Right off the Boat

Cost: $1 Trial, $38.80 a Month, $95.76 a Year RexMag.com Rating: 80

Right off the Boat - www.RightOffTheBoat.comThe horny babes at Right Off The Boat are new to America and they will do whatever it takes to stay, even if it involves XXX sex with the guys who run the website! The premise sounds good, but does it live up to its promises? Let's take a look.

The first thing I noticed about the site is that there are only 9 updates at the time of this review. That's a very small amount of porn when they're charging you $38.80 per month for it. Thankfully there are some bonus sites that save the day (see below), but if they don't clean up their act in this area, they won't be around for long. The good news-that's all that's negative about Right Off The Boat. Now let's take a look at what's good about it.

All of the updates are arranged conveniently on the main page for you. The newest one has a huge thumbnail and a lengthy description, and it links to the videos and photos that accompany it. The older updates have smaller thumbnails and shorter descriptions, but it's still adequate enough to tell you what's going on. They are listed according to the girl's names, so it's easy to find the babes that you're dying to see.

The photos are very nicely shot, well lit, and organized perfectly. You can view them one at a time by clicking on the thumbnails you like, or you can flip through them slideshow style. They're sized at 800 x 530 pixels, which is just right. They have clearly hired a professional photographer who knows how to capture the best angles, because everything looks flawless.

The videos are just as good as the photos, if not better. You can grab them in 3MB and 7MB one-minute clips or 20MB ten-minute clips. They also offer them in MPEG4 format for those of you who like to put videos on your iPod or PSP. The only option they omitted was the full download for broadband users. I hate having to download videos in multiple parts. Maybe it's a bandwidth issue on their side. Maybe they're just stuck in old-fashioned mode. Regardless of the reasons, I just wish they would upload some full movies for us. We deserve it, don't we? Let's try that again: $38.80 per month. We deserve it, end of story.

The bonus sites are what really makes it all worth it. Most of them are totally packed full of content, for hundreds of hours of excellent porno videos. Here is the complete list of bonus sites: Limo Patrol, Latina Caliente, Slut Seeker, Teen Hitchhikers, Big Tit Bangers, Milf Cruiser, Big Sausage Pizza, Hardcore Partying, 2 Chicks 1 Dick, Cheerleader Auditions, Girls Hunting Girls, Eat my Black Meat, Nude Beach House, and Euro Bride Tryouts. Awesome list… It's definitely as impressive as it looks. Take advantage of these sites, because you'll have total access to them with your membership to Right Off The Boat.

I give this site an 80/100-and that low rating is because of the lack of content and lack of full downloads. I think the site has great potential and I'd like to see it grow in the future. It's not worth $38.80 per month by itself, but with the bonus sites, they make up for it. Save yourself some cash with a $58.80 three-month membership or a $95.76 one-year membership. This site's OK but the bonus sites are better. Dive into all of it if you subscribe.

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Right off the Boat Video

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  • Right Off The Boat by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:34 AM (72/100):
    At Right Off The Boat, chicks who don't speak English are given a warm welcome to the good ol' US of A that involves them taking big cocks in their asses, pussies and mouths. There are 28 episodes available at the moment and each hardcore scene comes with a stellar-quality downloadable video and a set of good-looking pictures. Members also get access to a whole bunch of bonus reality sites that make the membership worthwhile.

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