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Cost: $2.97 Trial, $29.97 Monthly, $59.97 for 3 Months Our Rating: 79

Gogo Celeb - www.GogoCeleb.comGoGo Celeb offers a different kind of cartoon porn for you–celebrity toons from popular movies and TV shows! The tour pages promise over 1000 exclusive HQ toons, including ones from Family Guy, Knocked Up, Furutrama, Spiderman 3, Heroes, Transformers, Desperate Housewives, 300, Iron Man, Prison Break, HellBoy, Batman, James Bond Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace. This GoGo Celeb content is some of the hottest cartoon porn I have ever seen–beats the hell out of hentai if you ask me!

As if what I mentioned on GoGo Celeb isn't already enough, they also claim to have hot celeb toons from How to Lose Friends, Terminator, Max Payne, Die Hard, Get Smart, Jay-Z and Rihanna, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fantastic Four, Hancock, The Mummy 3, Pussycat Dolls, Winder Woman, Paris Hilton, Smallville, and more. But do they really have all this great stuff? Let's log in and find out.

The great news is that they really do have all those awesome updates that are promised on the tour pages, plus stuff from Star Trek, Resident Evil, Stargate SG1, Final Fantasy, Lost, Victoria and David Beckham, Click, Dead or Alive Ninja Gaiden, Wanted, Black Eyed Peas, Battlestar Galactica... and still more including Knowing, Slumdog Millionaire, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Nickelback fucking Britney Spears (now that's a trip), Justin Timberlake fucking Cameron Diaz (gotta get that revenge after Britney fucked the guys from Nickelback! lol), Faith Vampire Slayer (and yes I'm pretty sure that's Buffy she's fucking though she's not mentioned by name!), Yes Man, Underworld, Fast and the Furious... tons of good stuff. GoGo Celeb really does it right.

So what don't they do right? Well, the one unfortunate fact is that the latest updates are not celeb updates at all. They're all anime or hentai content. The entire first page (one out of five) is filled with that stuff. For the last four months, they've been putting up a different kind of content. Now, I don't know–is that better than not updating at all? Maybe. But if you're expecting fresh celebrity updates and you don't get them, you'll be disappointed. Now you know, and you can make up your mind for yourself.

The content on this site is all hi-res pics. No videos from what I can see. There are usually about six photos per set, really high quality animated scenes in 1024px resolution. The animation is truly top notch, as you're probably already seen on the tour pages. Everything inside the site looks just as good as it does on the tour, and then some! You'll definitely get at least a month's worth of fun out of this site–fantasize about these freaky celeb cartoon encounters and you'll get off in no time. Really good stuff, very different. I like what I see here, even if the latest updates don't fit the theme. Count 'em as a bonus and just enjoy.

All Elite Pass serves you up with an additional 60 plus sites, including these ones that I'm sure you'll like: Banned Celebs, Celeb DeFamer, Hardcore Delights, Use My Daughter, Spanked and Abused, Dripping Goo, Mommy Loves Monster Cock, Moms That Cheat, Major League Asses, and so many more. Definitely can't complain about the network–they are truly high quality (and high quantity!) at its best.

I'd definitely recommend GoGoCeleb to anybody who likes to fantasize about movies and TV going hardcore. You can watch these cartoons turn your fantasies into reality. it'll cost you $29.97 for 30 days or $59.97 for 90 days, and they give you the option to join by credit card or check. So what kind of score are we looking at here? GoGoCeleb gets a 79/100. Recommended? Damn straight.

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Gogo Celeb Picture

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