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Cost: $4.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 Month Rating: 86

Boob Exam Scam - www.BoobExamScam.comHave you heard of Boob Exam Scam? This would be a dream come true for most of us guys. Imagine tricking women into coming into your office for a breast exam, and then basically feeling them up and fucking the hell out of them? I don't know what it is about these sites where they trick women into doing things, but it's hot as hell, isn't it? It beats the hell out of the straightforward porno sites. Reality porn is even better this way. Let's log in and see what they've got for us today.

The first thing you'll want to note is that these are all natural boobs. If you're looking for the round, hard, fake ones (nothing wrong with that now, is there???), you won't find them here. If you're a naturals fan, this is the place to be. At the time of this review there are nearly seventy girls featured on the site. They are all accessible through an index page that lists every girl conveniently and easily. You get a nice thumbnail for each set of videos and photos, and from there you simply choose to view the videos and photos.

The videos are streaming only, no downloads. That's pretty disappointing, but the videos are good enough to make up for it. There are about 70 videos at the time of this review, all arranged nicely so it's easy to get to what you're looking for. They're available in Windows Media format (WMV) in either 640 x 480 resolution or 320 x 240 resolution, and Quick Time format (MOV) in 320 x 240 resolution only. It's especially hot when the doctor's female assistants get in on the action. Keep on the lookout for that, that's so hot I'd almost consider it a bonus feature!

The photos are actual photography from what I could tell, rather than automatically generated screencaps. There are the same number of photo sets as there are videos, which at the present moment is somewhere around 70. They each contain somewhere between 100 and 150 photos. Let me do the math for you... That's somewhere between 7000 and 10,500 photos total! That's a lot. It would be awesome if they offered zip sets, but they don't. You could instantly add to your porno collection if they did, and I wish they would add that to their site tools in the future.

There are eighteen bonus sites that come along with your membership to Boob Exam Scam: Milf Seeker, Her First Anal Sex, Gang Bang Squad, Teens For Cash, Bang Boat, Back Seat Bangers, Her First DP, Wild Fuck Toys, Her First Big Cock, Housewife Bangers, Huge Boobs Galore, First Time Swallows, Black Cocks White Sluts, My Sex Tour, Her First Ass to Mouth, College Wild Parties, Porn Stud Search, Her First Lesbian Sex, and Just Facials. All in all, that's nineteen sites for just one membership fee. Not too shabby.

One of my only issues with Boob Exam Scam is its price: $39.95 for thirty days. I think that's too high. However, if you've got the money to blow, you do get a lot of value. You can also opt for the three day trial for $4.95 or the three month membership for $69.95. That saves you a full $49, which is pretty major. I'd definitely opt for that three month membership if I were you.

I give Boob Exam Scam an 86/100. The storyline can get a little bit monotonous, but if you're really into it, it'll satisfy you for a long time to come. The women are all very hot, and as I said, it's really hot when the female assistants get into the action too. I enjoyed this site a lot, despite the fact that there isn't a lot of variety and you cannot download the movies. There's a trade off in those areas, but if it sounds good to you so far, I'm sure you will enjoy yourself just as much as I did. I recommend this site to anyone who enjoys those doctor-patient fantasies so much. Now go get Boob Exam Scam, and tell them that we sent you!

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Boob Exam Scam Video

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  • Boob Exam Scam by 8/9/2010 6:15:30 AM (77/100):
    Two guys have set up shop for a Boob Exam Scam. Pretending to be doctors, they lure hot women with big hooters into their office for a breast inspection that leads to big-tit fun. Humungous boobs are felt, caressed and licked until the exam turns into a fuck fest that has these hotties begging for the men to take their cocks and fill their hot and horny holes. Members get access to 98 episodes, including some videos and a photo set, as well as tons of bonus features. Most of the movies look stellar, so check out this doc today.

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