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Cost: $1.85 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.99 a Month RexMag.com Rating: 84

Ebony Addiction - www.EbonyAddiction.comIf you can't get enough of hot black babes, Ebony Addiction is for you. The great thing about this one is that it's not just limited to interracial sex either—looks to me like there are equal amounts of white guys and black guys banging these sexy ebony skinned goddesses. The focus on Ebony Addiction is really these black beauties, and at the end of the day it doesn't matter who is fucking them a long as they're getting fucked.

The variety of beautiful black girls you get on Ebony Addiction is insane. They're all drop-dead gorgeous, leggy, and of course bootylicious. Big round brown asses. Delicious. These girls go nuts for cock and balls—dropping to their knees and giving some truly explosive blowjobs, then taking it in their pussy or ass like a pro. The videos are hot, lengthy, and out of control. No question about it—the content on Ebony Addiction is, in fact, addictive.

When you log in, you'll see that the latest updates are on the main page, with really huge thumbnails plus links to the content itself. The latest one has an extra large pic and a description, and the good news is that the site is currently updated with a fresh movie each week. The movies are available in HD, standard, or Quicktime formats. You'll see that the HD movies are 1280x720 resolution and then on the lower end you've got movies in the 320x240 territory. So there's something for everybody. The movies are great quality regardless of physical size, but there is a catch...

The bad thing about this site is that while there are many many pages of updates, they actually break the movies up into three or more sections, so in reality there are only 42 full movies on the site. That's an adequate amount so you won't hear me complaining too much about it, but I strongly prefer full movie updates and I'm sure you do too. Keep in mind that if you do decide to join, you'll be waiting up to a full month for each full movie update—one part each week. This puts me off quite a bit, but there's one thing that might make up for it...

The thing that might save the day in terms of the wait for full movies is the fact that HD Porn Pass gives you access to an amazing collection of sites, full access to all these HD websites: Busty Solos, Lucky Lesbians, Oriental Orgy, Simple Fucks, Slutty Squirters, Tempting Trannys, Anal Hell, Cable Guy Sex, Just Legal Babes, New Solos, Sex Toy Teens, Slutty Gaggers, and Teenage Whores. Those will definitely get you through those long stretches between updates. Good sites.

But wait—there's still another bonus here. It's the hi-res photos section. There are 42 sets on the site, one for each movie. They are real photos too, not just screencaps like some sites offer. The resolution is 1024x685 on all of them, and there are a few hundred per set so you'll be swimming in hot photos of chocolaty black girls for a long time to come. Definitely worth checking out—these do add some serious value to your Ebony Addiction membership.

So what's it going to cost you to join Ebony Addiction? It'll be exactly $29.99 for 30 days, and that's as complicated as it gets. You can join by credit card or check. Is it worth the price for the content that they offer? Overwhelmingly I would say yes, especially if you focus on the older content and don't wait around for the new stuff to fill in. There's enough of it here already, so if you do join, don't concern yourself with the one-part-per-week update schedule—just enjoy what's there and have a good time. My rating for Ebony Addiction is 84/100. Ready to check it out for yourself?

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  • Ebony Addiction by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:15:37 AM (73/100):
    Those with a dependence on alcohol spend most of their time at the liquor store or the local bar. Those with a compulsion toward seeing ebony babes posing, stripping, choking down white cock or fucking hardcore should spend a good deal of time at Ebony Addiction. Although there are only 79 sets of pictures and 47 movies, you will have plenty of bonuses to soothe your need for black babes, coeds, Asians, solo scenes and much more.

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