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Cost: $1.85 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.99 a Month Rating: 85

Shocking Cocks - www.ShockingCocks.comShocking Cocks is one of the Silver Sinema bonus sites, and it looks like it might be a pretty good one. These babes are stuffed with a righteous amount of cock—and they are brave enough to take it in their mouths, pussies, and asses! Now that's my kind of girl. Unlike some of the other bonus sites on this network, Shocking Cocks lists HD content and it has a nicer looking layout than I've seen so far, so I've got high hopes for this one. Let's log in to Shocking Cocks and see what they've got for us in exchange for our credit card digits!

The content on Shocking Cocks really lives up to the name. These guys are all huge, and they slam into these chicks with power. The latest update on the site features Veronica Jett and Alec Knight, and he pounds his huge cock inside of her tight little teen pussy! She's not content with just that though—she wants ANAL too! Damn. Where can I get a babe like that? Did I mention that it's a fresh update and the site gets a new update every week? The only drawback in that area is that the updates are Part 1 and Part 2—so you get the first part one week and the next part the following week. Patience my friends. It's worth it on Shocking Cocks.

The videos section on Shocking Cocks is pretty decently stocked considering the fact that this is technically one of the Silver Sinema “bonus” sites—they've got a total of 34 movies. I like to see at least 30 movies for 30 days, so they meet my standards there. Each update is available in HD, standard, or Quicktime format. The HD versions are 160MB and 1280x720 resolution. They look fantastic. The standard versions are 40MB and the resolution drops all the way down to 380x214—still very clear but obviously much smaller—I'd skip those unless I was on a really crappy dialup connection or very low resolution. Finally you've got those Quicktime versions, which are 40MB as well and about the same resolution as the standard WMVs. They look OK too, but again I'd opt for the HD versions. The downloads are small and they are really flawless and huge.

There are 51 photo sets, and from what I can tell none of them match up with the movie updates but I could be mistaken on that. Each one shows a small thumbnail that you can click on to view the full set. They are true hi-res at 1024x680 pixels, and they're not just screencaps—they are real photographs. They're nicely lit, well shot, and of course they capture everything from that bra strap sliding down to that dick sliding into her pussy. Very nice. There are about 150 photos per set. No zip sets or any fancy extras—just the basic thumbnail galleries. Sometimes simplest is best, and in the case of Shocking Cocks that's definitely true.

OK, so how about those bonus sites? With your membership to Shocking Cocks, you'll get access to some more sites courtesy of Silver Sinema: Tittie Fuckers, Squirting Chicks, Latina Sex, Pregnant Bang, Asian Tease, Super Bush, Want Wendy, All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Naughty Nati, Sara Sexton, and Solo Sydney. Not great sites by any means, but still you'll be glad to have the additional content.

So what's the verdict for Shocking Cocks? Well, I'm pretty impressed! Again this is a Silver Sinema BONUS site, so it's not quite as packed with content as one of their main HD sites, but it is currently updated and the updates are very high quality. I like what I see here. If you decide to join it's going to cost you $29.99 per month. It's a little much for so few updates, but again the site is updating frequently so that won't be a problem soon. I'd give Shocking Cocks a score of 85/100. Great site, lots of good stuff here—I am pleasantly surprised and I recommend it!

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Shocking Cocks Video

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  • Shocking Cocks by 1/14/2010 (73/100):
    You might expect to see some electric members on a site called Shocking Cocks, but what you get instead are humongous dicks that slide into cute little pornstars. There are 29 videos available and they can be streamed or downloaded. The great-looking footage makes it easy to get turned on by the porn-tastic fucking happening on screen. Your membership also comes with 65 sets of pictures and a ton of full-access bonus sites that you can explore.

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