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Cost: $1.00 Trial, $29.97 Monthly, $59.97 for 3 Months Our Rating: 79

Rectal Rooter - www.RectalRooter.comRectal Rooter is all about plumbers that "lay some serious pipe in the asses of their female customers" when they can't pay their bill! I know I have had this fantasy a time or two, and watching it played out onscreen is a dream come true. Who wouldn't love to fuck these babes? Exchanging service for service, you know what I'm sayin'? Let's go ahead and log into Rectal Rooter and see what kind of content you get for that hard earned money.

The member's area was recently redone and is much better than the prior version.  The new navigation is very clear and gives you quick access to each updates conent with simple tabs.  Navigation on the site comes in many different forms.  You can browse by website, by category, by model, and they also have a nice calendar feature so you can updates on a month-by-month basis.  They also have full search so you can search by keywords such as tags, category or pornstar names.  This is a HUGE improvement over when we first reviewed this site and a very welcome change.  There is some advertising in the member's area, but not too much and it was not intrusive.

There are 35 updates on the site as of right now, and considering it hasn't been updated in over a year, it probably never will be.  I think that's a pretty good amount of content, but I do wish there were updates!  Looking at the quality of the updates, this has also greatly improved since we first looked at the site.  For each update, you can watch the video in parts (choosing between Flash, WMV, and MPG), watch the video in Flash, view screen caps of the video, and for most updates there are hiqh-quality images for you to view and download as well.  You can also download the movie in whole or in parts (in both WMV and MPG formats).

From what I can tell, videos on the site are about 720 pixels wide by 480 pixels high.  The quality is pretty good, but can honestly be better.  Partial video files we downloaded were about 3.4MB for high quality and 2.4MB for low quality (per part, and each video was divided into 12 parts).  Full video files ranged from 100MB to 150MB total.  One thing I did not like is when I went to download a full video for some of the updates, I only actually downloaded a partial video.   They need to fix this as it's annoying to not be able to get the video you've paid for.  As I mentioned, you can also view the video online in Flash, and as with the WMV files the size was 720 pixels wide by 480 pixels high.

For updates which had them, the quality of the digital photos was excellent - we are talking real high quality here. Most were 768 pixels wide by 1024 pixels high.  Screencaps were the same size as videos, so 720 wide by 480 high for this site.  For both, you can click on individual thumbnails to view the full-sized image, flip through them, watch a slideshow, or download the zip sets. So there's some great news for you!  . Yuck. The DSL and Cable ones are the same quality as the regular videos that I talked about in the paragraph above this one.

OK, let's move on to the bonus sites. Here's the full list from the Mega Porn Access: College Fuck Fest, 1000 Orgasms, Big Cock Crew, Bikini Banger, Black Bros White Hoes, Blacks in Cracks, Border Bangers, Creamy Pie Holes, Destroy That Ass, Enter The Hardcore, Euro Fuck Trip, Exposed Sextapes, Fun Time Facials, Gobble My Goo, Hardcore Brides, Kung Fu Whores, Milk My Cock, Mommy Loves Cock, Nipporn, Real Rookies, Strip Club Exposed, Teen Brazil, Tranny Hunt, Yank My Crank, and She Gapes. Most aren't updated anymore, but they're not too bad.

If you want to join Rectal Rooter, by credit card you'll pay $29.97 for 30 days or $59.97 for 3 months. By check you'll pay $29.95 for 30 days or $59.95 for 3 months. I'm not overly impressed with the site, so I'm limping in with a rating of 79/100.  If you like the network of sites, go for it, but if you're joining this site looking for more updates, don't be surprised if you're only around a month or two.

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Rectal Rooter Video

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  • Rectal Rooter by 11/24/2009 (67/100):
    It seems that the babes on this site are in desperate need of some help with their plumbing. The Rectal Rooter guys always get the job done right! Plunging deep and hard into their tight drains, these dudes will flush a chick's ass clean with their iron-hard tools. There are 29 average-quality movies accompanied with vid caps. There have been no new updates in ages. You do get 68 bonus sites, so that makes joining seem more worthwhile, even if this site's content comes up short.

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