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Cost: $2.97 Trial, $29.97 Monthly, $59.97 for 3 Months Our Rating: 88

Banned Celebs - www.BannedCelebs.comBanned Celebs promises to bring you the nastiest uncensored celebrity sex tapes, celeb gossip, photos, and videos. It's like TMZ on Viagra. All about sex, scandal, nipple slips, upskirts, dirty paparazzi shots, and any kind of naughty celebrity content you can imagine. The tour pages look promising, but you can't help but wonder how much celeb content is actually hidden in those member pages. Nobody wants to fork over hard earned cash for a crappy site. So let's get in there and verify that they've got the goods, and then you can be on your way to a fun night on Banned Celebs watching superstars get down and dirty like the rest of us.

The tour pages of Banned Celebs promise Vanessa Hudgens in her naked glory (the new shots, not the old ones!), Britney Spears upskirts, Heidi Klum's camel toe, Jennifer Lopez panties shots, Jessica Alba's ass crack and visible nipples... Lady Gaga getting down and dirty with another chick, Rihanna's stolen cell phone shots including that fine naked booty and perfect tits... so much dirty celeb content that there's no way you could resist joining. But what's really in there? What's inside of Banned Celebs? No way to find out if we don't log in. Come on in with me. We'll get the goods.

The member's area is pretty cool--it's kind of laid out like a tabloid site, very TMZ-esque with lots of content splashed around just like a gossip site. You'll see the hottest and newest updates front and center, celeb updates near the top, celebrity sex scandals below that. Featured videos, accidental nudity, and celebrity beach photos follow, then upskirts and cameltoes, thongs, nipples, celebrity x-ray photos (they photoshop these so it looks like already naughty photos have full-on nudity--very cool to look at, and they're not trying to fool you, it's just for fun. Very hot). Then there are even celebrity tattoos, celebrities smoking, a WTF section (nice! Lol), movie reviews, site news... I have to say, this site is PACKED with stuff. I never imagined that they'd have this much celebrity dirt. Nowadays when celeb sex tapes and nude pics leak, they get pulled off the internet like lightning. Apparently they all end up on Banned Celebs. Now you know where to go.

I can't give you specific info on movie quality or photo quality, because obviously with this type of site you are getting stuff from a variety of sources. What you get is what you get. I can say that they have close to 2 million pictures, over 55,000 movies, almost 7 million articles, and over 100,000 reviews. They've got all the sex tapes and scandals that you could want--Cassie Ventura, Vanessa Hudgens, Leighton Meester, Adrienne Bailon, Lindsay Lohan, Eve, Heather Mills, Shakira, Kristin Davis... they've even got the infamous Sylvester Stallone porno flick. This site is so well stocked I can't imagine that they'd be missing anything. You could get hooked on this site easily.

As if the stuff on this site isn't enough, All Elite Pass serves up over 60 bonus sites for you that'll blow your mind, all featuring hardcore porn that'll definitely get you off. The ones that jumped out at me as ones that you'd enjoy are: Here's just a small sampling: Use My Daughter, Tara Ryan, Spanked and Abused, Penetration Tease, PVC and Latex, Schoolgirl Creampie, Sleep Assault, Hardcore Delights, and Jayda Brook. Lots of good stuff.

Without a doubt I'd recommend Banned Celebs to you. I haven't seen a site that puts together this much celebrity sex scandal and gossip all in one place, and though you're paying for this site versus all the free tabloid blogs out there, you're also getting full on celebrity hardcore content, sex tapes, you name it. If you want to join it'll cost you $29.97 for 30 days or $59.97 for 90 days, and they give you the option to join by credit card or check. Final score for this unique site? 88/100. Definitely recommended!

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  • Banned Celebs review by 9/1/2008 (8/10):
    Banned Celebs is a quite large collection of celebrity pictures and videos. Pictures include lots of non-nude paparazzi upskirts, bikini photos and red carpet events while movies are mostly nude film appearances. The pictures are the site's strongest part.

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