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Anal Alley Jessica Woods
Jessica couldn't stop thinking about her stalker ex following her around, so she decided that the best way to get her mind off things would be to get her ass cherry busted by thick swingin' dick! It was a tight fit at first, but after a few slow strokes, Jessica ends up going all "crazy cowgirl" with the colossal ...

Anal Alley Taylor Ash
Taylor was outside the courthouse sorting out some papers we thought she might be in trouble so we went over to help her out. Turns out she practices law but tonight she is going to practice some ass fucking! Her ass is in session and this week has a verdict that you wouldn't want to miss!

Anal Alley Rebecca Steel
This chick wanted to be in our swimsuit calendar, but all we wanted was to plow her tight, virgin ass! She thought it would hurt... and she was right! We didn't come here to make promises about feelin' good or gettin' her off: we came here to plunder her ripe rectal cherry!

Anal Alley Aubrey Addams
Aubrey may be a petite blonde with itty bitty titties, but she has a full round ass and a perky puckerhole willing and ready to take a massive meat-mallet for the first time! After getting her pussy pounded to pulp by a colossal cock, she gets her sweet sphincter stabbed by the daunting dick and loves every painful minute ...

Anal Alley Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore needs just that...more, so she recruits Alec Knight and Otto Bauer to serve up their hard cocks in both her pussy and her virgin asshole! This sexy blonde beauty starts by sucking off her pair of pussy-pounders before finally spreading her legs and letting them violate her tight twat and sexy sphincter!

Anal Alley Cindy Crawford
Workin out on a friday afternoon Chris snagged gym bunny Cindy and invited her back for a "special" workout! We pulled out our equipment to stuff that pretty ass and pump some iron! After doing the clean and jerk we gave this honey some cockade for her cool down!

Anal Alley Cindy Sterling
Pretty Cindy was out getting her nicotine fix while dirty Donny was itching to smoke some ass! A little white lie later, Donny was cock deep in her tight little ass! Watch pretty Cindy get some rectal rooterin' in this episode of Her First Anal Sex!

Anal Alley Bailey Brooks
Bailey was a little sad that she didn't get anything special for Valentine's Day, so we decided to give this hot bitch her first taste of deep double dicking! We DP this slut with our huge cocks, piercing her pussy and ass with our man spears until we finally blow our huge loads all over her round tits!

Anal Alley Leah Moore
This hot little piece of ass was scoutin' the car lot for a rich man to sink her claws into. We sunk our dicks into Leah's fine, tight butt instead! This little gold digger took our bait-- hook, line, sinker and ass-stretching pole! She's gonna have to look far and wide to find another pounding like this!

Anal Alley Gabriella Romano
Just minutes into our donut shop stakeout, the adorable Gabriella wandered into our sights. We knew what she had behind that pink frosting: a sweet hole that begged for our sprinkles! Cum get a taste of her creamy cakes as we give her the whole baker's dozen!

Anal Alley Nadia Styles
Busty beauty Nadia Styles knows she can take a big dick, but in her ass? That's a whole other story....a story she sure the fuck wants to know the climax to! We get this sexy slut all warmed up and ready to go with a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy, before lubing up her tight virgin ass for some anal devastation ...

Anal Alley Heidi Mayne
Heidi was outside the pool hall looking for a ride. With a nice rack like hers she had no problem getting a ride from us! We lined up our cue sticks to her back pocket, but did we make the shot? Cum in and find out.

Anal Alley Tory Lane
Tory Lane has been fucked six ways from Sunday, but has never...and we mean ever...had her ass breached by a boner until now! With one cock to keep her wet pussy and pouting mouth busy, we stuff another one up her tight tushy-hole, pounding at her sphincter until it splits!

Anal Alley Carly Parker
We spotted Carly walking out of the music store needing tickets for the concert tonight. We had a better idea in mind: To stick our backstage passes into her tight little ass! Watch us play her far better than we could any guitar!

Anal Alley Melissa Lauren
Melissa Lauren was just plain bored, she needed something new to come into her life and spice things up. Well Melissa, would you take something new cumming in your ass?! On cue to cure Melissa's blues, Alec and Mikey show up to stretch her virgin sphincter until this bitch's butthole snaps!

Anal Alley Beverly Hills
Mark and Alan have been staking out Beverly Hills who's been accused of impersonating a porn star for dressing sexy and fucking guys on camera. Mark and Alan aren't fooled, but when they make their move to arrest her, she insists that she IS a porn star. She's got a lot of convincing to do with these cops on the ASSault!

Anal Alley Vixxxen
This Damsel was in distress; her car was broken down in the middle of nowhere. Turns out she never had her oil checked before so we took her back to our place and let her play with our dipsticks!

Anal Alley Kelly Wells
Kelly Wells is as famous for her screams of pleasure as she is her love of swallowing spunk, but one thing she isn't known for is taking a cock in the slit and another in her sour second hole...which she is more than happy to do when two thick-dicked fanboys show up at her doorstep. Talk about living the dream, these two ...

Anal Alley Rachel Luv
Poor little Rachel's boyfriend was cheating on her. It's time for revenge! And what better way than giving up her butthole virginity to another man? That's one cherry her stupid boyfriend ain't gonna pop. We stretched it good!

Anal Alley Brandi Lyons
Brandi isn't sure that her petite little body can handle a massive mutton mallet in each hole, but she sure is willing to give it a well-lubed try! Brandi winces in pain at her first anal sex, but screams with pleasure while the depths of her virgin asshole are tunneled deep and then filled with gobs of glandular guy gravy!

Anal Alley Vivian West
Vivian got careless, and now her ass is ours! Joe caught this skank cheatin' on her boyfriend and got it all on tape. It's the perfect way to blackmail our dicks right into her tight little bum! Grab a crowbar, we're goin' balls deep in this harlot's rear!

Anal Alley Missy Stone
Missy's a hot young nympho who's never had a cock in her ass, but want's it really bad! She invites two of her friends over and lets them know what she's in the mood for with a little striptease. But they're gonna make her beg to get her wet holes filled up with their two huge cocks - On her knees!!!

Anal Alley Katie Lane
Katie was out on college campus studying on a bench. We swindled her back to our studio to study up on some cock! See how well this lovely co-ed takes it in the ass!

Anal Alley Audrey Elson
Otto and Alec never really thought that a classified ad for sex would work until the day they came home to find little nympho Audrey waiting (with her fingers in her cookie jar) for them to fuck her silly. She dropped to her knees and they knew she wasn't playing and neither were they... After she came it was their turn ...

Anal Alley Taylor Mae
Taylor isn't too happy that she constantly needs to clean up after her roommates, so these two studs decide to make it up to her by scrubbing her AWESOME ANUS with their huge cocks! This anal amateur bends over and takes it like a pro, with her ass being stretched by one thick dick, and her mouth being stuffed balls-deep ...

Anal Alley Lexi Bardot
We gave Lexi a ride from her work at the tattoo parlor. She snuck off with one of our guys for a little skin pounding. So we followed and snuck up on her with another cock and she ran with it! Cum in and watch as we stuff her ass for her first time!

Anal Alley Dana DeArmond
Inviting ingenue Dana had waited her whole life for this audition, so when she was told to open her anal aperture up wide and take a cumbersome cock up her quick quivering ass, she was more than willing let the director shove his man meat into her strained sphincter!

Anal Alley Michelle Avanti
We knew a girl this cute would never agree to givin' up her butt for a boyfriend... but what about us? She sure did cringe when we pulled her pants down and went trompin' where the sun don't shine! Can Michelle's tiny pink knot take the thick, veiny punishment?

Anal Alley Mina Lee
The Magnificent Mina had always been the star of her own slutty show, but only recently had been fantasizing about becoming an anal acrobat. She carefully selected her two assistants from a collection of willing cocks and soon after she was in the spotlight once again, perching on one cock with her spread sphincter and ...

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