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Swallow For Cash - www.SwallowForCash.com

Swallow For Cash is a website that shows you just how far some hoes will go to make a little cash! On this website, they find the hottest sluts out there who are so desperate for some dough, that they'll do anything just to get their hands on the green, including swallow massive loads of cum and take huge cocks in their tight asses! Swallow For Cash is all about bringing the rawest action right to your screen.

On Swallow For Cash, you'll see some of the sexiest women out there who have gotten themselves into hard times, and will do anything for some change. There are all kinds of gorgeous babes on here, from leggy blonds to fiery redheads to busty brunettes! Barely legal, co-eds, and hot housewives are all on here, sucking hard cock and getting brutally fucked in their tight little assholes! On Swallow For Cash, these girls certainly understand the meaning of 'hard-earned cash'!

When you get to the member's only page of this site, you'll see a whole lot of links and categories like video and photographs. Those categories aren't actually for this site, they are a bit misleading, and they are actually links to all of the network content. To stick to Swallow For Cash, just click on the 'Featured Series' link. You'll be directed to a page that gives you all of the episodes for this site, with the most recently uploaded update first. So far, there are 21 different sets uploaded to the site, but from what I can tell, 21 is all this site is ever going to have. The most recent update to the site was in November of 2007, so it doesn't look like there's going to be any more content anytime soon.

If you want to check out the still photography, every episode has a gallery. Don't bother with the 'screenshots' and 'photographs' links below the video, the easiest way to get to the content is to just click on the 'view gallery' tab at the top of the page. The photographs aren't screen captures, they are professional photographs. They start off with a bit of posing and a nice striptease, then get right down to the hot sucking and fucking action. There are roughly 200 photographs in every gallery, give or take a few here and there, and the photographs themselves tend to come in at around 500x 800 or 800 x 500, depending on the shot and what is going down at that particular part of the scene. They do a good job at making sure they don't miss any of the action that goes down, and all of the photographs are of really good quality, crystal clear and well composed.

If you want video content, the easiest way to go about that is to just watch the video streaming from the website. A word of warning, however, if you've got a slow internet connection. Anyone with dial-up or a connection slower than a pretty high quality DSL might want to download the videos instead of try to watch them streaming, or your internet connection will probably freeze or, at best, the video will be choppy from constantly having to buffer. The videos look to be around 740 x 520 or so, and they are of pretty good quality, with decent lighting and functioning sound (no popping or hissing, and no pixelation). There are three different downloading formats; a high definition Divx format, which comes in at around 550MB or so a piece: a WMV format, which is normally around 280MB; and a portable iPod ready mp4 version, which is normally about 170MB or so a pop. All of them are relatively similar in quality, though the Divx file is certainly the best out of the three.

A membership to this site gets you free access to all of the sites in the All Adult Pass network! Some of those websites include Sweet Suckers, Whore Gaggers, Throat Banged, and more! Undoubtedly you will be into that.

A membership to Swallow For Cash will cost you $24.95 for a month of access. If you'd rather go the year long route, you'll save some money — a year long membership only costs $89.99. With good content, lots of bonus material, but no foreseeable updates in the future, I'm gonna have to rate this one 80/100. I do recommend it as long as you don't mind relying on the bonus sites. With 21 updates there just MIGHT be enough to get you through 30 days here depending on how much of a speed demon you are. Ready to go check out Swallow for Cash, or to keep browsing?

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  • Swallow For Cash by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:15:59 AM (65/100):
    The collection on Swallow For Cash will make your mouth water with excitement as these babes open their throats wide for huge cocks. There are 21 videos to be enjoyed by streaming them online or saving in stellar-looking Windows Media format. You will also find an option for your iPod. Each movie comes with a set of good-looking pictures to follow the action pixel by pixel. There are thousands of extra pics and flicks. You also get access to a bunch of bonus sites and full-length DVDs. These extras are almost enough to compensate for the fact that the website is no longer updating.

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