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Cost: $1.85 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.99 a Month Rating: 72

Suck Me Bitch - www.SuckMeBitch.comSuck Me Bitch is all amateur oral action, with raw and uncut real blowjob videos! It's all shot in POV for that authentic feel, and you'll see plenty of deepthroat, cumshots, and cock worship going on here on Suck Me Bitch! Now that's pretty much all I need to know, but you know better don't you? You have to check out a review like this first to see if the site is really worth that cash. So let's log in to Suck Me Bitch and find out just how good it really is!

The content on Suck Me Bitch is mind blowingly (and load blowingly!) hot! Just like the tour pages promise, you see tons of what appear to be genuine amateur blowjob videos! The site is filled with dirty little cocksuckers that will do anything to get on camera and please the men who are holding that camera, if you know what I mean! If messy cumshots are your thing, that's their specialty on Suck Me Bitch.

I like the members area a lot because they keep it simple. The latest update is on top with a big thumbnail and a description, and then the rest of the updates go down the bottom of the page—even with the space being small, they manage to cram in a thumbnail, name, description, and download links so you never have to leave the page. Nice.

Now my big complaint is this: Despite the movies being really hot with amazing blowjob POV content, they are too small. Way too small. They're 320x240 pixels. They advertise this fact right on the tour pages, so they're not being misleading about it at all—it's just that the guys who put this site together have got to know that most of us don't want our videos that tiny. The only way I can see these being good enough is if you're on dialup and you're used to it, or if you are going to stick the movies on a portable device like an iPod. The movies pop up streaming automatically and then from there you can download them in WMV or Quicktime format, both about 115MB for the full movies.

Also, I don't think the site is updated anymore. There are no dates on any of the updates, and that's never been a good sign. There are just fifteen updates on the whole site too, so if there aren't updates, that's even worse. Fifteen updates might get you through 30 days if you don't work through them too fast, and you do have bonus sites to fall back on if you need to.

There are 20 photo sets on the site, five more than there are movies. Now these I like. They're 720x480 pixels, and from what I can tell they're just screencaps of the movies. This is where I wonder why we're not getting 720x480 movies though. Obviously they've got the original movies at that size—so why not provide them for the paying members? That just pisses me off. Anyway there are no zip sets, you just get thumbnail galleries of about 150 screencaps per set.

Silver Sinema Reality gives you all these extra sites with your membership for free: Her 1st Anal, Gay Hitchhiker, Man Hunter, Pimp 4 a Day, Suck Me Bitch, Sugar Mamas, Super Twink, Tranny Trouble, and Video Seekers. Then you get these solo girl sites: Want Wendy, All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Naughty Nati, Sara Sexton, and Solo Sydney. And finally these bonus sites: Tittie Fuckers, Squirting Chicks, Latina Sex, Shocking Cocks, Pregnant Bang, Asian Tease, and Super Bush. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend many of those on their own, as a group they do add a lot of content for your money.

You get a month for $29.99 on Suck Me Bitch, and while I don't think there's enough content to get you through 30 days, nor do I think the quality of those movies (320x240 resolution) is worth of your hard earned cash—I do think the movies are really hot and it might be worth it to join just for those 14 movies. Plus there are bonus sites to lean on when you run out of content anyway. You've got to use your own judgment here. If you're stuck on HD videos then these aren't going to work for you. If you just want 15 videos to stick on your iPod, then I'd vote yes on this site. Suck Me Bitch gets a 72/100 from me!

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  • Suck Me Bitch by 5/12/2009 (62/100):
    Suck Me Bitch is an all-hardcore site with some of the meanest and nastiest blowjobs anywhere on the net! XXX deep-throating, gagging, harsh POV blowjobs, creamy facials, and cock worshipping, swallowing sweeties will have you feeling all hot and bothered in no time at all. However, with only 19 videos on the site, there is little content and the stuff that is available is generally of poor quality. To help make up for this, members get access to a whole lot of bonus websites.

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