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Celeb DeFamer (CelebDeFamer.com)

The biggest problem with most celebrity sites is the fact that what you get to see is barely exciting - a nipple slip (yay!), a flash of boobs (yippee), a see-through shirt (wow!), or a blurry picture of a pussy upskirt (exciting). Why all the bullshit? That's exactly what we asked when we made Celeb DeFamer. Let's face it - what do you want to see? Courtney Cox suck a cock, Jennifer Anniston sit on a dick, or Meagan Fox take a load on her face. Well now you can! At CelebDeFamer.com we give you the goods on what you're looking for - hot celebrities in hardcore sex scenes. Yes the pictures are fake (please read that twice, we are not trying to trick you), but the fact of the matter is that when you're jerking off to Angelina Jolie sucking a cock, who cares!

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Celeb DeFamer (www.CelebDeFamer.com)

Roger Celeb (RogerCeleb.com)

This is Roger Celeb, and welcome to my E-zine, RogerCeleb.com! Here, I review tons of movies featuring top-notch celebrities in the nude! I expose tons of hidden scenes of A-list movie stars in the buff! I scour the film industry, reviewing hundreds of different movies, and rating all of the nude scenes in these films! Updated constantly with the freshest, hottest, most groundbreaking nude scenes in movies, you'll always have the inside scoop here!

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Roger Celeb (www.RogerCeleb.com)

Gogo Celeb (GogoCeleb.com)

Gogo Celeb is one of the most unusual sites in our porno directory. Why? Because they feature the hottest Hollywood celebs and their crazy stories, but they turn them into hardcore comic book adaptations. You've seen all these faces all over the paparazzi publications, on the tabloids and on the entertainment news shows, but you have NEVER seen them like this! Exposed, wet, wild, naked, fucking, and mixing it up with all your favorite celebs. You've got to see this mindblowingly creative content to believe it, so feast your own eyes on it at GogoCeleb.com!

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Gogo Celeb (www.GogoCeleb.com)

Banned Celebs (BannedCelebs.com)

If you are looking for the candid pictures and steamy sex tapes celebrities have made and put online, then you are going to love what we have for you at Banned Celebs. Our site is part of the All Elite Pass, and included with your membership is access to our other two celebrity sites Celeb DeFamer and GogoCeleb. We have your favorite celebrities including Jeniffer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian to name a few. We air all their dirty little secrets - from sensational sex tapes to nipple slips, celebrity see through photos to pussy flashes, and more. All available on BannedCelebs.com!

$2.97 Trial, $29.97 Monthly, $59.97 for 3 Months
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Banned Celebs (www.BannedCelebs.com)

Vivid Celeb (VividCeleb.com)

Now we know w\how much you would love to see Kim Kardashian's pussy or Paris Hilton's titties. That's why celebrity sex tapes are so popular. We'll be able to see their private parts without their permission. That's the thrill of it. Well on Vivid Celeb, you'll get what you want. A collection of the sex tapes of the most popular people. Enjoy yourselves!

$1.00 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $95.40 Per Year
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Vivid Celeb (www.VividCeleb.com)

Celebs Only (CelebsOnly.com)

Celebs Only is proud to be your first and best stop for the hottest celebrity nude, paparazzi photo, and celebrity porn content online today. If your favorite celebrity has fucked up and left a camera on while giving head, you'll find it here. If she's snorting lines and getting fucked hard and her boy toy has a camera - we probably have a copy. And you can find it all here online in one place - CelebsOnly.com! Enjoy.

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Celebs Only (www.CelebsOnly.com)

Mr. Skin (MrSkin.com)

Hey, it's Mr. Skin, and welcome to MrSkin.com! If you're looking for nude celebrities, your search is over. Here on Mr. Skin, we've got them all, totally in the buff! We've got all your favorite naked celebrities, and absolutely no fakes! From A-list girls in some of the largest blockbusters out there, to obscure foreign art-film stars and old school B-movie screen queens, we've got them all! With over 150,000 different actress, in over 20, 00 movies and 10,000 television programs, we've really got a corner on the market of celebrity sex scenes! So take a look around, and enjoy your stay!

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Mr. Skin (www.MrSkin.com)

Paparazzi Filth (PaparazziFilth.com)

You have reached PaparazziFilth.com, the number one website for the hottest authentic super star sex tapes! You've always known that these gorgeous babes aren't nearly as straight laced as their agents would like us to believe, and we've got the film footage to prove it to you! We prove once and for all that these hot socialite babes are just as eager to get their pussies filled as any of the other babes you'll see around! Come and pump them on Paparazzi Filth, the only site where the starlets are begging you to watch them fuck!

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Paparazzi Filth (www.PaparazziFilth.com)

Nitro Celebs (NitroCelebs.com)

You've come to Nitro Celebs, where we put your average "celeb" site to shame. Unlike most celebrity sites which feature old pics and low-quality videos, we take use Blu-ray technology to give you the highest quality celebrity content online. We feature celebs such as Paris, Britney, Heather Graham, Angelina Jolie, Meagan Fox and more. We have the highest quality videos and pictures of your favorite celebs. Check out NitroCelebs.com for yourself and you'll see what we mean.

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Nitro Celebs (www.NitroCelebs.com)

Paparazzi Filth Exposed (PaparazziFilthExposed.com)

If you want to see the sexiest babes in Hollywood doing the naughtiest acts out there, you've reached the right place! PaparazziFilthExposed.com is THE place for celebrity home sex tapes! We've got tons of stolen homemade sex tapes on our website, stuff you aren't going to find anywhere else! We also have massive image archives here on Paparazzi Filth Exposed, including plenty of up-skirt shots and pictures taken while these seemingly clean cut babes think no one's watching, so check it out!

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Paparazzi Filth Exposed (www.PaparazziFilthExposed.com)

True Celebs (TrueCelebs.com)

This is True Celebs, and we bring you only the hottest celebrity sex scenes out there! We have a massive collection of steamy hot sex and nude scenes, featuring some of the most gorgeous women in the world! We've got everything from classic all-star nude scenes to some of the more obscure film sets! If you want to see top A-list celebrities getting nude on film, and getting into tons of hot erotic action, TrueCelebs.com is your place!

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True Celebs (www.TrueCelebs.com)

Secret Celeb (SecretCeleb.com)

Hello, and welcome! You've reached SecretCeleb.com, your ezine for all your favorite movie reviews and ratings! Here, we dredge out all of the hottest movies featuring sexy celebrities in the nude, and we rate and review them for you! We've got everything, from some of the most obscure movies out there to the most renowned of classics and blockbusters. And all of our reviews and content deal with only hot nude action!

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Secret Celeb (www.SecretCeleb.com)

Celebs Xposed (CelebsXposed.com)

Welcome to CelebsXposed.com, where you can see the hottest celebrities nude! Here on CelebsXposed we get all of the movie and television babes in their most sexy, vulnerable moments! With over 15,000 different actresses in more than 20,000 different movies, 10,000 television shows, and clocking in over 175,000 high quality photographs and movie clips, we have the largest collection of nude stars anywhere on the net!

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Celebs Xposed (www.CelebsXposed.com)

Italian Movie Babes (ItalianMovieBabes.com)

It's Mr Skin here, and welcome to ItalianMovieBabes.com! We've got the hottest classic Italian beauties here on Italian Movie Babes, and we've got them nude! We are the premier Italian celebrity sex website, and we deliver only the finest in Italian movie and television stars in their steamiest, most erotic of roles! See these gorgeous babes show off their perfect bodies, and watch these beautiful women in the most cinematic of sex scenes!

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Italian Movie Babes (www.ItalianMovieBabes.com)

B Movie Babes (BMovieBabes.com)

See your favorite B Movie Babes right here on BmovieBabes.com! If you love the beautiful, wide-eyed scream queens, this is your website! We've got all the hottest horror and sci-fi movie babes here on this site, in all of the steamiest sex scenes to date! Check out your classic damsels in distress showing off their perfect bodies in our massive image archives. You can also peruse our large collection of movie clips, where we pick the hottest scenes and bring them right to your computer screen!

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B Movie Babes (www.BMovieBabes.com)

French Movie Babes (FrenchMovieBabes.com)

This is Mr. Skin, and if you love hot French women, I'm here to tell you that you've come to the right place! Here on FrenchMovieBabes.com, we bring you all of your favorite French actresses, and we've got them nude! See A-list French celebrities stripping down to nothing but their birthday suit, as well as tons of French television stars in some of the hottest sex scenes around. French Movie Babes is your place for beautiful Parisian beauties in all of nature's glory!

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French Movie Babes (www.FrenchMovieBabes.com)

German Movie Babes (GermanMovieBabes.com)

Hello, it's Mr. Skin, and let me introduce you to GermanMovieBabes.com, your place for gorgeous German celebrities in the nude! We've got massive image archives featuring only the hottest of German actresses, as well as a huge collection of movie clips featuring the steamiest sex scenes in German movie history! Check out our luscious German babes showing off their beautiful bodies! We've got everything you need right here!

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German Movie Babes (www.GermanMovieBabes.com)

Asian Movie Babes (AsianMovieBabes.com)

Hey, it's Mr. Skin, and welcome to Asian Movie Babes! Here on AsianMovieBabes.com, I've amassed the largest, most extensive collection of gorgeous Oriental celebrities, all totally in the buff! See beautiful Asian film and television stars from countries such as Taiwan, Japan, China, Vietnam, and more! We've got tons of high quality images of these delicious babes, as well as a massive collection of movie clips featuring the sexiest scenes out there, so check it out, you won't be disappointed!

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Asian Movie Babes (www.AsianMovieBabes.com)

Euro Movie Babes (EuroMovieBabes.com)

Welcome to EuroMovieBabes.com. This is Mr. Skin, and I'm here to show you the foxiest European film fatales in their steamiest roles! We've got tons of A-list European celebrities on here, including some of the most gorgeous French, Italian, and British babes in the industry! And we've got more than that, with girls spanning all over the European continent. You won't find this many naked European girls anywhere else!

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Euro Movie Babes (www.EuroMovieBabes.com)

Latin Movie Babes (LatinMovieBabes.com)

Hey out there, this is Mr.Skin, and welcome to LatinMovieBabes.com! On our website, we feature the skinny on all the hottest Latin actresses, movies, and television shows! See our huge photo galleries, check out our top-notch reviews of some of the hottest Latin actresses and nude scenes, and see our massive collection of clips taken from the best nude and sex scene movies starring these spicy Latin honeys, right here on Latin Movie Babes!

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Latin Movie Babes (www.LatinMovieBabes.com)

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