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NipPorn -- believe it or not, not about nipples (lmao) -- is the ultimate source for uncensored Japanese porn! They claim to have the biggest and steamiest archive of hardcore Japanese porn. Kawaii sluts getting tons of cock, truly kinky babes getting splattered with cum... if you're wanting to have a little fun with some hot young babes from the Orient, then NipPorn is looking pretty promising. Let's get in there and find out for sure.

First up, the babes on NipPorn. I gotta say, these girls are really damn cute. And hot. I'm not usually big on Asian chicks, but these ones are worth a second and third look. I'd hit it. Ha. I like the stories here too, like Mai slacking off at work and then getting banged by her boss and shocked with electrodes (seriously!) to jolt her back to work! Then there's Chiyo who goes in for her job interview not knowing that she's going to be wrapped in plastic and then have her brains fucked out! This is some really hot shit. Let's go a little deeper into NipPorn and find out how the quality is on everything.

I'm thrilled to say first up that there is a TON of content. 143 updates to be exact. They've all been uploaded within the last six months, and they are putting up a new update every single week. That's awesome. The layout is cool too, with all the links you'll need accessible at the top, plus bonus sites there via a dropdown or via graphic links at the bottom of the page. You can see all those updates on the main page and spread across nine more pages after that, and clicking on any update will take you to the page for the movies and photos that are included in that set. Nice.

If you like to stream your movies, you can do that in Flash (full or clips), WMV clips (low and high quality), and MPEG clips (low quality). If you prefer to download full length movies, you can get those in WMV format for around 210MB, or MPEG format for around 205MB. You can also download clips in WMV high and low and MPEG low. The highest quality you're going to see is 512x384, but despite that smaller size, they are pretty good quality. Very clear, nice lighting. They show these babes at exciting angles and I really can't complain. The action is hot. Good stuff.

There are no hi-res professional shots on this site, but they do offer nice screencaps. They're the same size as the movies themselves and the same quality too. You don't get a ton of them, but a decent amount and I'd rather see it like this where every screencap isn't an identical copy of the one before it, know what I mean? When they give you like 1000 screencaps it's always just too damn much for me. You may feel differently so use your own judgment here. You get about 150 per set, and there's a nice slideshow functionality that you should definitely take advantage of. No zip sets unfortunately.

If you decide to join NipPorn, you get this nice set of bonus sites along with it: College Fuckfest, Sleep Assault, Banned Celebs, Sistas in the Hood, Exposed Sex Tapes, Bikini Banger, Sleep Sins, Gogo Celeb, Celeb Defamer, and Ass Licking Club. Nice group of sites, would like to see a slightly larger group of them but this is not bad. Definitely nice to get some bonuses, and when you have as much content as NipPorn does, the bonuses are just a nice extra!

If you are going to join NipPorn, it'll cost $29.97 for 30 days, or $59.97 for 90 days. Is it worth it? Damn right it is. I'd love to see some higher quality movies, of course, but the sheer amount of content that you get here makes it worth it to me. Plus bonus sites? This is a definite winner. Final score for NipPorn? 82/100.

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