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Cost: $29.95 Monthly, $79.95 for 3 Months, $99.95 for 6 Months Rating: 70

Hot College Girl Next Door - www.HotCollegeGirlNextDoor.comHot College Girl Next Door is an amateur site dedicated to finding hot young babes in school who want to get nasty in front of the camera. Not a new concept, but yet it never gets old. The girls here are brand new, fresh for the lens. This site is totally hardcore, getting only the dirtiest uni babes from the block to show their stuff. We all know how chicks in school feel they need something to prove. You can watch them try to prove it on Hot College Girl Next Door.

Thus far, there are four blond girls and two brunettes on Hot College Girl Next Door. Not a lot of variety, I know. Granted, the girls are hot, but it seems they're keeping with the sorority girl stereotype, and we all know that not every college girl is blond. But whatever, they've got great tits and fine asses, and as a blonde addict I'm not complaining! At least all the content on here makes up for any lack – the girls on here are enthusiastic, ready to show themselves and their skills for the camera. Every scene is full of plenty of hardcore fucking and sucking, along with some gang bang action. At least on Hot College Girl Next Door, they make sure to keep it interesting.

When you log in, you'll see all the updates to the page. No need to go looking for the content, it's all right there already in front of you. The website says that the network updates five days a week. That does not mean that this site updates five days a week, or even one day a week. This website, for example, hasn't had an update since December of 2008. And it seems all of the updates were uploaded in two days. There are currently only 6 sets on this website, and no stated update schedule. Not a good sign at all.

Each set tends to have around 140 images or so, some more, some less. Most of the images are around 960px × 640px or 640px × 960px or so, and they are of decent quality – they aren't centerfold material, but for amateur stuff, it's good. The photograph sizes switch back and forth between those two sizes, but other than that it's rather consistent. You can view the photographs as a slideshow in three different speeds, if you wish. They aren't screen caps from the video, but they do follow step by step through all of the action that goes on in the video set.

The video content for the site can be steamed directly from the website. There's no link for it, but if you click on any of the thumbnails in the video section instead of right clicking and hitting 'save as,' a window will pop up and you will immediately begin screening the video. If you have a slower internet connection, or you just prefer downloading, you can do so in either full length format or segmented clips. All of the video content on this website is in WMV format. The full-length videos, for the most part, tend to come in around 300MB or so, while the clips are around 54MB a pop. Visually, the quality is decent. They aren't the most high-def videos in the world, but they are totally clear, and aren't grainy at all. They are about 640 x 480 each.

Membership to this site also grants you access to all the sites in the Porn Next Door Network. Among just some of the content you can see, you'll get access to Throat Fuck Next Door, Shemales Next Door, Dirty Jason, Squirting Next Door, Handjob Next Door, Girl Voyeur Next Door, Masturbating Neighbors, Fuck Next Door, Ebony Next Door, Hot Virgin Next Door, Big Cock Next Door, Hot Mom Next Door, and Lesbian Next Door.

Membership to Hot College Girl Next Door will cost you $29.95 recurring every thirty days. If you'd rather a non-recurring membership, you can pay $79.95 for ninety days, or $99.95 for 180 days. Considering the amount of content and the update schedule and all else, this one gets a rating of 70/100. Not recommended at this time because of the lack of content, but if you do join you can at least rely on those bonus sites. With a little work and updates, this site could be a very strong one. And I'll come back and review it again if it ever is. For now, keep looking.

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Hot College Girl Next Door Video

Hot College Girl Next Door Video
Hot College Girl Next Door Video

Hot College Girl Next Door Pictures

Hot College Girl Next Door Picture
Hot College Girl Next Door Picture

Other Reviews of Hot College Girl Next Door

  • Hot College Girl Next Door by 5/5/2010 (65/100):
    Hot College Girl Next Door is a small website that gives its members six videos and five sets of pictures. Those numbers wouldn't be so bad if the site was still updating, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Even though the vids offer great-quality playback and the pics look crisp, it's hard to get too happy about such a small amount of content. That said, one can very easily be thrilled with the bonus sites included with a membership.

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wisdom 100:
i love this video very nice....i want to be an actor how can i...? i have a big rod am a black guy.....
February 13, 2010 at 0:11 AM

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