Coeds Need Cash

Cost: $4.95 for 3 Day Trial, $29.98 Monthly Rating: 80

Coeds Need Cash - is a reality site featuring real college girls giving up their pussy for a badly needed tuition fee. If you are in for some serious mind-banging session, girls doing whatever it takes just for extra amount money, then this site is absolutely perfect for you.

It has more than 30 picture galleries offering 75 pictures each, and also 30 video clips averaging to 45 minute playing time. Sad to say, all the pictures and videos are not downloadable, it can only be streamed at various sizes. The quality of the videos are quite commendable, gets a bit blocky when viewed in full screen but good enough to watch. Another remarkable thing about the videos would be that a lot of work goes into the build-up of the scenes or the setup if you will. In fact, this is half of the duration of a movie. It amazed me somehow, knowing that they paid attention to the story part especially when most of the other related reality sites are not paying enough concern on their respective storylines. I like the “real” storylines where the girls get screwed just to have that badly needed cash.

Coed Needs Cash features various episodes; and just recently, they have presented 11 new ones. These video episodes range from 40 to 50 one-minute clips, all playable with Windows Media at low, medium and high speeds. Photos of these episodes are also available. Galleries range from 50 to over 100 full-size images of all the captured action. The site also offers bonus galleries of XXX photos which feature extra category selections like Dorm Chicks, Huge Tits, Oral Girls, Pussy Eaters, Shaved Perfection and Fetish Fun.

With respect to its navigability, the site is easy to surf. You can actually transfer from one page to another by simply clicking all those visible tabs and images displayed on the screen.

What made me a bit disappointed with Coed Needs Cash is its almost homogenous features compared to its bonus sites. It seems that all these sites have a very similar package running and follows the same exact recipe, where in the first place, the site promised an access to 4 reality sites with entirely different themes. What I was expecting then, when I visited some of these sites is a whole new package, and what appeared to me were just bunch of unexciting features.

I am not so happy with its membership cost as well. It's expensive compared to some other related sites that I have visited earlier.

For those who want more, be sure to check out the bonus sites included with your subscription. They include programs like XXX Proposal, Vanilla Teens Black Cream, Blind Date Bangers, Teeny Bopper Club, Horny Spanish Flies,Bus Stop Whores, and Mr Chews Asian Beaver.

For me, this is simply an average site with an average content. With that price which is way too high, I think looking for better sites is the next best thing to do.

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Coeds Need Cash Videos

Coeds Need Cash Video
Coeds Need Cash Video

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Coeds Need Cash Picture
Coeds Need Cash Picture

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  • Coeds Need Cash by 8/9/2010 6:15:44 AM (73/100):
    Some need to pay for their next semester, others want to get down to Florida for the big spring break parties. No matter what these college chicks need, one thing is certain: They will bang for bucks! The guys on Coeds Need Cash have it all planned out. There are 127 mostly mediocre-quality vids with 30 exceptions offering average-quality playback. Then you can check out 95 photo sets. It has been seven months since the last update, but you get 32 bonus sites. Downloads are limited to six movies per day.

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