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Want Wendy - www.WantWendy.comWant Wendy? That's a question with an obvious answer: Yes! Wendy just turned 18 and judging by those super sweet looks and innocent face, I'd have a hard time believing she was any older than that! Of course you know what they say about the girls who seem so innocent... they are naughty once you get 'em alone! Looks like that's definitely the case with Want Wendy. Let's check her out.

Want Wendy is not quite ready to jump into the world of hardcore just yet, so instead you will see her only in solo masturbation scenes and a small bit of girl-on-girl content. If you're a hardcore addict this might not be the site for you, but if you can appreciate a young pornstar-to-be who is just getting her feet wet with a little sexy action between the sheets by herself, then you will be very pleased with Want Wendy. Note that the tour pages mention girl-girl content, but there is only ONE video with another girl on the site. Hot stuff, but I could definitely go for some more of it!

The layout is nice and clean, white background, very well organized and easy to find your way around. The thing I noticed right away though is that there are no dates on the updates, and that's always a big no-no in my book. There's no way for me to tell if the site is even updated anymore. We'll have to rely on quantity as a gauge of whether or not the site will be worth it, assuming that there are no fresh updates slated for Want Wendy. There are only 16 videos on the site, and a total of 34 photo updates. I don't think that would get me through two weeks, let alone a full month. The content may be smokin', but you've been warned on the quantity. Proceed at your own risk on that note.

Let's go ahead and take a look at those 16 videos that are featured on Want Wendy. These do indeed feature her only in solo play except for that one girl-on-girl segment, but there's a good mix of indoor and outdoor scenes, lots of different locations, to keep things exciting and fresh. Wendy loves to try out new sex toys, so you'll see her with a good selection of different vibrators—every girl's best friend except for the magic stick itself, know what I mean?? The videos open up in a new window and start streaming immediately, and if you want to download you can do so from there. A full movie is typically 20 minutes in length and 40MB, and they are in WMV format. The resolution is just 320x240, disappointingly small. If you're planning to watch these on an iPod then they'll work really well though. On a computer, not so much.

Time to look at the photos on Want Wendy. They're surprisingly high quality in comparison to the movies—they're sized 700x1053 pixels. They're about as crisp and clear as they can possibly get. These don't match up specifically with the movie sets, though some of them might be matching sets—there are more photo sets than movies and you see a good variety here as well. Again lots of indoor and outdoor, stripping, and sex toy play. Each gallery opens in a new window, 25 thumbnails per page, around 100 photos per set, and no zip sets or slideshows unfortunately. Still I'm pretty happy with the photos section overall. They did a good job here.

When you join Want Wendy, you will also get access to all of Silver Sinema's other solo girl sites (All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Naughty Nati, Sara Sexton, and Solo Sydney) plus an assortment of nine other reality sites: Gay Hitchhiker, Her 1st Anal, Man Hunter, Pimp 4 a Day, Suck Me Bitch, Sugar Mamas, Super Twink, Tranny Trouble, and Video Seekers. It's a nice set of sites that will certainly add value to your membership.

If you decide to join Want Wendy, you have just one price to pay: $29.95 for a month. There's also a 3-day trial for $2.93, and this may be the one rare time that I recommend the trial. There's just not enough content to get you through 30 days. Typically a trial membership will rebill at the normal monthly rate and sometimes higher—in this case it rebills monthly at $39.93 per month until canceled (yikes). So if you do opt for that, remember to cancel in time. You can also join by check if that's better for you. So do I recommend Want Wendy? At the present time, only for the trial membership. Wendy is a hottie and she deserves a better site than this. Final rating? 71/100.

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When you join Want Wendy, you also get access to the following websites: All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Naughty Nati, Sara Sexton, and Solo Sydney.

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Want Wendy Picture

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  • Want Wendy by RabbitsReviews.com 5/3/2009 (71/100):
    Of course, we Want Wendy. How could we not? I mean, she is a cute, dark-haired gal-next-door with a hot body. The only problem is that there isn't enough Wendy content on the site yet. So far, there are 34 picture sets and 19 downloadable videos available. Except for one photo set, which has Wendy playing with another gal, the rest of the content on the site is solo masturbation stuff. Your membership does also include access to a bunch of other hardcore sites, which for some, might make up for the minimal amount of Wendy action added so far.

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