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Gobble My Goo Vanilla
Vanilla, this chick turned 18 last month and drove out to LA from Michigan. These guys broke her into the business good before they pulled out and blasted this naive nympho in the mouth!

Gobble My Goo Porscha
Porscha, wanna buy a used Porscha? It's gotta cracked block but you will like driving it! This brunette puts her pussy on cruize control and Brian's push rod boils over from vapor lock!

Gobble My Goo Aria
Aria, talk about a sex machine! Aria has a body custom made for sex and this chick is fuckin' nasty! Roy fucks her ass raw then pulls his meat out and soaked her down! Very hot action!

Gobble My Goo Cole And Tianna
Cole & Tianna these two go to work on Ron's cock like they were buying shoes at the swap meet! They swapped out his cock like they were passin' a baton in a relay race! Hot load for two, cummin'up!

Gobble My Goo Dorita
Dorita, this Gypsy jizz guzzler used to blow husbands while thier wives were blowing money on bullshit psychic readings inside the trailer! Ray drives his entire cock in her ass then sprays her tonsils!

Gobble My Goo Kathleen
Kathleen, this teenage cutie is one insatialble little girl with a one-track mind! Once inside that tight teen pussy, Vince didn't have any choice but to discharge his weapon right in her face!

Gobble My Goo Victoria
Victoria, this petite raven-haired beauty is a sexual predator in disguise. She takes control of the situation and the cock from minute one and she makes this guy cum when she was good and ready!

Gobble My Goo Holly
Holly just turned 18 a week before we shot this scene. She said she wanted to try everything in her first scene and get it over with. They put her through the paces pounding her ass and more.

Gobble My Goo Sativa And Lani
Sativa & Lani these two exotic cock smokers are matched up with two long hard cocks! Lani suggested Sativa switch guys with her and she ended up with an even bigger dick poundin' into her snatch! .

Gobble My Goo Daphne
Daphne, one sexy blonde, two over-sized nipples and two rock hard cocks equals two gallons of goo! This big titted blonde gets more than she can handle with cock in her ass and throat at the same time!

Gobble My Goo Kami
Kami this big titted brunette handles two cocks like it was an olympic sport. With a John's javlin up her snatch and Pete pole vaultin' in her ass who could blame her! She gets gold on the spodie podium!

Gobble My Goo Katin
Katin this nasty assed redhead cutie was so damn hot I was ready to get in on that action myself! Great tits and an ass that she isn't afraid to use! These guys gape her good and soak her in sperm!

Gobble My Goo Kelly
Kelly, little Kelly gets tag-teamed by two big-dicked sperm gunners! After putting some hard miles on her pussy, they flipped her over and used up her ass before giving her a double dose of man gravy!

Gobble My Goo Katrina
Katrina, this nasty tattood brunette has the intensity of a nuclear reactor when she get a rock hard cock inside her! Hank plunges his plutonium pole into her ass before spackling her with hot spunk!

Gobble My Goo Jackie
Jackie, this broad-assed blondie's finely tuned ass pulls more spunk outta this guy than humanly possible! Jackie gets it in every position and every hole before Vince soaks her tits in jizz!

Gobble My Goo Lauren
Lauren, if Lauren can't get you off with her pussy, then her tight ass will surely make you pop! This nasty little blonde vixen might look innocent, but she is one nasty girl once she tastes cock!

Gobble My Goo Christy
Christy, this chunky brunette was very sexy and nasty! Teamed up with Rufus she knew she'd end up with 10" of black cock in her ass but she went in anyway and took it like a Trooper...in Vermont!

Gobble My Goo Annette
Annette, this dirty little blonde got stuck doing a scene with Mongo! This fuckin' guy is animal and kept trying to stick it in her ass. She sucked him off quick just to get the hell out of there!

Gobble My Goo Taryn And Krista
Taryn & Krista these two talented tarts both take it balls deep in an effort to out-do the other! Our big cock crew definately made them earn thier money and gave them a sperm-tini for a bonus!

Gobble My Goo Nikki
Nikki has great natural tits, great nipples and a set a pussy lips that part like the Red Sea! No stone tablets here, just two rock hard cocks trying to fight their way into Nikki before they go off!

Gobble My Goo Alicia
Alicia is another chick with incredible labia majora! This blue-eyed brunette fucks both these guys till they can't hold back the loads churning in their quaking nut sacks, then they unload on her face!

Gobble My Goo Hillary
Hillary, this little blonde cooze queen has no problem keeping two cocks busy, in fact this hose monster had requested a third cock so she could be "air-tight" during the scene! Cum-tini anyone?

Gobble My Goo Cali
Cali, we teamed this blue-eyed cum recepticle up with two dudes that produce a pint and a half of protein a piece! Cali got more jizz than she could handle and these boys had her overflowin'!

Gobble My Goo Kaiya
Kaiya, this Asian nympho eats cum like it was chicken chow mein! After Craig finished, her pussy looked like an over-sized wanton dipped in plum sauce! After an anal assult, she gets facially frosted!

Gobble My Goo Tori
Tori, this busty redhead got the bonus plan when Rex decided to turn a simple blow job scene into a butt-fuck-a-thon! Tori ends up with Rex's ram rod shoved so far up her ass, she nearly passes out!

Gobble My Goo Riley
Riley this brunette hose monster keeps these guy's cocks busy with an all-out ball draining blitzkrieg! These guy's fortify their positions and put Riley in a pintzer move with a double cum blast!

Gobble My Goo Kamila And Estelle
Kamila & Estelle, take one sultry doe-eyed brunette and a blue-eyed big titted blonde, add one long hard and loaded cock and then next thing you know someone could lose an eye! Very hot threesome action!

Gobble My Goo Codi And Riley
Codi & Riley never let this guy's cock come up for air! When these chicks aren't suckin' his schlong they are shovin' it up their snatches! This scene contains some hot facial and cum swappin' action!

Gobble My Goo Sophia And Capri
Sophia & Capri, these two exotic cum munchers turn this dude's cock into an electric caulking gun plugged into 220 by mistake! Capri nearly busts her pussy into when she lowers herself onto this big cock!

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