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Extreme Asses Dona
Dona had what we like to refer to as a perfect ass. Big, round, and brown. This bubble butt was no joke. Plus she had an amazing set of natural big boobs. After the baby oil action on her tits and ass, we went inside for some more fun. Reno was eagerly awaiting with a stiff cock. Dona did not waste anytime and went to ...

Extreme Asses Adina
A day at the swapshop turned into a threesome. I was picking up a painting from a friend, we stopped by a little store where this young hot latina was working. We flirted with her for a while and offered her some money to come hang out. We got back to my place and she was a little wild one, a cock in each hand while i ...

Extreme Asses Silvia
Big chin Tony decided to go ape shit on Silvias ass. She teased him to no end and got him so worked he nearly shot his load across the whole pool. Her ass was amazing and her tits were mouth wateringly delicious. Her moans made me have to resist from dropping the camera and make it a free for all. This is one hot insatiable ...

Extreme Asses Lailanie
Lailanie was like a model. The camera loved her...and yall gonna lover her too. Nice tits and a smooth, big ass. Her cameltoe almost made me nut. She had a thick pussy. My favorite. If you are still reading this and havent clicked on the movie or pictures links, you got a problem. Check out the update...trust me, youll ...

Extreme Asses Tia
Tia is yet another exemplary model of what we envision RnB to be. Fat ass and flat tummy. I had to take her to the beach for a quick show and tell. It took half a bottle of oil to cover her ass. Sometimes I wonder if Im on the wrong side of the camera. I would have loved to get all up in Tias bootyful rump. And she did ...

Extreme Asses Leila
Rainy days cant stop us. We are like the United States Postal Service. Through rain...hail..sleet...snow we get the biggest baddest most bodacious ass in the world. Tony lucked out because I was a bit tired but I still managed to get a blowjob while he took full advantage and fucked Leila and her friend in the hot tub. ...

Extreme Asses Mahlia
This weeks update we got a special event for you all. Its our first annual WW ASS event. Its a oil filled tub and two HOT ASS contestants. We have never used so much oil before. Even when we dried them off with a towel it was still hard to hold on to the booty when doing it doggystyle. It was a wreslting event like no ...

Extreme Asses Vicky
Vicky had one of the sexiest voices I have heard in a while. And to go along with that sexy ass voice she was saying some freaky ass shit. Shes probably done some phone sex before if not she should. Wait till yall see the pictures she posed her ass off. This just became one of my favorite shoots. I love this chick man.

Extreme Asses Misty
These dubble bubbles are possibly the hottest babes ive got to film in the last year... what a day this was. First i thought i was only goin to get misty to cum over, and then she brought her girl trissa over, i knew it was goin to be an awseome night. You cant pass up on this.

Extreme Asses Tira
This weeks girl is NO JOKE... When i saw her soapin up that ass, my mind started racing. Serioulsy, i almost blew my load just watchin that, but then she spotted me watchin, and made me cum in and u all know that i needed to get me a piece of that action. MMMMMmmmmmmm tiras got the Apple for my eye....

Extreme Asses Mina
Mina took me for the ride of a lifetime yesterday. She rockd my mind with that huge ass and blew my mind with the way she fuckd. MMMMMmmmmm if i could only stay hard enough for some more of that good good luvin. You cant pass up on this one.

Extreme Asses Katie
I havent played twister since I was in grade school. Maybe the reason I didnt like it then is because I didnt play with Katie. I will play with her anytime. Never played twister like this before man. I was fucking losing on purpose and shit and she was all like awww. Pussy fallin all in my mouth and shit...tits on green, ...

Extreme Asses Pinky
Hol up...I finally got a new picture to submit to the national dictionary commitee when the word ASS comes to mind...This girl is a 10 and then some...She had the body and the fucking experience to back it up. Pink is my new favorite color... Jesus that ass just wont quit. i serioulsy almost blew my load watchin her take ...

Extreme Asses Jordan
Bring honeys like these to my gym and maybe I would of lost this gut i got. Damn these girls are off the chain. Take your pick. Dime pieces. Seriously im at a loss of words on this one.

Extreme Asses Tosha
These 2 sexy stallions are just what the ass doctor needed. Toshas steamy walk basically prepared me for what the 2 of them were going to do to me, for the next hour of my awsome life. I seriously have the best job in the world.

Extreme Asses Kapri 2
Woooheee!! This week we got a special treat for yall...as we bring back not 1 but 2 of our all time favorite roundandbrown mega honeys. And as expected they held it down lovely as they competed to show the best booty shaking...best dick sucking and the be

Extreme Asses Mia
I will just cut to the chase and tell ya that this is the my favorite episode to date. If car mechanics looked this...I would not mind overpaying. Stop reading this and watch the episode already... This will be one you wont soon forget.

Extreme Asses Alayah
Youve heard of ass for days... well alayah, has ASS FOR MONTHS. This babes ass is viewable from space. I swear if you were in miami, and she fell down you could feel the ground shake in NYC.

Extreme Asses Kara
This is one shoot i will soon not forget. Kara was all over the place and when she started jumpin that rope, and i saw that ass shakin in the wind, i knew that this was one for the ages.... See you inside!

Extreme Asses Michelle
Blonde beauty doesnt do this babe justice.... One look at that Fine tanned up ass, and you will be in LOVE. it took me all of 10 seconds to convince her that she needed to cum back to my pad with me, for some good relaxation, and some nice booty tappin.

Extreme Asses Popira
We were rollin out on the beach and basically fell over when we saw that ass. It was at least 50 yards away, but it was in plain view like it was right in front of me. I love big ass

Extreme Asses Sophia
Sophias booty was apparent to me when i saw her walkin down the street. as it swung back and forth like a porch swing, i knew i had to have it. I ran up on that ass like i was the police, and lubed it up like she wanted.

Extreme Asses Andrea
Andreas smooth booty is almost too good to be tru... I pulld her as she was walking home one night, on the side of the road, in her bikini... Dammm that ass is good. thats all u need to know. Cum check out the moves this brazillian bad ass knows...

Extreme Asses Agazha
Cum Check this slammin tanned up ass out. Agazha has it all goin on, and once she starts ridin that cock, its all over with... I seriously almost blew my load just shooting this!

Extreme Asses Tyana
HOT HOT HOT This girls ass is DYNAMITE... What u gonna do with all that junk...all that junk in yo trunk. LOL. I will tell you what she did. She showed all 90 INCHES of it to us...and then after the tease she aimed to please. My boy BILLYs EYES LIT UP LIKE THE 4TH JULY WHEN HE SAW TYANA.

Extreme Asses Paige
My x had this friend that I allways thought was smokin but as usual, I couldn t do anything because I was with her friend… well, that is all changed, and I had Paige cum over to my pool last week, for a little R and R, I took it straight to her mouf.

Extreme Asses Monica
Get ready for some hot poolside action when this fine bootylicious babe gets that ass a clappin... MMMMMmmmmm i put my face right in there for the extreme closeup, and she almost took my nose off. Have fun with this one...

Extreme Asses Cream
It was soooooo easy to spot cream on that beach, since shes sportin that JUICY 59 INCH ASS!!! MMMMmmmmmmm that thing has its own zip code! I love that shit… Im goin in for seconds for that shit.

Extreme Asses Tatiana
Wholly shit balls butt men, I was out with my boy on Friday, and I saw this sexy clerk in this shoe store, with an ass that blew me away… I rolld in there and started tryin on some wheels, to see if I could give her a sale, and she could give me a little ride... if u know what i mean...

Extreme Asses Yasmin
Super sexy doesnt do this hot brazillian mama justice when ur talkin about that fine ass. Ive never seen an ass like this that was soooo tight and hard. Check out the fine juicy booy here.

Extreme Asses Victoria
An old friend of mine came to visit and stay the weekend. I told Jay about Victoria and her HUGE JUICY ass and he just had to meet my houseguest. I went to greet him in the driveway and Vicky decided to try out one of my boys... and boy o boy did she.

Extreme Asses Cherokee
When cherokee walks, im sure the gound shakes... if u see this ass a cumin, u betta get out da way... it took almost a whole bottle of baby oil for me to cover that planet she calls her booty.

Extreme Asses Mayara
Mayara is one of those fantasic foreign exchange students that had nothing where shes from, but when she got over here, she will suck a dick to hang out in your jakoozi. And thats exactly what i was thinkin about havin her do, until i saw that ass, and then i knew it was on like donkey dong.

Extreme Asses Athena
Usually cruisin the beach isnt that easy... but when u see a girl like athena there, u JUST HAVE to go up and try to get with that. Her ass was blowin out of that teenie bikini so much that i was about to cream my jeans.

Extreme Asses Gabriella
I thought i had lost gabriellas number... but when i found it, i had an instant hard on... i calld and had her over the pad, and that FINE ASS in front of my camera as fast as she could say YES.

Extreme Asses Molly
I love this job... every day that i thnk i cant find another sick booty for u guys, i come accross a hot mamma like Molly! Boy oh boy does she know how to work that booty! Just take a gander at that clappin she does

Extreme Asses Nivea
Niveas glistning booty was bling blingin all over the beach. I had to roll over to her and ask if i could taste that fine tanned rump.

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