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Cost: $34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days RexMag.com Rating: 89

Katie Fey - www.KatieFey.comKatie Fey is a hot solo chick on the Pancho Pass network. She's got bone-straight sexy shoulder-length black hair, a petite little body, and nice big boobs. I don't know how old she is, but I'd guess she's between 18 and 21—she's got a very sexy young look, but not innocent at all! The tour pages say that there are 149 videos online and 31,205 pictures, and that sounds pretty damn good to me! So let's get into Katie Fey and see if she really lives up to all her promises.

The member's area is a little brighter than the tour pages, and it's topped by a very sexy photo of Katie Fey wearing nothing but a dream catcher necklace! Below that you will see all the links to all the important parts of the site, like home, pictures, videos, friends, support, and even a link to the Spanish version of the site. The recent news is dated 2007, but the photo updates are further down on the page and they are current from this week. The video updates unfortunately have not been added to since 2007. The photos are really the focus of this site, since Katie Fey is more of a glamour model than a pornstar (you'll see mostly stripteases here rather than solo masturbation, and definitely no hardcore). Plus there are already 149 video updates on this site according to the tour pages, so that should be more than enough. I'll check on the accuracy of that number in just a sec.

Again in terms of the content, the true strength of Katie Fey lies in her ability to change it up for the camera. She wears all kinds of different skimpy little outfits and the goal is always to get naked in the sexiest way possible! She poses in so many different locations, and she's always 100 percent connected with the camera when she's posing—which of course translates to being 100 percent connected with YOU. You will find yourself really drawn into these photos because she puts her passion into it to begin with. Katie Fey is one hot babe, I am seriously hooked at this point.

Let's go ahead and look at those video updates first since that's what we're wondering about. I went ahead and went into each and every month's updates and counted them all, and I came up with a total of 140 updates. That's nine shy of the total that they listed on the tour page, so either they're inflating their total (why inflate it that small amount though?) or I need to brush up on my math skills. Either way it's pretty damn close, and I think that's more than enough updates to get you through a three-month membership if you opt for that!

The movies are all available in clips only, which for me (on broadband) is a disappointment, but dialup users will not mind this so much. You can get the clips in AVI format (usually around 20MB) or in WMV format (usually around 10MB), and there are typically anywhere from one to five clips per movie, just depending on length. The resolution on both formats is just 320x240 and that small size is the biggest drawback for me. I'm glad the focus of this site is the photos, or else I'd be even more disappointed in this. The quality is just OK—it's not really blurry or grainy, but it's just not as sharp and clear as I'd like to see. Decent and enjoyable, but definitely not HQ.

Let's move on to the photos section. There are a total of 587 photo sets, all organized by the month they were added. When Katie Fey first began back in 2004, they were consistently adding 14 or 15 photo updates to the site each month. In 2005 that dropped down to 10 per month, and it has stayed consistent since then. I think ten photo updates per month is fantastic, and again since the focus of this site is really the pictorials, you'll be very satisfied with this update schedule.

Now it's time to talk about bonus content! You get a bunch of great sites courtesy of the Pancho Pass network. And here they are: Exclusive T Girls, Panty Fruit, Ivy Summer, Ana Fey, Tabatha Fey, Tranny Sex Nation, Red City Nudes, Kristina Fey, Harmony Finn, Teen Foot Club, Lez B Teens, Paris Tale, Scarlet Peaches, Nastya Girl, Dasha Markova, Teen Travels, Piper Fawn, Wild Tarts, Crimson Teens, 18 Magazine, Porn Wipes, BFT Girls, Kylie Teen, Ariel Rebel, Andi Pink, Felicity Fey, Stormy Friday, Cute Girl Feet, and True Tere! I've reviewed a bunch of these already, and so far so good! Some are currently updated and some are not, but all of them have adequate amounts of content so far, regardless. Great bonus sites, highly recommended.

If you're ready to join Katie Fey (I know I am!), it'll cost you $34.95 for 30 days recurring or $69.95 for 90 days recurring. Please note that the 30 day option is valid for credit card, debit card, online check, and also pay by phone. You can get the 90 day option on any of those payment methods besides pay by phone—on that one you can only choose 30 days. I feel that the only real drawback on Katie Fey's site is the quality of the video updates and the fact that the videos are simply not updated anymore, but again if you understand that the real feature here is the frequently added pictorials (ten per month!), then you will understand why this site still gets a fairly high rating from me. I give Katie Fey a rating of 89/100, and I recommend that you join while it's hot!

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Katie Fey Video

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  • Katie Fey by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:43 AM (70/100):
    Katie Fey is one of the most excitingly sexy nubile babes to come around in a while. Every time her sexy body and perfect breasts appear in front of the camera, she teases the hell out of you. Currently, there are about 90 films and 375 sets of pictures. That number isn't likely to increase any time soon, because it seems updates have been discontinued. Also, there is a download limit of 600MB each hour. There are 30 bonus sites included in this high-end membership.

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