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Freaks of Cock - www.FreaksOfCock.comFreaks of Cock is one of those sites where tiny little white girls get pounded by huge black cocks. The twist here is that the dicks are of gargantuan proportions! The downside? Well, they're fake. I hate to spoil it for you, but while they do a pretty good job of covering up the area where these cocks are glued on, and they do look pretty damn believable—it's still clear that they're fake from your first login. The cumshots are really out of control here, to an unbelievable degree—I mean these girls look like they're being splashed in the face with a cup of milk. BUT if you really want that over the top interracial content, Freaks of Cock is the place to get it. So now that you know the deal, let's go in and check it out.

As I said, the content on Freaks of Cock is all featuring black guys wearing these slip-on giant cocks, but the fun of it is watching these chicks discover how huge their enormous love muscles are! Just look at them with that look of shock and cock hunger on their faces when they feel those monster cocks through the guy's jeans! The fucking is just as hot as you'd expect, and the Freaks of Cock cumshots are just as over the top (and of course fake) but if you're into that, it can be very hot.

Freaks of Cock is currently updated weekly as are all the other sites on this network. It's already packed with 94 movie updates and growing steadily each week. You'll see the latest updates on the main page with descriptions, and then you can scroll down a little further to see all of the updates with one thumbnail each. There are actually two pages of content at this point because there's so much of it, so just click to page two to see the rest.

The videos are 512x288 regardless of what format you choose on Freaks of Cock, and while it's a little smaller than I'd have preferred, the quality is fucking excellent. You can stream the movies in one-minute WMV clips or larger Flash/FLV clips, or you can download them in WMV and MPEG clips or full movies. Your choice. Each clip will be about 40MB, so the downloads are pretty fast and the movies look great. Everything worked just fine for me—nothing but hot interracial content here, easy to access and fucking awesome.

Now let's get a look at those photos and screencaps. They offer both. The professional photos are 567x850 and they're about as crisp as they can get. I'd like to see them a little larger, but the quality is great so who gives a fuck? You get about 420 per set, which I think is perfect. The screencaps clock in at 850x478 pixels and they actually look pretty good for being just screencaps. There are zip sets for the photos but not for the screencaps. Can't complain here—they deliver high quality once again.

Porn Pros Network is the site that brings you Freaks of Cock, so that means you get all these extra sites too: 18 Years Old, Real Ex-Girlfriends, Deep Throat Love, 40 oz Bounce, Euro Humpers, Cock Competition, Sleep Creep, and Flexible Positions. I've reviewed just about every one of those at this point and they're all updated weekly with great high quality content. Totally recommended.

Now, if you have decided to join Freaks of Cock and get some of that over the top interracial action for yourself, it's going to be just $24.94 for 30 days or $59.37 for 90 days. I think I'd definitely opt for the 90 day choice myself, because there are so many updates here plus bonus sites—you'll want time to get through it all. I give Freaks of Cock a final score of 92/100, and would I recommend it? You bet I would. This is out of control nasty fantasy fucking at its best.

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Freaks of Cock Video

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Freaks of Cock Picture

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