The Big Swallow

Cost: $4.95 for 3 Day Trial, $29.98 Monthly Rating: 84

The Big Swallow - is home to sizzling hot girls who always love to swallow. There is no question of size here; whether it is small or breathtakingly big big.   As long as it fits in their mouth, these girls will instantly grab and suck the hell out of it. Yes, these babes are absolutely horny and craving for cocks. You will not find any spitting on this site – they seem so careful not to make the floor sticky. They make sure that all the cums are perfectly swallowed; not even a single drop should escape.  .

Now if you are looking for this type of sizzling action, get your ass out of there and visit this site.   I consider The Big Swallow as one of the perfectly designed sites I've encountered so far. The content is quite commendable and the tour is well facilitated. Pleasure and absolute entertainment is what this site could offer.

As of now, this site offers 19 exclusive selections.   Eleven of which features two naughty girls; experiencing extra fun, while exploring each other's sexual anatomy. Every episode is being portrayed either on videos or through photo galleries.   Currently, each episode has 24 to 37 one-minute clips which play with Windows Media Player. There are three available options to choose when playing the videos; they vary from low, medium and high speed connections. A full movie version is also possible but it is recommended for high speed connections only. Unfortunately, the site does not allow any forms of downloading, particularly on movies.

With regard to the quality, the images and the sounds coming from the videos are practically clear, and comprehensible. The lights are good as well as the angle of the shots. At normal size, the videos look pretty nice, only when you full screen them… you will find a noticeable change in quality. It's not too bad though. The videos run pretty smooth and are pretty clear. All in all the quality of the videos I could say are just on the average.

Now that I finished discussing about the videos, let us go to the photos. There are approximately 60 to 90 photos available with each episode which all blow up to nice clear full-size images; however, most of these pictures are simply taken from the video clips. If you still crave for more sizzling pictures, you can check out the four featured XXX galleries as well as their enormous compilation of extreme XXX galleries.  .

Navigation here is quite commendable. Thumbnails also act as tabs so you could instantly transfer from one place to another by simply clicking them. The site promises a regular updating; however, I hardly noticed any improvements from the day I signed up for my membership until my contract ended.

Still looking for more? Here is more… along with your membership is an instant access to various bonus sites including Coeds Need Cash, Bikini Contest Porn, Vanilla Teens Black Cream, Rookie Facials and a lot more.

The price is quite high though compared to other related sites. If you think you can't afford a $38.19/per month membership deal, you may also have its 3 day trial deal which cost $2.95.

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The Big Swallow Video
The Big Swallow Video

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The Big Swallow Picture
The Big Swallow Picture

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  • The Big Swallow by 8/9/2010 6:15:44 AM (69/100):
    What guy doesn't love to have his cock sliding in and out of a chick's mouth, his cock head banging against her tonsils? Better yet, who doesn't love watching such a fine spectacle? That is what The Big Swallow is all about. There are 63 episodes available with photos and a downloadable video. Most vids have mediocre-quality playback, but around a third can be streamed in an average-quality format. They also throw in access to 30 bonus sites. The downsides are the discontinued updates and the daily download limit.

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