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Cost: $1 Trial, $24.87 Monthly, $49.87 Every 3 Months Rating: 88

She's New - www.ShesNew.comShe's New is yet another Team Skeet masterpiece featuring the hottest pornstars, the highest video and picture quality, the best site design and navigation, and dozens of scenes that are so hot they'll melt your motherboard when you watch them. Porn of the highest quality from the masterminds at!

When you enter the She's New members section, you'll immediately understand that you're not just getting a bit of bonus content on top of the site you paid for. Team Skeet is a real multi-site and each of the 14 sites is seamless integrated and tied together with all the others in one big site. If you want to focus on just then that's up to you, but remember that you'll get access to over 1.000 porn videos of the very highest quality from such amazing websites as Innocent High, Oye Loca, POV Life and Titty Attack. With this in mind, you'll quickly find yourself exploring the amazing and sex-filled world that is Team Skeet!

But let's focus on She's New, which is an excellent, though not terribly original part of this splendid network. It currently - in early Januari, 2013 - features 50 scenes. Most of them are POV boy-girl scenes, but there are also a couple of 'traditional' male-on-female scenes and a couple of solo videos. It's a little bit unfortunate that there isn't more consistency in the approach, but this is mostly to keep up the appearances of a real 'amateur' site.

I hate to burst your bubble, but this isn't really an amateur site, so She actually Isn't New. Regardless, the girls all play their parts perfectly, and if you're willing to suspend a bit of disbelief, quite a few of the scenes can pass for amateur content. Whether the girls are new to the business or not is beside the point anyway. All that matters is that the content will make your dick harder and bigger than the Pyramids and it definitely succeeds in this aspect.

She's New, like all the other sites in the network, benefit from the Team Skeet treatment, by which I mean that the webmasters went all out to create the smoothest, prettiest, and most categorized browsing experience they could possibly conceive of. Next, they stuffed it with a plethora of video formats and different ways of downloading and streaming the scenes (the 10-minute compilations and the shorter fragments are particularly attractive). Finally, they topped it all off with excellent picture and screencaps. The end result is a paysite you'll genuinely love throwing your money at.

This last part is actually where this site shines most of all. Paying for one site and getting access to not two, not three, but fourteen - now that's capitalism at work! A new scene is uploaded about six times per week, so believe me when I say you won't regret getting the yearly membership, which slashes almost three quarters off the monthly membership fee!

With all this praise I'm heaping on She's New, you might be wondering why I didn't give it a perfect score. My reasoning is very simple: it's not the best site in the Team Skeet network (though you get access to everything else on it) and it's missing a dedicated lesbian site and maybe some fetish stuff. Still, you'd be very hard-pressed to find better deals than any of the Team Skeet sites anywhere on the net!

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