Cum Disgrace - Bitches Getting Humiliated and Drenched in Cum

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Cum Disgrace -

Cum Disgrace comes to you courtesy of the Porn Pros Network. If you love your women totally humiliated, drenched in cum, bound and captive, and subjected to ridiculous cumshots (and by ridiculous I do mean NOT REAL, just so we've got full disclosure here)... then you will love this site. Why fake cumshots? For that ultra out of control factor. When realistic just won't do, Cum Disgrace will hook you up with the next level of porn.

Cum Disgrace is the place to see babes like Misti getting off in cluster fucks of fun with her girlfriends and boyfriends... getting fucked so hardcore and then blasted with crazy amounts of cum at the end! All of these girls have a serious craving for cum, but they had no idea that they would be so brutally humiliated and taken advantage of on Cum Disgrace. There's nothing pretty about this shit other than the babes that are getting banged--it's down and dirty, raunchy and raw. They really know how to take hardcore to new places.

I was hoping the layout in the members area would look more like the tour pages, with multiple thumbnails for each update before you even click any links. You do enjoy that on the actual movie pages, but they're still not as large and high quality as they are on the tour pages. There are just 21 updates on the site right now, but with a new one coming about three times per month, they are adding up very quickly. The site is new but they are rapidly packing it with content.

Clicking on an update will take you to the page for that movie, and the Flash movie will start streaming almost immediately. They bust them up into sections for some reason, but it's possible to download the full-length videos in WMV HD, MPEG HD, WMV Standard, and MPEG Standard. There are also videos to go for DVD/CD, iPod/iPhone/PSP, and XBOX. They're downloadable as clips as well. The streaming movies are somewhere between 480p and 720p (just eyeballing it) and the highest quality downloadable movies are 1248p resolution. Clearly if you are into the highest quality possible, you'll want to download these rather than stream them.

Let's get a look at those pics now .They offer both hi-res pics and screencaps. The hi-res shots are really plentiful--nearly 500 per set. They're sized 850px by 850px, so they're just large enough for most monitors. Not too big, not too small.. You can grab these one at a time or just download the zip sets. Now for the screencaps, there are fewer--maybe 150 per set. These are sized the same as the photos, and there are zip sets of these too.

As a part of your membership you'll also get access to 21 Porn Pros Network sites at no additional charge. Take a look at these: Freaks of Boobs, Disgraced 18, Freaks of Cock, MILF Humiliation, 18 Years Old, Real Ex-Girlfriends, 40 Oz Bounce, Jurassic Cock, Deep Throat Love, Cock Competition, Shady PI, Flexible Positions, Pimp Parade, Euro Humpers, Asian Fuckies, Big Handfuls, Cum Martini, Hungry Cougars, Cluster Fuck Whores, and Mexicunts. So much good stuff you'll be getting off for a long time to come...

If you decide to join Cum Disgrace you'll be paying $24.94 per month, or grab the cheapest plan at $59.97 for three months. I'd definitely opt for the three month plan myself, and take advantage of all that extra time to enjoy the bonus sites. Cum Disgrace on its own would be worth it even with its intro amount of content, but along with all of its great bonus sites, it is definitely a deal that you don't want to pass up. Final score for Cum Disgrace? 78/100.

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Cum Disgrace Video
Cum Disgrace Video

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Cum Disgrace Picture

Other Reviews of Cum Disgrace

  • Cum Disgrace by 1/14/2010 (82/100):
    Our review of Cum Disgrace found very little not to like at this intense, BDSM and humiliation angled porn site. Gorgeous pornstars are put through an intense array of bondage, torture and hardcore fucking until finally they are drenched in man goo. HD movies, high-res pictures and a network of bonus sites are included at no extra cost.

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