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No Cum Dodging Allowed - www.NoCumDodgingAllowed.comIf you're sick of babes taking the cum and getting your hopes up, and then spitting it out, No Cum Dodging Allowed has you in mind... No girl on this site will turn away from your spunk, they'll take it like a good girl, just the way they should... Nice concept, great layout. Designed in cool purples against crisp white, it all looks great. Let's check out the features.

I'll give you the best news first. At the time of this review, it's currently being updated every two weeks. There are some really great gang bang scenes on this site, and a lot of different types of babes. You've got your white blonde girls, white brunettes, Latinas, some Asians, some black girls... In general it's just a huge mix of hotties and you can't really go wrong with that.

The screencaps are hot as hell. They're large at 720 x 480 pixels, and they're really pretty perfect looking too. I didn't see any blurry shots, any blank shots, none of that bullshit that I have seen on way too many other sites. I actually spent a good chunk of time in this section, which I wouldn't ordinarily do. You might just find yourself doing the same thing—and don't forget that you can also grab zip sets of all the screencaps too, quick and easy downloading with no hassles at all.

None of the hi-res pics links that I clicked on took me to any hi-res pics at all. If there are any on the site they are very difficult to come across. This is a common problem with Meat Members sites. I'd rather see them stick with just screencaps than keep using these essentially dead links to nonexistent hi-res pics. This is the biggest annoyance with the entire network—even bigger than the fact that they don't have full movie downloads.

Back to the layout for just a second, you'll quickly see that everything is located conveniently on the main page. The updates are right at the top, the three newest ones featuring three thumbnails instead of just one. They also have descriptions, names of the girls, and links to the content. Beside this you'll find the top three rated movies on the site—a quick way to get to the hottest content!—and you can also click a quick link to view the whole top 10 list.

Below all of this you'll find ALL of the archives from the past, all on the very same page. There are nearly 80 at the time of this review, and they're STILL being updated every two weeks! A very nice collection for sure, and growing every single month.

I think the strongest benefit to joining No Cum Dodging Allowed is that you get full access to the entire Meat Members network with your membership. It's over 40 sites, and most of them are beyond excellent. Again, they do not offer full movie downloads, but that's pretty much the biggest problem. It's actually pretty convenient for dialup members to download things in sections, so if you are in an area where you can't get broadband or perhaps you just can't afford that AND porn—you'll find this less of a problem than people with blazing fast internet would.

This is really a great site. They get lower marks because of no hi-res pics and no full movie downloads, but the fact that they have such a huge archive, they're consistent with updates, and the nice and easy to use layout... All of that adds up to give them a score of 86/100. Just $29.95 for 30 days or $59.95 for 90 days—go with the 90 day option and you'll basically be doing a buy two months get one free deal—and the whole Meat Members network too!

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  • No Cum Dodging Allowed by 8/10/2009 (75/100):
    There is No Cum Dodging Allowed here, people. The chicks who get done on this site know that when it is over they are going to have to open up wide and get their pretty mouths filled with sticky white man juice. There are 123 videos that are mostly good quality. You can preview them in vid caps only. It has been over seven months since the last update. You won't be porn deprived though, because there are 53 bonus sites.

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