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Total Hentai - www.TotalHentai.comTotal Hentai promises to be the world's most complete high quality Japanese Hentai collection! That's a pretty giant promise, but since it comes from the Reel Pass network, it's most likely true! But you're smarter than those who would take a site on its tour page promises, so let's go inside and find out for sure if Total Hentai is worth even a dime of your hard-earned cash.

Right off the top I can tell that the content offered on Total Hentai is a cut above the rest. These videos are straight from Japan, and they feature tons of exclusive content, with fresh content popping up on the site reliably every week. Total Hentai is the only place to find the infamous Night Shift Nurses series (just the title of that should get you going), and everything is in perfect high quality for you. Let's get the rest of the goods, come on and let's dive into the content.

The layout inside the site is much crisper and cleaner than the flashy tour pages, but if you ask me that's not a bad thing. You'll see a couple of hentai cuties on top of the page beckoning you with those sexy anime eyes, and below that there are links to everything that's important from the home page to the top rated scenes, plus links to the exclusive bonus memberships (there are tons!) and the non-exclusive reality sites. Below that you'll see the latest update nice and large so you can't miss it, with the title, two-paragraph description, date added, and number of vidcaps and videos. Wait now--this is what just caught my eye. They promise to update weekly, but the latest update was close to three months ago. Maybe there's enough content to make up for that--let me count it up for you. There are 112 updates here. Not bad at all. Even if they never update this site again, you still have tons of stuff to work your way through and then all the bonus sites on top of that.

Clicking on an update will take you to the separate page for it, which gives you the option to download the full movie in the highest quality possible in WMV format, or you can choose from 3-minute clips in either RealVideo format in medium quality, or WMV format in low, medium, or high quality. The smallest videos are like your typical YouTube size before they went HD with everything, and the largest videos are at least 720p. I'm eyeballing that, but I'm on a pretty monster monitor right now so I'm guessing they might be even larger, maybe even 820p. Either way they are really sharp and clear--pure perfection whether they're CGI movies or traditional hentai animation.

Something I like is that they really mix up the content here. You do have those traditional hentai anime type movies that you love, but there are also quite a few CGI videos thrown in for good measure, featuring European and American babes for a nice change of pace.

The screencaps aren't the highest quality in the world--they look like they are taken from the medium quality videos, or maybe even grabbed from the higher quality ones but then downgraded a bit so they can fit more on the site. I can't blame them for that when most of us are focused on the videos anyway, but if you're one of those rare guys who really loves your perfect screencaps, now you know. They're not bad by any means--just not as good as the best quality movies on the site. Typical screencaps really. 720x540px resolution. They do offer zip downloads which is a great bonus, and there are TONS of pics in each set. Maybe thousands. Really impressive numbers here.

Although you get more than 40 sites with your membership courtesy of Reel Pass, I don't think there are any other hentai sites in the bunch. So if you're exclusively a hentai fan, you're out of luck. However, most of us like a variety in our porn, and if that's true for you, then you will be served very well by this membership. Some of the best hardcore sites include Busty College Coeds, Butt Divers, Brown Bangers, Black in the Ass, Milf Gets Fucked, Monster Loads, Lions Den XXX, I Film Myself, Horiental, Fresh Outta High School, Unlimited Milfs, and Nachos Killer Pussy. That's only the beginning--it's an insane amount of content for the price of just one site. I'm a big fan of this network.

If you decide to join Total Hentai, your pricing options are these: $4.95 for a 3-day trial (why bother? You already know there's at least enough here for 30 days), a $9.95 5-day trial (same story here), $24.95 for a 1-month membership, $39.95 for a 2-month membership, and $54.95 for a 3-month membership. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of the last three choices. The trial choices are too short and many times those rebill at higher rates (not sure if that's the case here though). Do I recommend Total Hentai? You bet. The final score is one they can be proud of: 83/100.

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Other Reviews of Total Hentai

  • Total Hentai by 8/9/2010 6:16:04 AM (75/100):
    On Total Hentai, you will get a hentai experience that you supposedly can't have on any other site. Most of the content is said to be exclusive to the site and straight from Japan. You might find the DVDs to order online, but it doesn't seem like you can find them on other membership sites. There are 112 episodes available and seeing as the last update was in June 2009, that's probably all you'll get. Video quality is great and all the movies are downloadable. You also get 34 bonus sites and 27 feeds, but none feature toons.
  • Total Hentai review by 11/20/2007 (8/10):
    Total Hentai offers around 50 hentai movies in good quality and with different themes. Each movie has good preview pictures with many screen captures and are available as 3 minute clips or complete movie. A number of mainstream porn sites are included.

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