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Throat Jobs Gen
We were sick and tired of all the french bitches with their fou fou accents and dainty demeanors, so it was time to pack our bags and head back down to the good old USA. Enter Gen. This blonde cum slut gobbled cock like she was born to do it, and gagged just like a good girl should. God Bless America!

Throat Jobs Tiffany
You know what they say..chubby chicks suck mean dick. They weren't lying. Tiffany might not be the hottest thing you'll ever come across, but what she lacks in the looks department she more than makes up for when she's on her knees taking a ramrod cock down her throat! Check out the batch of paste our boy Chucky leaves ...

Throat Jobs Samantha
What kind of slut puts a big shit-eating grin on her face when a guy grabs her by the back of the head and rams his monster cock down her throat? The answer is simple...a girl like Samantha! This blonde cock hungry whore took everything our guy Chucky threw at him and BEGGED for more!

Throat Jobs Malezia
Malezia is the kind of girl we dream about walking into the studio. She was tall with a firm tight body, long black hair, and a gorgeous face...and she couldn't WAIT to get her throat pounded by our resident stud Chucky! Be sure not to miss the part before the scene where she spreads her perfect pink pussy lips for the ...

Throat Jobs Luna
Someone import this bitch from Transylvainia? She was so pale it was a good thing we had a black couch to shoot against. Her beautiful pussy was hard to resist but we had a throatjob to do and Chucky had no problem getting up for it. Wherever she was from, she had some practice swallowing cock. That was for sure.

Throat Jobs Alex Devine
You want hardcore? You got hardcore! We had to go stateside to find the hardest of the hardcore bitches, and Alex Devine certainly didn't disappoint! This bitch gagged on cock like a champ and begged for more. Wait until you see the load our guy left behind on her pretty little face!

Throat Jobs India Summers
India Summers has the face of an angel...but of course that didn't stop us from opening her mouth and jackhammering her cock without mercy! By the end of the video the only thing left of her perfect face was a pile of white goop she proceeded to choke on...classic!

Throat Jobs Anya
This hot slut was fucking amazing! She even came with the Bunny stamp of approval right on her ass. But, that's like having a great looking urinal, right? Shit, all we want to do is get our cocks in there and get some relief anyway. Ahhhhh..

Throat Jobs Kelly Lynn
This well put together trailer park slut is just what we needed for this session. She was on that cock like the pro we knew she was. Now we know why they call her the "Trailer Hitch Queen".

Throat Jobs Sabrina
We just can't get enough of these out of towners, especially these French ones. This pierced tongued tart was sure she had things under control until she had to keep her head still and get skull fucked. Her gag reflex sucks, but her mouth was divine.

Throat Jobs Freaky
Here's a barely legal honey that already has the kind of nickname we like, Freaky! She's still so young her pussy felt like it was freshly shaven, from two days ago! She was such a good little girl, she took all her medicine.

Throat Jobs Noemi
I know this site is all about the hardcore blowjobs, but Noemi had a pussy that just could not be ignored. But after we checked her out down there it was back to business as usual...if your business includes deep throating monster cocks, that is!

Throat Jobs Maxxxim
This hot 19 year old is almost unbelievable. She is bubbly and takes orders! Oh, and wait till you see her ass! This redheaded throatjob rookie gets done in by the cameraman, himself, this time. He starts her off slow, and then starts fucking her face like she owed him something.

Throat Jobs Roxanne H
This hot Frenchie is no maid! She is a first class head giving machine. She even has that luxury French touch, a tongue ring! Yes, and all at the tender age of 18. She's still got some breaking in to do. The first two gags proved to be more than an accident. But, hey, that's what throatjobs are for.

Throat Jobs Chloe
This sweet looking sexy mami has her manners and puts her sweet mouth to better use like giving our man Chuck a nice easy throat job. It was so good it brought her to tears. Maybe that was from gagging on his big ass cock? Oh well, she kept going and the result was worthwhile!

Throat Jobs Patricia Red
This red haired fairy doll is definitely mythical. She is doesn't speak the language well but all we needed was her throat anyway. She didn't need any pointers and was deepthroating this big stud in 3 licks. Well, that's skull fuckin' time and Chuck almost blew his load too soon.

Throat Jobs Amanda
This little cutie seems to have only conquered one word in the English language. Fortunately for us, it's our favorite, "yes"! It definitely wasn't the first time she gagged on a cock. She takes this stud like a dirt devil on carpet.

Throat Jobs Melany Xxx
Damn, was this chick ever an eager pleaser? She was in front of the camera and loving it! She took to this stud's cock like the good French whores we've heard about. The way their food taste over there she was probably starving for something good in her mouth anyway.

Throat Jobs Pamela Dd
When we first saw this busty slut, a throatjob wasn't exactly what came to mind. You have to admit, it probably wasn't yours either. She gets a cock thrown down her throat all the same, though. And, yes those titties do get some attention. Our stud had to blow his load somewhere.

Throat Jobs Shanice
This bitch is better than Timex! Not to mention, she takes some serious licking. She looks like a librarian but takes this throatjob like a porn star pro. She gets this stud's cock rammed down her throat like she stole something.

Throat Jobs Zeina
This sweet looking young latina is all novice. She was so inexperienced we thought keeping a bucket on hand was a good idea. This time it was definately the right call. She made it once, but the rest? Click and check her out in action.

Throat Jobs Shauna
If you ever wondered what a good crack ho can do fro ya, here's you chance. Check out this rare specimen in action as she takes a face pumpin' complete with the old nutsack mustache. Enjoy!

Throat Jobs Shanny
Well here's another example of the "Great American Way" in all it's glory. Where else can a girl with droopy size "A" tits (got to call 'em somethin') and a face only a cock could love get a job in this world? Good thing she swallows too...

Throat Jobs Kianna
We nicknamed Kianna the French Jackhammer, because we have never seen a head pound up and down on a monster cock like hers ever before. Amazing neck muscles and mouth control...this bitch could get Olympic gold in the throatjob competition!

Throat Jobs Gabe
I know, Gabe is a weird ass name for a chick to have. But this bitch is all woman, and she could swallow a cock like she was born for the task! She got a little cocky, so our boy Chucky had to bring her back to Earth with a little hardcore dick slap action!

Throat Jobs Zophia
Zophia has big ole titties and a PHAT ass, so we just knew that we HAD to fuck her pretty little throat to the point of gagging. And gag she did, so much that we think she threw up in her mouth at one point...always good for laughs. This is definitely a scene you want to check out.

Throat Jobs Jenny R
OK, I think you get the idea by now. Every week we find another slut who needs money so bad that shes willing to let a complete stranger fuck her throat for a while and have it go ALL over the internet. Simple, but oh so entertaining. Jenny is no different..but her lack of a gag reflex had all of us in awe!

Throat Jobs Angel
We had to TRIPLE check this girls ID, but she is the real deal, an 18 year old cum-hungry teen slut who LOVES gagging on huge cocks! Chucky had no mercy on her because of her tender fact, I think it just fueled him even more to violate her throat with extreme prejudice!

Throat Jobs Brianna
A 21 year old French Canadian slut with a fake tan and a back tattoo...yeah, sounds like just the kinda girl we're looking for here at! Chucky as usual puts in solid work on this hottie's mouth and has her gagging in no time...

Throat Jobs Vanessa G
Vanessa is a perky young looking babe from Montreal, but her young looks betray her wanton need for all things cock! She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and come back for seconds. The makings of a top notch ThroatJobs whore!

Throat Jobs Angelina
Our guy behind the camera doesnt fuck around. He gets straight to the point. You like throatjobs? You like gagging? OK, Chucky, get in there. And then let the throat pounding commence!

Throat Jobs Alylia
Alylia is a cute blonde babe from Montreal who feasts on cock like every day is Thanksgiving! Chucky gave her everything he had, and she handled it like a champ...she even took him balls deep for 10 seconds and didnt gag once! Throatjobs HALL OF FAME to be sure!

Throat Jobs Zoe
This blonde beauty loves to suck big cocks, and we love to please the ladies! Once she was on her knees and deep-throated cock like a pro we just had to see just how good she really was. By the time we were done with her, she had a nut mustache and was taking cumshots in her eyes.

Throat Jobs Tayla
Man, this chick was a fucking gusher! She gave a good effort in between all the fucking gagging she was doing. We weren't sure if we should have the paramedics on hand but she kept on and the results were cumstastic! If like kink, just click the link!

Throat Jobs Jessica Taylor
What can we say? These foreign sluts we stumble on just keep getting stranger! We found this one that looked like she just didn't want to let go of her punk days. We figured we were just giving nature a hand wearing this whore out some more...

Throat Jobs Jay Star
Young sluts are such a trip! They think just 'cause they are down for whatever that they're instant pros, WRONG! Just like this young whore we got here. She's got a nice mouth with a long tongue but, as she's about to find out, it takes a lot more than that to take a throatjob!

Throat Jobs Candy
We don't get too much chocolate coming through so we were happy as fuck when this ebony babe showed up. She was nice with the skills and our stud nearly busted another nut when she started licking the head of his cock while he was cumming.

Throat Jobs Alicia K.
When we saw this slut we thought her Mr. T starter kit was fucking hilarious! With all the frying she's done to her hair, they must have got some brain cells too. We got this slut to get her face fucked by on of our buddies. Needles to say, he didn't mind.

Throat Jobs Roxanne
The younger they are; the harder they gag! We keep telling them to relax but guess that's why they call it a reflex. As long as they keep trying we'll keep stuffing these bitches throats though. So, lean back and see another rookie get broken in with some heavy drilling her dentist might have questions about.

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