Cherry Potter

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Cherry Potter - www.CherryPotter.comHow often do you get the chance to see some hot teen strip down for you and have sex with other people, women included? I'll give you a second to think of the answer. OK, now that we all came across the number zero, let's thank the heavens that Cherry Potter has decided to put together her own website called

The 19-year-old brunette has composed an excellent jack-off site that serves as both a personal and professional site. That's right, see her do the naughty with men and women, both as videos and pictures, all this while you dream that one of those people are you.

The videos on Cherry Potter are amazing. They load fast, which is a plus, because I know first hand that it sucks to sit there while your pants are around your ankles while the video loads, and when they do, Cherry Potter's facial expressions and fuck sounds make for a penis beat down. If she sounds this good on video, imagine what it would be like to fuck her for real.

The pictures on are just as good as the videos. They're clear and nicely sized, and better yet, there are hundreds of them. This concludes the professional side of Cherry Potter.

The personal part is composed of her diary, in which she tells about her weekend. It's a cool feature because it humanizes her to her members, giving them an idea that she is a real chick, which furthers their need to wacka wacka wacka while sitting behind a monitor.

The rest of is composed Extras, Bonus Sites and Friends, all of which are syndication sites. There is also a Live section that gives Cherry Potter's schedule of when she'll be online. Potter seems to really like what she's doing, which serves the members and not just her wallet.

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Cherry Potter Picture
Cherry Potter Picture

Other Reviews of Cherry Potter

  • Cherry Potter by 8/9/2010 6:16:35 AM (64/100):
    From Montreal, Canada, comes another horny babe who loves to pose on camera. Her name is Cherry Potter. She also loves anal sex and she gets as much of it as she can in her nine downloadable videos that give you average-quality playback. There are also 47 galleries with medium-res images that you can download in convenient Zip files. When it's just her and another chick, she's sometimes penetrated with a strap-on. There are 55 bonus sites that attempt to make up for lack of main content. She isn't updating anymore either.
  • Cherry Potter review by 9/11/2005 (7.5/10):
    Cherry Potter is a teen, amateur area and a part of a mega-site, the Brainpass Network. There are 10,000+ images and videos offered in high and low speed.

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