Mouth Drillers

Cost: $29.97 for 30 days Rating: 88

Mouth Drillers - www.MouthDrillers.comMouth Drillers. The name itself is bound to get you off, but if the content inside is as intense as the title, they we are definitely in for something god. It is very straight forward – blow jobs, blow jobs, and more blow jobs. This site sells itself as the best, most hardcore blow job website on the internet. 100% exclusive cock sucking, face fucking, and money shot material. Does the website live up to it's hype? Let's open up Mouth Drillers and find out.

Mouth Drillers certainly has an array of hardcore blow job action. There are tons of types of blow jobs going on here, from single blowjobs to three, four, or more at once. There's hardcore rough face fucking with girls gagging on huge cocks, and there's big messy blow outs from multiple dicks that cover a chick's face with hot cum. And when it comes to the girls, you've got a variety to choose from. There are blonds and brunettes and redheads, Asian girls and Black girls and Latina girls, petite girl next door types and curvy stacked wicked looking babes, barely legal teens and MILFs, and pretty much and combination you can think of. Mouth Drillers really does seem to have pretty much any kind of blow job scene you could ask for.

Upon entering the member's only area, the first thing I encounter is the easy to use navigational interface. The tool bar, at the top of the screen, helps you navigate both this website, and all of the websites in the Jerked network. You can work your way around Mouth Drillers by individual model, by strictly photographs, or by videos only. There is also the favorites option, which works like this: On every set, there is the option to set as a favorite. After you set your favorites, you can access them easily by clicking on the 'favorites' button in the tool bar. It's that easy. The default option for layout, however, is by full set, and it starts with the most recent update first. There are 83 sets at all on this site, and while the site once updated weekly, the last update to the site was in September of 2008. Not a big deal at all since there is so much content. The site is packed.

If you want photos, there are video captures that go along with each set. For every set there is an average of around 150 video caps, each at around 720 x 540 resolution. For video captures, they are of pretty good quality – some of them aren't the clearest in the world, but over all, they aren't that bad. If you want, you can download each set's photo gallery to your hard drive as a ZIP file to view at your convenience.

When it comes to videos, there are loads of options. You can watch the movie streaming to your computer, or download it to your hard drive. For WMV formats, there are four options, ranging from high-definition (full length only) at 1440 x 1080 at around 330MB to low-quality at 480 x 270 at around 8MB full length or 380KB for a 1-minute clip. There are also 400 x 228 MPEGs at around 290MB full length or 13MB for a 1-minute clip. If you want to access the content on your iPod or iPhone, there's a 640 x 480 MP4 format option, that clocks in at around 170MB full length or 7MB for a 1-minute clip. If you've got the bandwidth to spare, download the high-def WMV. It's of impeccable quality, crystal clear, and really worth the time. If not, I'd recommend either the high or medium quality WMV or the MP4 file formats, I kind of found the MPEG format to be lacking.

Membership to this site also gets you membership to a ton of other sites on the Jerked network, such as Tug and Suck and The First Swallow. There are tons of them, all packed with content just like this site. You also get access to 4000 full length streaming DVD's. It is a really excellent network that earns a high rating from me, and one of my highest recommendations.

Membership to Mouth Drillers will cost you $29.97 for thirty days of access, or $59.97 for ninety days of access. You can pay for your membership using a credit card, or you can pay for the membership with a personal check. I really like what Mouth Drillers has to offer. Crazy intense sloppy blowjobs, tons of updates, no current updates but it's fully packed--overall it earns an 88/100 from me, and without a doubt, it gets my stamp of approval.

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Mouth Drillers Videos

Mouth Drillers Video
Mouth Drillers Video

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Mouth Drillers Picture
Mouth Drillers Picture

Other Reviews of Mouth Drillers

  • Mouth Drillers by 7/15/2009 (68/100):
    Mouth Drillers offers 84 great-looking videos accompanied by vid caps displaying horny babes who love to suck cock. There are loads of interracial scenes where ivory-faced babes swallow down massive ebony cocks. There are also a few episodes where truly cock-hungry ladies take on multiple man-sausages at once. There have been no new updates in a year. There are 13 bonus sites, 39 sites with streaming vids and 4,000 streaming DVDs.

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