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Girl Next Door Randi
Randi is a severe looking blonde whose sole mission every day is to get a big hard dick wedged in to her tight clenching asshole!

Girl Next Door Renee H.
Check out the photo set that catapulted the monthly GIRL NEXT DOOR contest winner straight up in to the annual winner. We loved Renee's shots from the second we saw them and we are glad you all agree. The stunning brunette with the award winning rack can move in next door to us any time she pleases!

Girl Next Door Andi
her "neck kissed" and "feet rubbed" really puts her in the mood along with "being fingered. I just adore the feeling of warm fingers in my pussy." In her bedroom she has "tons of toys, rope, candles, blindfolds, porno mags—you name it!" and she loves doing it "in every position ...

Girl Next Door Masha
A true beauty both inside and out, she is one of the nicest girls we here at GALLERY have ever encountered. During the shoot she was easygoing and completely uninhibited. Her lack of shyness came as a delightful surprise, as so often nice girls can be a bit bashful. Not our marvelous Masha. She got naked in no time and ...

Girl Next Door Sammi
I just love it here," she gushes. "The weather in California is so lovely and there are so many sexy boys! It's fun to charm them with my accent, I find it quite easy to get laid whenever I like."

Girl Next Door Micki
Micki, is from Kaunas, Lithuania. An extremely talented actress at the Kaunas State Drama Theatre, we knew as soon as we saw her on stage that she was the one we wanted to grace the pages of GALLERY this time around. So we followed her home and let her do her thang and wow! What a creative little cutie we had on our hands.

Girl Next Door Darian
Darian - Photos

Girl Next Door Nina
For a nice evening out she likes "a romantic, candle-lit dinner followed by a stroll and some lovemaking on the beach. I just adore the beach. It's so great to make love on the sands with the sound of the waves crashing nearby."

Girl Next Door Barbie
Barbie - Photos

Girl Next Door Danni
Men always check me out and I love having them look at me. I definitely dress to get attention—short, tight skirts and low cut blouses are my favorites. I like showing off my beautiful body. Some men act so silly when they see my cleavage. They're just boobs!

Girl Next Door Michelle
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Girl Next Door Elkie
"I'm totally obsessed with my body," confesses Elkie, a 24-year-old student at Massasoit Community College. "It's important to me to look good naked. I work out like six days a week and eat healthy. I have a lot of sex—sex is a great way to burn off calories."

Girl Next Door Tiffany Monroe
Tiffany decided that she can't keep her pants on any longer. The blonde's pussy was so hot she had to pull down her pants and show the world her full round ass.

Girl Next Door Austin Taylor
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Girl Next Door Feona
Blonde pale and pretty, Feona was a European girl next door winner! The ice blonde with the candy colored nipples has one mission in mind. To make as many guys blow their cum on her pictures as possible.

Girl Next Door Destiny Michelle
Destiny was the winner of the Girl Next Door contest. It takes just one glimpse at her pictures to see why Destiny has the body that launched a million loads. "I love to masturbate. I mean, I LOVE it. When I'm not working or hanging out with my friends I'm usually watching TV or playing with myself. Or sometimes both ...

Girl Next Door Aimee
Aimee is long and lean! The pretty brunette with the waist length hair just shaved her pussy and wants to let everyone see! Pinching her hard nipples, Aimee gets her pussy all wet an primed for pounding.

Girl Next Door Porsche
Teenage Porsche likes to go fast. The hot brunette cannot wait to get all of her clothes off and her hot lips wrapped around your prick. But be sure to put your time in between those creamy thighs. Porsche doesn't fuck guys who don't eat!

Girl Next Door Jana
Pretty Jana has a heart shaped ass. Take a bite out of these little plump buns and be sure to get a nice long sniff of her damp pussy.

Girl Next Door Bree Summers
If you aren't hard checking out Bree's pics, please call a doctor. Your ass is dead! This stunning and stacked beauty can make you explode in your pants just by walking by!