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Cost: $1 for 1 Day Trial, $29.37 Per Month, $59.37 for 3 Months Rating: 93

Melissa Midwest - www.MelissaMidwest.comMelissa Midwest is one of those sweet hometown girls that you love to see flashing her naughty side all over the internet! She's a real chick, shooting videos and photos for you to enjoy on her personal private website—and you can only gain access by getting yourself that membership. But how do you know if the site is good enough to join? Well, that's my job. Let me log in and get all the info on Melissa Midwest for you.

I love the fact that sometimes Melissa Midwest has that brunette hometown look, and then other times she's rockin' the blonde locks. Sometimes she's got it long, sometimes it's chopped at shoulder length. No matter what look she's got, she always looks SO fucking hot. She's irresistible if you ask me. Whether she's doing her softcore posing or her hardcore fucking, or even girl-on-girl action, Melissa Midwest really knows how to turn a guy on.

The layout inside Melissa Midwest is exactly the same as what you see on the tour pages, which surprised me because it's pretty unpolished. It fits with the theme though—an unpolished naughty Midwestern girl. Basically the site Melissa Midwest can be divided into these categories: Pictures, videos, archive, friends, email, virtual game, forums, webcam, about me, wishlist, store, fan signs, and bonus hardcore. Let's get a look at all of that.

There are well over 200 photo sets here, and the variety is really something to be in awe of. I mean for starters you're looking at a REAL girl here—something that is really rare to find. I figured she'd have 20 sets max. I can't tell how often she updates these, but even if she doesn't update at all, you're still going to be loaded with hot photo sets. Her photos are excellent quality too—975x725 pixels. Pretty much full screen for most of us, or at least big enough to fill your browser window anyway.

Now having seen all those great photos, I figured there would just be ten or so videos here to whet our appetite. WRONG. There are nearly 200, almost as many as the photo sets. I am beyond impressed here. They're usually 640x480 but now and then you'll find an HD one sized 1280x720. Longer videos mean longer download times of course, but they usually range from 5 to 10 minutes so none of them are too big for slower connections. Many are cam shows, many are out at different events, many are hardcore or softcore shoots or other shoots for Hustler and Playboy… again you get a tremendous variety of hot content here.

So what do you get beyond the usual stuff? A personal email address and AIM screenname where you can reach Melissa… a virtual Melissa 3D game and unlock code to get into it… access to a forum where she chats with her members every day… a webcam with currently scheduled shows… a lengthy about me section… a wishlist for those who like to spoil their porno girls with gifts (and you do get special personal pictures of her in the outfit too)… a store for DVDs, signed mag covers, etc… and a fan signs section, plus some bonus hardcore content (just your standard feed stuff).

As a member of this site you'll also get access to Sweet Adri, Melissa Midwest, and Melissa Cam Videos. It's not a huge amount of bonus sites but sometimes short and sweet is better, you know? These kind of homegrown sites are kind of rare to find, and when they're done right, you just don't need a huge amount of it.

So overall this unassuming site turned out to be a major mind blower. It's going to be $29.37 for a month or $69.37 for three months on Melissa Midwest. I'd drop that and more for this babe. She's a real winner as far as I'm concerned. I know you were looking for something really different and fun to get you through the night, and Melissa Midwest is definitely the one. Final score of 93/100—go get her!

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Bonus Websites

When you join Melissa Midwest, you also get access to the following websites: Foxy Jacky, Melissa Cam Videos, and Sweet Adri.

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Melissa Midwest Videos

Melissa Midwest Video
Melissa Midwest Video

Melissa Midwest Pictures

Melissa Midwest Picture
Melissa Midwest Picture

Other Reviews of Melissa Midwest

  • Melissa Midwest review by 2/3/2007 (8/10):
    Melissa Midwest is an actual real reality site where you can follow the very attractive Melissa around at her various appearances and errands. Melissa seems to be quite active in her community according to her pictures. Video is not top quality though.

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