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Horiental - www.Horiental.comHoriental. You just gotta love that name. An exotic taste of true Asian whores. If you are craving Chinese, and I don't mean the egg foo young from the restaurant on the corner, then these Asian babes are going to love you long time with some serious XXX hardcore sex. On a site with a name like Horiental, they better live up to that name! Let's find out if they do...

There are 71 scenes on Horiental at the present time, and they are still updating every week. The movies are usually 25 to 40 minutes in length, on the longer end compared to most sites on the Reel Pass network. A 25 minute movie will be about a 190MB download—a 40 minute flick will be about 300MB. Sounds like they're probably good quality, but let's check for sure.

The movies are in fact 640x480 resolution, so that's pretty decent on most monitors. I would have liked to see them a little bit bigger, but there are a few sites on this network that dip as low as about 400x300, so this is definitely the better of the two! There are actually smaller resolution clips on this site if you prefer them for your portable devices or if you're on dialup, but really they are so small that they're not even worth it on dialup. The larger clips are under 15MB apiece, so those will work for anybody.

You'll have the ability to save the movies you like to your favorites, and you can also browse the site by girl's name via a handy little dropdown menu at the top of the main page. You have to select the pages that way too, by a drop down menu on the left of the page. That's a little different than most sites you're used to, but you'll get used to it quickly.

You can see the member's highest rated updates on the left side, the freshest updates on the right, and your main navigation options on both the top and bottom of each page for your convenience. Each update has its own page with thumbnails for each clip and a download link for the full movie. Pretty concise and easy to get around the whole site. Nothing extra beyond that really, except bonus sites, which I'll cover in just a sec.

Unfortunately you'll see that there are no photos or vidcaps available on Horiental. At first I felt like they sold me short, but the truth is most of us don't even pay any attention to the photos and screencaps to begin with. Unless you are the kind of guy who really appreciates those HQ photos and spends times on them on every site that you join, you're probably going to be too busy downloading and enjoying the videos to notice that there are no images available. Use your own judgment here, but I know to me personally it just wouldn't matter that much.

All this talk and we haven't gotten to the content yet! I'd say the highlight of Horiental is the fact that you get to see a lot of different flavors of Asian chicks here. Right up top I'm looking at a gorgeous glammed up Asian babe with big tits—not something you see every day. There are of course lots of young looking babes with perky breasts, some very innocent looking babes who prove themselves naughty in the bedroom... But all the content is very dirty just the way you like it. It's not just one-on-one either—you'll find quite a few hot threesomes sprinkled here and there. Great stuff here on Horiental. It works for me.

Now for those bonus sites that I was starting to tell you about a few minutes ago. These come to you through Reel Pass, and there are over 40 of them. Can't list them all here, too many—but here are a few of them: Coed Vids, XXX Orgy Parties, MILF Seeker, Ghetto Sluts, Wild College Parties, She Likes it Big, Wife Bangers, Screaming O, Nacho's Killer Pussy, Naughty Pigtails, Couples Fuck Teens, Papa Loads, Heavy Handfuls, Squirting 101, Lil Latinas, Jizz Bomb, Mr. Biggz, Four Finger Club, Butt Divers, New Sensations, Milf Gets Fucked, Only Movies, and Porn Newcomer. Great sites. I've liked most of them a lot so far.

I really like what I've seen on Horiental so far. Pricing is good too—30 days for $29.95, 60 days for $39.95, 90 days for $54.95, and six full months for $74.95. How many updates did I say this one had? Oh yeah, 71. A very good amount that should get you through at least a few months—and then you've got the bonus sites too. My rating for Horiental is 87/100 and I definitely recommend it!

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Bonus Websites

When you join Horiental, you also get access to the following websites: Coed Vids, Cum Hungry Cocksuckers, Lion's Den XXX, Milf Gets Fucked, Monster Loads, Nacho's Killer Pussy, Naughty Pigtails, Only Movies, Porn Newcomer, Reel Pass, Screaming O, and Stolen Porn Videos.

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Horiental Videos

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Horiental Video

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Other Reviews of Horiental

  • Horiental by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:03 AM (77/100):
    Horiental offers 110 hardcore videos starring some hot Asian pornstars. These vids each come in one or two formast, either one will give you good-quality playback. There are 42 sets of photos to download in handy Zip files. They have high-res or even super high-res images. There are 33 full-access bonus sites and 68 feeds. Access to a huge collection of 4,084 streaming DVDs has been added. It has been over three months since this site last updated.
  • Horiental review by AdultReviews.com 10/3/2007 (7.5/10):
    Horiental delivers hardcore videos featuring Asian babes. The content is pretty hot - video quality is medium and there's no pictures offered. Horiental is part of Reel Pass site network with 18 exclusive sites in various niches.

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