Anal Lick Fest

Cost: $29.95 Per Month, $59.95 for 3 Months Rating: 89

Anal Lick Fest - www.AnalLickFest.comAnal Lick Fest is pretty self explanatory—for those who like to watch some hardcore ass eating, this site aims to please. Just like all of the other sites in the Meat Members network, Anal Lick Fest has a simple yet functional layout. It's all in light and dark blues and grays, very easy on the eyes. At the top you'll see a short description of the site and a link to the new Meat Board message board.

The three most recent updates are displayed near the top with three thumbnails each, a description, and links to screencaps, hi-res pics, videos, and trailers. The good news is that the site is currently updated about every two weeks.

The videos on this site are mostly girl-on-girl, with a guy thrown into a few of the videos just for kicks. I liked the babes on this site a lot—almost all of them had sexy straight hair past their shoulders. There are a couple of black girls, Latinas, and Asians, but mostly they're white girls with either blonde or brunette hair—and one redhead too. There are a total of 41 updates on the site at the time of this review, which officially bumps it up a notch from the other sites I have reviewed today. With frequent updates they'll soon have a huge treasure trove of videos—but over 40 really isn't bad.

The good news is that the hi-res pics on this site are actually available—unlike many of the other Meat Members sites where you're simply served a thumbnail that says "no hi-res pics available." They're not huge—clocking in at a decently sized 600 x 900 pixels—but they are very crisp and clear. There are tons of pages of them—about 24 pages for each set with around 25 thumbnails on each—so you'll be able to spend plenty of time clicking through these nice photographs.

The screencaps are less clear but still quite desirable—good lighting, decently sized as well at 720 x 480 pixels. They're landscape oriented rather than portrait like most of the hi-res pics, which gives you a different viewing experience. They're also a quick and easy way to preview what's in the movie itself, if you don't feel like waiting for a trailer to download—though the trailer feature is excellent as well. ZIP files? Yes—you can get them in one click for both screencaps and hi-res pics. Go ahead and rejoice—that made me smile too.

The videos are available in both low and high quality downloads in Window Media format (WMV) and Quicktime format (MPEG). The bad news is that there are no full downloads—instead the movies are broken up into segments. The number of segments varies wildly depending on the length of the original movie, so I can't give you an estimate of how many files you need to download to get a whole flick—except to say that it will usually be between three and twelve segments.

Anal Lick Fest was pretty good. They feature some great anal licking in all of their movies, but again since they're segmented, it's harder to find that particular moment if that's what you're jonesing for. I'd give this site an 89/100—they give you a lot for your money, and then they throw in the entire 40+ sites Meat Members network on top of it. It's $4.95 for a three day trial, $29.95 for 30 days, or $59.95 for 90 days, which gives you almost a full month free. Since you get the whole network, I'm inclined to recommend the 90 day membership, but use your own judgment here. Overall a very good site that I can definitely recommend to you!

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Anal Lick Fest Videos

Anal Lick Fest Video
Anal Lick Fest Video

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Anal Lick Fest Picture

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  • Anal Lick Fest by 7/24/2009 (78/100):
    Anal Lick Fest is home to some intense anal action. Two chicks face off against one guy. One gal usually does the licking, while the other is the one getting penetrated in her backend. Sometimes, the ladies take turns riding the guy with their horny tight holes. There are 86 videos with good to high-def quality playback. You will also find 61 photo sets to watch in an automatic slideshow. Updates are a bit slow, because they're only once every two weeks. You do get 86 bonus sites though.

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