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Gagaholics - www.Gagaholics.comGagaholics. These bitches love to gag on 10 inches of cock shoved down their fucking throats! If you're anything like me, you love a slut that has an eager mouth and a deep throat. If she's willing to let you go balls deep and shoot that load straight down into her tummy, then you know she's a keeper. Well you can keep every damn one of these babes on Gagaholics, just download these cocksuckers and they're all yours. Let's see if they are worth the download time and the hard earned cash.

Every one of these cocksucking sluts on Gagaholics goes to the doctor for help because they want to deep throat the cocks of every guy they lay eyes on! These nasty sluts beg the doctor to help, but of course they lose control and suck all his man meat right down their cock hungry little throats. Now that's what I'm talkin about. Sounds good. Let's start downloading some of this Gagaholics content and see what it's worth.

The layout is slick enough and easy to get around, updates on the main page where they should be, network info on the right (hottest and most recent updates), bonus site access both at the top and bottom of the page for your convenience. It all looks good to me. You've got a total of 30 updates here to enjoy, just enough for 30 days if you ask me. So far so good. If the updates are good quality, we're in business. Let's check 'em out.

They have both downloading and streaming on this site, all in your choice of formats: WMV or MPG, low and high quality, or Flash format. Full length movies are about 125MB apiece and the resolution on the best quality ones is 352x264. Wow. That's a major bummer. The quality is all right despite the small size, but who wants to watch a movie that's the size of a wallet photo? I really dig the premise of this site, the whole "Doctor save me from my deep throat addiction," and he's like, "Wait why don't you demonstrate the problem for me?" haha... I mean that is good shit right there. You can either laugh at it and get off, or fantasize that it's real and get off. Either way you're set. But with movies this small, it just kills it. I'm disappointed.

They only give you screencaps on most of these movies, no hi-res shots. There are no zip sets but you can watch the slideshow. The screencaps are obviously just as small as the movies though, and as far as I'm concerned that's no fun. Thumbs down on this. Give me some hi-res pics and better quality video and I'll come back and write another review. The content is so fucking hot here but I want to see it in high quality!

You'll get more than 60 sites with your membership, all from All Elite Pass. I picked out a list of sites that you should enjoy, but remember this is just a small list out of a giant set of them: Big Cock Crew, gobble My Goo, Mommy Loves Cock, Milk My Cock, Yank My Crank, DP Violations, Teen Tuggers, Hardcore Delights, and Use My Daughter. So many more for you once you log in, and really that just might save this site, because you'll need to rely on these bonuses to get you through. Just not enough quality on this site unfortunately. The network does make up for it though.

You'll pay $29.97 for 30 days of access or $59.97 for 90 days of access to Gagaholics. You can join by credit card or check. Is it worth it? Though there are enough updates to get you through 30 days, due to the low resolution of the content, I'm going to have to say no. if they ever update this site and give it an overhaul, I'll be happy to come back and give them a new score and a brand new review. For now, it's a low 68/100.

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Gagaholics Video

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