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Cost: $2.95 for a 3 Day Trial, 30 Days Membership - $29.95 Rating: 90

Ass Titans - www.AssTitans.comAss Titans has some pretty lofty promises right from the get-go, and I'm excited to get in there and make sure that they deliver on every single one of them. They promise the dirtiest, nastiest, hardest anal on the net, and all the photos on the tour page really get you amped up for just that. Surely they can't get us revved up like that and then not give us what we came here for. So let's find out. We'll see if Ass Titans can deliver.

Ass Titans has tons of gorgeous girls that you won't see anywhere else, and their motto is “every hole filled.” So it's not exclusively anal—those pussies are getting filled too. But they definitely give the ass a good reaming every time. They also claim to waste no time with their videos, saying that it starts hard and ends totally spent. If you're into absolute hardcore action, Ass Titans looks like it'll work for you.

Once entering the member's only section of Ass Titans, I'm immediately hit with write-ups for the website's latest updates. Now, on the intro page, Ass Titans promised weekly updates, with all exclusive content found nowhere else. So far, so good – looks like Ass Titans really does update once a week, with just the kind of content they promised. The website itself is incredibly easy to navigate, with a bar at the top of the screen where you can choose content by all the movies, choose by specific girl (I always love this feature), or check out the bonus movies. Also, beside each set there's a button where you can add to favorites, and you can access your saved favorites from the toolbar.

So far, there are 72 videos on Ass Titans. Nice amount. When it comes to watching those videos, you've got options. You can choose to stream the video, in full or in parts, or you can download it also in full or in parts. If you choose to download, you've got a variety of choices. There's the HD WMV 1280 x 720 full length download, that's about 1 GB (talk about HIGH QUALITY, they fucking mean it!). You can also choose the high quality full length WMV at 640 x 368, which runs around 400 MB, or the iPod and PSP full length compatible option at 320 x 240 and around 215 MB. All of these videos are of very, very good quality, crystal clear and shot superbly. The HD vids, though, are phenomenal! If you've got the space and the connection, I recommend them highly. Hell, download them and burn them to a DVD to enjoy on your HDTV if you've got one. Now that's the life. You also have the option to download the videos in clips, which are high-resolution 640 x 368 WMV files that run around 40MB, or low resolution 384 x 288 MPG files that run around 25MB on average. Even for low resolution files, they really aren't too bad, and they're a quick download if you're in a rush.

If it's photos you want, you've still got tons of options. You can choose to view the sets by screen caps or higher quality photo sets. The photo sets are of incredible quality, and there are about 220 or so per each video set. The photographs are around 600px × 900px, and once clicking on an image, there is an option where you can jump from that page to any image in the set. You can also easily navigate to the next image or the image before it from a toolbar at the top of the image. If you like, you can choose to download the entire gallery for each set in a zip file. For screen caps, there are around 260 or so per set, around 900px × 506px each. They are very, very high quality for being just screen caps, and you can also choose to download that entire gallery.

There are also options where you can choose to view the “behind the scenes” stuff of sets, including bloopers if the set has them. You can also search the vids by the action that happens in the scenes, which is pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. No real bonus content besides that, but this is a standalone site that really does their job well, so I'm not complaining. You won't either.

Membership to Ass Titans costs $29.95 for 30 days. You can also choose to pay $69.95 for a 90-day membership, or $24.95 for a 180-day membership. Considering the high quality content of this website, it's flexible features, and weekly updates, I'll give this one a nice high rating of 90/100.

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Ass Titans Videos

Ass Titans Video
Ass Titans Video

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Ass Titans Picture

Other Reviews of Ass Titans

  • Ass Titans by 8/9/2010 6:17:10 AM (79/100):
    Ass Titans is a big-ass porn site that doesn't skimp on the size of its performers' asses, the hardcore aspect of its scenes or the quality of its videos. We're talking hot pornstars with nice big rear ends getting slammed many different ways in 51 HD Windows Media videos and high-res photo sets. This is a site that's bound to grow and make big-ass lovers grow bigger and wetter in quite a different way.
  • Ass Titans by 5/3/2009 (76/100):
    Ass Titans offers viewers a heavy dosage of beautiful babes getting it up the ass. The full length videos can even be watched in HD. To top it off, there is no shortage of cum shots. These pornstars know how to work their titanic asses. Subscription is recommended for hardcore enthusiasts!
  • Ass Titans review by 5/1/2009 (8.5/10):
    Ass Titans is a relatively new site focusing on big butt pornstars often in anal sex scenes. Content is delivered as HD (1280x720) WMV movies and great quality pictures. There is so far 30-some scenes each with photos and videos. There is lots of ass worship and rough sex in the movies, making the site a good place to check out for fans of big asses.

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