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Cost: $29.95 Per Month, $59.95 for 3 Months Rating: 85

Top Notch Bitches - www.TopNotchBitches.comTop Notch Bitches is actually Gina Lynn's official site. She either headlined or shot every single video on the site, so this is one of the more valuable sites in the Meat Members networks. She says that she has one simple rule for the girls in the videos: "Fuck like whores for the Gina Lynn fans..." Works for me. Let's check it out.

The site is updated about every week with just a couple of lapses here and there, and there are a total of 50 updates on the site as I write this review. There are some truly hot babes on this site... This is just the way I like them. Hot bodies, nice hair, good makeup... Babes that know how to take care of themselves and look just right for the camera. You shouldn't look like shit just because you're having a cock that's two sizes too big shoved into your mouth. Maybe that's another one of Gina Lynn's rules. It's definitely one of mine!

The layout is maroon and white, with the updates shown highest on the page, three thumbnails each. They eventually get pushed down into the archives toward the bottom of the page, and the good thing about this is that they all stay on the main page. You'll never have to search for hot content—it's all right there. Your search for the perfect video involves no clicking through page after page—just scrolling. I love that.

Just like all the other Meat Members sites, Top Notch Bitches doesn't offer any full movie downloads. This is the biggest disappointment for me. Instead you'll find yourself downloading section after section. It almost cancels out the ease of having all the updates on the main page, you know? It shouldn't be this difficult to grab a whole movie. It's a big time waster.

However, you do at least have your choice of low or high quality downloads (for dialup users or broadband), and they come in both Windows Media format (WMV) files and Quicktime format (MPEG) files. Remember that WMVs will always be smaller and MPEGs will always be better. It's simply a question of how long you want to wait for a download, and how your connection speed is.

The screencaps are really overflowing on this site—about 400 per update! They're nice and large too, at 720 x 480 pixels in size. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality too, they're pretty sharp and clear compared to other screencaps I've eyed in the past. If you're like me and you're too lazy to flip through 17 pages of screencaps for each update, you can just download one convenient zip file of the whole thing. I love it.

Don't be fooled by all the links to hi-res pics on the site. I wasn't able to find any. All I could find were thumbnails that said "no hi-res pics available." That's a big disappointment on a site like this, and it's a problem that extends through the entire Meat Members network. The screencaps kind of make up for this, but not really. Why promise both though? Just remove the links to one or the other. That's my feeling anyway.

So a membership to Top Notch Bitches will cost you $29.95 per month or you can get three months for $59.95 and save yourself some cash. I think it's really worth it—not only do you get access to a great collection of Gina Lynn material, but you also get full access to the entire Meat Members network, with over 40 hot sites full of steamy porn. I give Top Notch Bitches an 85/100 despite its lack of hi-res photos and full movie downloads. I enjoyed my time here and I think you will too!

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Top Notch Bitches Picture
Top Notch Bitches Picture

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  • Top Notch Bitches by 7/26/2009 (75/100):
    Top Notch Bitches offers some of the hottest women in the biz doing the naughtiest hardcore scenes going. There are 78 sets of good to stellar-quality MPEG and Windows Media clips to download. You can also check out 16 photo sets that come with some select scenes. If that's not enough, members can enjoy 53 full-access bonus sites. Yes, some of them overlap in content, but you won't find any shortage of unique scenes to see all the same.

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