos, in either the WMV or the MPEG formats. To stream a video just click on any of the links, and it should open right up for you (I find that the WMV files stream far easier without freezing my computer). Note: If you internet connection is not Cable, DSL, or T1, it is highly recommended that you do not try to watch the videos streaming, as it will be far more hassle than it's worth.

With your membership to this site, you get unlimited access to all of the websites in the Porn Next Door network. Those websites include Lesbian Next Door, Hot Mom Next Door, Hot College Girl Next Door, Throat Fuck Next Door, Dirty Jason, Squirting Next Door, Handjob Next Door, Shemales Next Door, Girl Voyeur Next Door, Hot Virgin Next Door, Fuck Next Door, Masturbating Neighbors, and Big Cock Next Door.

Membership to Ebony Next Door runs $29.95 recurring for thirty days. The $59.95 ninety-day membership and the $99.95 180-day membership are non-recurring. Taking into account the content and the unknown update schedule, I'll rate this site just an 80 for now, but it's a great site with hot booty black girls and there are tons of bonus sites to round it out too, so it's definitely worth a look.

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Ebony Next Door Picture

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  • Ebony Next Door by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:11 AM (63/100):
    Ebony Next Door picks only the hottest black amateur chicks for your perusal and approval. There are 32 videos available on the site, but not one of them is exclusive, which likely explains why they vary in quality. Sets of vid caps are provided for each of the flicks, but there are no actual photographs. As far as extras go, members get access to a bunch of bonus sites that add a lot of value to a membership.

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