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Cost: $4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year Rating: 80

Internal Explosions - www.InternalExplosions.comInternal Explosions is web site that brings you the most intense internal cum shot videos you've ever seen! If you want to see massive loads of hot cum literally come pouring out of these tight, abused pussies and assholes, you really might wanna check out Internal Explosions.

On Internal Explosions, every single set ends with a hardcore creampie deep in a pussy or ass, and you can watch as these tight holes can't even hold all of that cum! These gorgeous babes suck and fuck and beg to be filled with massive loads of baby batter, and you can watch it ooze right out of their pink pussies and down their pretty little legs! Internal Explosions ends every single video with a hot, wild creampie!

When I first logged in to the member's only area of the website, I was a little overwhelmed by the business of the web page. There are tons of links, categories, and navigational bars, and I found that almost all of those tools and links actually led me away from the content that I wanted to see! See, the member's only area is actually the member's only area for the entire network, so if you want to stick specifically to this website, it's best just to click on the 'featured series' tab, which will take you to another web page that JUST has content for THIS website. When I got there, I saw that this website has 39 different episodes uploaded thus far, through from the looks of it, I think that this website is no longer being updated. Last update in August of 2006? Yeah, I think this one's pretty much left ababdoned.

Now, to the content itself. If you want photo content, you get to it easy by clicking on the view gallery tab (don't bother with the other links, they're a bit misleading). Every video comes with an accompanying gallery, and most of these image galleries have somewhere around 150 photographs, maybe up to 200, per set. The images themselves really aren't of the best quality, they are screen captures, and not really all that good ones at that. The images themselves look to be around 700 x 400, and they are kind of blurry. The worst of the photos are grainy, but most of them aren't really all that bad. They follow all of the action in the scenes to a T and they do their job just fine.

If you want video content, you've got a multitude of different viewing options to choose from. If you have a slower internet connection, or just like having the content on your hard drive for your convenience, there are three download options: mp4, Divx, and WMV. The mp4 files are the smallest, and can be put on an iPod or PSP. These files tend to be around 100MB a piece. The Divx files are the high definition files, and are by far the largest, clocking in at around 340MB or so a pop. The WMV files are a good mid range file, each of those normally coming in at somewhere around 165MB or so. All of the videos are of decent quality, and look to be somewhere around 720 x 450 or so screen size (though some are a bit smaller). If you've got a fast connection, there's also a streaming option, where you can watch the full video direct from the site. There's also a 'view dvd' tab, and that gives you more video content, though none of that is downloadable, you've gotta stream it from the site.

A membership to this website gets you membership to every single site in the All Adult Pass network, including sites like Drilled and Filled and Whore Gaggers! Overall it's a very good network that will really add a ton of value to your membership, and it more than makes up for the fact that this website no longer updates. Good stuff.

A membership to Internal Explosions will cost you only $89.99 for an entire year of membership! If you'd rather just stick to it month by month, that will cost $24.95 per month of access. Taking into account all of the material on this site, I'm gonna score it 80/100. If you're a lover of intense creampies, Internal Explosions will definitely get the job done for you.

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  • Internal Explosions by 8/9/2010 6:15:59 AM (68/100):
    Internal Explosions has 79 creampie videos with stellar-quality playback and you can also download them in files for your iPod. These scenes don't have any photos, so you're stuck checking them out in blurry vid caps. There hasn't been an update in a while, but there are still lots of extras to check out. These include additional vids, photo galleries and a whole lot of diverse bonus sites. The extras really make a membership worthwhile, but if you're not interested in them, you probably won't stick around for long.

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