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Anal Cum Junkies Karina Kay
Karina is as hot as they come. She's is what they call the "total package" On top of being amazingly hot she loves the cock, which we were eager to provide. I have to tell you her mouth is like a vacuum and her pussy is outta control too. Her ass is just another story but yeah she lapped up all that cum too which ...

Anal Cum Junkies Bella Marie Wolf
MMM Bella has it going on with that booty...fuck! I wish I was the one fucking her and not stuck with the job of writing this text. Anyhow, we put all her holes through the rigors of a quality control check as we stuffed them with cocks. After she passed the inspection, our studs dumped their huge loads of warm cum in ...

Anal Cum Junkies Ashley Long
Bree is an up and coming superstar of the porno biz. She a cute little thing with nice tits and a smoking hot body. Thats not the end of it, because when she sucks dick and fucks dick, it boggles the mind, seeing such a girl barely in the industry with the performance prowess of a seasoned veteran. She is without a doubt ...

Anal Cum Junkies Miss Arroyo
Wow this filthy slut loves the feel of a thick cock sliding up her tight asshole. We don't disappoint and found a nice big cock to satisfy her dirty needs. After she sucked on the dick to lube it up, she let our stud mercilessly pound her tight asshole like a jackhammer to concrete and when he was ready he pulled out and ...

Anal Cum Junkies Victoria
Victoria is a stunningly hot Gothic chick who loves to get her asshole filled with that big meat stick. It was her lucky day as we had a thick piece of meat just lying around waiting to fill some lucky hole. It was quite a sight seeing that size cock fit into that size hole. Anyways she got her ass stuffed like a thanksgiving ...

Anal Cum Junkies Valentina Valezuez
Valentina's got an ass made for fucking. Its round, plentiful and just so in your face. Which gave us more pleasure as we took turns stuffing it with our hard cocks. After we had our way with her asshole, we dropped our huge warm loads in her mouth and slapped her on the ass for a job well done.

Anal Cum Junkies Renee Pornero
Renee is a freak. She loves having dicks in her ass pummel away like a 200rpm jackhammer. When given the prospect of 2 large cocks up in her ass, she's on that like a whore on a cock.

Anal Cum Junkies Judith Fox
Judith is a firey redhead with big tits and a nice ass. She also loves the cock and it shows when she takes it in her tight asshole, as she squirms and whimpers in pleasure. After using her asshole like an incubator for the warm cum that was penting up in the cock, we pulled it out and deposited a huge load of warm cum ...

Anal Cum Junkies Monique
Monique is a freak. plain and simple. She loves them dicks and when you have a girl shouting to the world that you need a dick in all orifices of your body, you know you have a winner on your hands. After we filled her mouth pussy and ass with our thick cocks, it was only fitting that we depoisted a healthy load of cum ...

Anal Cum Junkies Angelina Crow 2
Angelina didnt get her fill of anal juices the first time around, so she came back for more. But before she got her fill, we cracked her ass open with two dicks at the same time and pummel that hole unmercilessly. After all was said and done we deposited a messy load of cum in her mouth after we pulled our dick out of ...

Anal Cum Junkies Taya Silver
This black beauty got stuffed in all holes like a thanksgiving turkey. After getting pounded and pummeled, desert was served in the form of the jizz, that was nice served straight into her mouth!

Anal Cum Junkies Heidi Besk
Heidi just love swallowing cum so for her to get her dose me made her work hard for it. She got it by letting us fuck her in her ass and pussy. When our whore was all set, the jizz was dumped in her whore mouth.

Anal Cum Junkies Simone West
Anal Cum Junkies Simone West - Hot Anal Sex Picture

Anal Cum Junkies Angelica
This blonde MILF is just a dirty little angel. I fucked her in every position imaginable and she couldn't get enough cock. She is truly a cum junkie.

Anal Cum Junkies Jasmyn Lopez
This hot latina slut is insatiable. First she practically begged me and my buddy to double team her, whereby we stuffed our cocks on all her holes. She moaned with delight and excitement. What a day it was!

Anal Cum Junkies Melissa Black
This blonde beauty was double teamed and took it up the ass and pussy at the same time with gusto. I just love the way she grinds her ass muscles when I have my cock in soft... feels like a velvet pussy.

Anal Cum Junkies Melissa Lauren
This French Slut just can't get enough of some hard anal pounding. We double teamed this little Anal Cum Junkie and she loved every minute of it!

Anal Cum Junkies Jacqueline Stone
Jacqueline is the kind of girl that you don't want to bring to your parents. She sucks anybody's cock. Takes it up the pussy and ass. To top it off, she swallows semen like its made of candy.

Anal Cum Junkies Missy Munroe
This beautiful with natural tits loves to get fucked nice and hard up the ass. We are definitely going to shoot this slut again. Another anal cumjunky favorite.

Anal Cum Junkies Roxy Jezel
This asian slut is definitely one of my all time anal cumjunkie favs. She can take it up the ass with the best of them and won't complain about the lack of lube.

Anal Cum Junkies Alex Divine
Alex Divine is one of the more extreme whores out there. Watch this slut take on multiple cocks with no problems. Good amount of double penetration in this scene by the girl with a perfect set of tits.

Anal Cum Junkies Christie Lee
This blonde slut is another favorite anal cumjunkie of mine. This time, i kept her all to myself as I fucked her to my hearts content. It was so sexy when i fucked her in the ass while she fingered her tight, wet pussy.

Anal Cum Junkies Kathy Blanche
We bang this blonde sexmonger, a true anal cum junkie who embarked on a journey accross the country just to get a taste of our infamous cum. So we gave her the ride of a lifetime, spewed forth a dousing of vile semen and sent her on her way with a tummy full of cum and a deadpan look upon her face.

Anal Cum Junkies Dora Venter
This skanky whore lives faithfully to the motto, bigger is better! As we were soon to find out, it is a common thread that runs through all aspects of her sex laden life, ever-present in the cocks she loves to swallow. No penis is too large for me to handle, we were confidently assured, so we lunged the largest one we ...

Anal Cum Junkies Tyla Wynn
Two cocks are better than one! This ravenous whore pulled us aside mid-shoot and demanded we peg her with another pulsing penus, so our 2nd cameraman dropped his drawers and gave her exactly what she asked for. Maybe we should be taking hints from the experts on the job more often. Twice the cum, twice the fun!

Anal Cum Junkies Trinity
Anal plunging at its best! In this episode we ushered the skankiest of whores through an all-inclusive night of anal pillaging. And if that isn't enough, this cum fiend had so much endurance pent up inside that we finally had to turn off the lights and end the show as dawn began to emerge.

Anal Cum Junkies Lara Stevens
This brunette bombshell is one piece of meat that loves her daily injection of jizzy protein. Her only request was to never leave a hole unoccupied, so we quickly abided and served up a nice feast of cum pudding to plunge into her 3 holes. Watch her be spewed to her little heart's desire!

Anal Cum Junkies Angela Crow
This dainty slut proves that with enough tantalizing penis, we can whip anyone into shape. She came to us timid and hesitant, afraid of what her puritan parents would think of her promiscuous escapades, but before she had time to back out we had her pinned down and enjoying a sticky face full of penile splendor!

Anal Cum Junkies Kelly Wells
Gaping holes, here we come! Anal cavities larger than life are what make this cum junkie stand apart from the crowd. The moment she unveiled her secret holes we dove right in for an up close and personal view of such a marvel. Needless to say, this slut can pack meat with the best of them

Anal Cum Junkies Marie Luv
This chocolate beauty is nothing less than a decadent delight. That seductive, exquisite complexion of hers doesn't even give a morsel of allusion to the rage and passion that lies underneath her skin. Once we got her libido riled up and cookin,' the night exploded into a pandemonium of fucking and sucking.

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