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Gagging Whores - www.GaggingWhores.comIf you're always seeking out movies where girls literally gag on the thick cock that's stuffed into their mouths, you're going to love Gagging Whores. If you want your women degraded, this is the place to be. It's a site by the Meat Members network, which you'll gain full access to (that's right, the whole network) with your paid membership to this one site. Let's go inside and check it out.

There are 40 updates on the site right now and it seems to be freshly updated too, about every two weeks. The layout is nice in red, gray, and white, and it matches up with all the other Meat Members site layouts for a coherent feel and ease of use. You'll see the latest three updates at the top of the page, and these will have three thumbnails each, along with a description and links to the content.

You can also see the three top rated movies to the right, and clicking a link will bring you to the top ten top movies. Scrolling down just a bit will bring you to the full update archive, which is all on one page for your convenience. Each movie has one thumbnail, generally of the girl in one of her most degrading moments. Gotta love that, that's what you're here for!

The movies are available in either low or high quality, and you can also grab them in either Windows Media format (WMV) or Quicktime format (MPEG). The Quicktime format files will be a little better than the Windows Media ones, but the WMVs will also download faster, so it's a trade off. I found that they were all great quality regardless of size or format, so whatever you prefer, you'll be able to dig in and enjoy.

If you're not a screencap kind of guy, you still might want to check these out... they're 720 x 480 pixels, quite large and clear, and there are about 400 per movie. I actually enjoyed these more than the hi-res pics that were available, because they're landscape oriented ("widescreen" style), so they somehow feel bigger than the hi-res ones even though they're not. They fit perfectly into the new IE7 window on my 1024 x 768 monitor, so chances are they'll work just right for you too.

I was pleasantly surprised to find hi-res pics available on every single update that I clicked on. It's been a bit of a problem on most of the Meat Members sites that I have reviewed—most of them don't seem to have hi-res pics even though they link to empty pages. You can jump right into these and really enjoy them since they're all there! They're about 800 x 530 pixels, so pretty nicely sized though they're not the high resolution that I'm used to. They're pretty clear shots—maybe I'm a little bit spoiled with all the super hi-res stuff that's available these days. I think if I was designing this site I'd just call them photos rather than hi-res photos. But we're splitting hairs here. The bottom line is they're good pics and there are zip sets too.

That's pretty much all there is to the site—it's basic and simple, which is good. Since you get access to the whole Meat Members network with your membership fee, you don't need a whole lot of extra junk caked onto the site, concealing all its flaws. There just aren't any flaws—it's a truly good site with all the benefits you'd expect. I'd give this one a 90/100. It's got a lot of content, great pics and screencaps, excellent movies, and the great degrading gagging porn that you came here for! At $29.95 for 30 days or $59.95 for 90 days, it's affordable and an excellent deal. 40 sites for those prices—come on, what are you waiting for?

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Gagging Whores Videos

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Gagging Whores Picture
Gagging Whores Picture

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  • Gagging Whores by 8/11/2009 (73/100):
    Any chick that goes into film for this site better be ready. At Gagging Whores the babes are willingly used and abused like facial sperm banks. The guys grab them, call them names, yell at them and force them to gag on their dicks. There are 53 episodes with good-quality vids and photo sets. No updates are being added, but you get 53 bonus sites. Many of them have oral action on offer too. All the same, there's tons of other diverse hardcore too.

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